Evolution For a Sunday

This is a topic that I intended to offer at the meeting of the Psi Phi Society but it never made it to the get together…..I decided it would be a good weekend post……

It is widely accepted that Charles Darwin’s work of 1859, Origin of the Species was the first work to establish the theory of evolution…..or as some would like to believe…..”Intelligent Design”…..

Sorry but about 500 years before Darwin’s ground breaking work…..another scholar, ibn Khaldun……made a profound observation….

“One notices how these elements are arranged gradually and continually in an ascending order, from earth to water, to air, and to fire. Each one of the elements is prepared to be transformed into the next higher or lower one, and sometimes is transformed. The higher one always finer than the one preceding it. Eventually, the world of the sphere is reached. They are finer than anything else.”

Then, concerning what he called “the world of creation”, he wrote:

“It started out from the minerals and progressed, in an ingenious, gradual manner, to plants and animals. The last stage of minerals is connected with the first stage of plants, such as herbs and seedless plants. The last stage of plants, such as palms and vines, is connected with the first stage of animals, such as snails and shellfish which have only the power of touch. The word ‘connection’ with regard to these created things means that the last stage of each group is fully prepared to become the first stage of the next group.

“The animal world then widens, its species become numerous, and, in a gradual process of creation, it finally leads to man, who is able to think and reflect. The higher stage of man is reached from the world of the monkeys, in which both sagacity and perception are found, but which has not reached the stage of actual reflection and thinking. At this stage we come to the first stage of man.”


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Random Thoughts For A Sunday

All those damn notes I take daily and nowhere to put them…so I give you my thoughts on this weekend…..

First thought–there is a repeating cycle of some signal from deep space…..

A mysterious radio source located in a galaxy 500 million light years from Earth is pulsing on a 16-day cycle, like clockwork, according to a new study. This marks the first time that scientists have ever detected periodicity in these signals, which are known as fast radio bursts (FRBs), and is a major step toward unmasking their sources.

FRBs are one of the most tantalizing puzzles that the universe has thrown at scientists in recent years. First spotted in 2007, these powerful radio bursts are produced by energetic sources, though nobody is sure what those might be. FRBs are also mystifying because they can be either one-offs or “repeaters,” meaning some bursts appear only once in a certain part of the sky, while others emit multiple flashes to Earth.


Could it be ET telling us to leave them alone?

Scientists are always looking for the alt energy discovery….solar, wind, tidal, geo-thermal and now……RAIN.

A team of engineers has figured out how to take a single drop of rain and use it to generate a powerful flash of electricity.

The City University of Hong Kong researchers behind the device, which they’re calling a droplet-based electricity generator (DEG), say that a single rain droplet can briefly generate 140 volts. That was enough to briefly power 100 small lightbulbs and, while it’s not yet practical enough for everyday use, it’s a promising step toward a new form of renewable electricity.


We Americans rent everything these days…cars, lodging, furniture, electronics etc….but will they buy into the new trend of renting clothes?

Renting clothes could be the future of fashion—or it could just be a fad. But traditional retailers can no longer afford to wait on the sidelines to find out, per the AP. That’s why a growing number are now offering customers the option to rent clothes for a monthly fee instead of buying them. Bloomingdale’s, Banana Republic, and Urban Outfitters are the latest to offer the services. Even footwear chain Designer Brands says it’s considering launching a rental service for shoes. Now a booming $1 billion business, the clothing rental sector is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2023, according to research firm GlobalData. When combined with resale, it will account for 13% of the total $360 billion US clothing market within the decade, up from 7.3% today.

Clothing rentals are one more piece of the sharing economy, where customers—particularly those in their 20s and 30s—are less interested in owning or making big investments but still want access to different brands and services, says Steve Barr, consumer markets leader at PwC. “You no longer have to buy into the myth of continuous consumption,” says Jennifer Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Rent the Runway, which in 2009 pioneered the business model that many retailers are now trying to replicate. For clothing retailers, rentals offer hope at a time when they are dealing with mounds of unsold goods. Several have already gotten into the second-hand business. JC Penney and Macy’s, for instance, have partnered with ThredUp to sell “gently-worn” clothes in a couple dozen locations. Nordstrom is testing resale at its flagship store in Manhattan.

Do you really want to wear clothes that someone else has rubbed their stinking body against?

Then there is the vegan movement and TOFU…..personally I think it taste like solidified snot…..

Meat is often derided as one of the most environmentally damaging foods to consume, but new research is leading some farmers to claim that tofu could actually be worse.

This is despite studies showing that following a vegan diet could be the “single biggest way” to reduce your environmental impact on earth.

Speaking at the National Farmers Union (NFU) on Monday, Dr Graham McAuliffe of the Rothamsted Institute explained that his unpublished research on tofu has found that the soya-based protein could have a more drastic impact on the planet than beef, pork and chicken.

Dr McAuliffe, who specialises in measuring the environmental impact of foods, pointed out that his findings should be “interpreted with caution” given they were currently just a “proof of concept”, reports The Times.


Not to worry few people will believe any study…..

Do you use “Nootropics”?  Are you a user?

These are those “boosts” you get from those little bottles that cost about 3 bucks for that mental boost…..

More and more people are using nootropics to give themselves a mental boost, and it’s not hard to understand why. Studies have shown that nootropic supplements may enhance cognitive functions such as reasoning, memory, alertness, focus, willpower, creativity, flexibility, and verbal fluency.

But with so many different nootropics currently on the market, how do you know which type is right for you? The best solution is to find a company that is fully committed to science and transparency, so you always know exactly what you’re putting in your body and why. And when it comes to science and transparency, nobody beats Neurohacker Collective, the group behind Qualia Focus and Qualia Mind, two of the most advanced and comprehensive nootropics supplements in the world.


Me?  I stick to my  usual…..coffee.

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