Was It He Or She?

Sunday and continuing with a history thing…..

I do like me some history….I consume all that I can…I even have started “auditing” some classes in university…..and the TV has a good source some times but we are getting way too much bullshit that they try to sell as history….

Like the other day I was watching one of those “conspiracy” shows……you know the ones….they offer “evidence” that what we have been taught is all wrong…..well I saw a part that I had heard before but had dismissed……

Was the “Virgin Queen”, Elizabeth I, really a man in drag?

The bones of Elizabeth I, Good Queen Bess, lie mingled with those of her sister, Bloody Mary, in a single tomb at Westminster Abbey. But are they really royal remains — or evidence of the greatest conspiracy in English history?

If that is not the skeleton of Elizabeth Tudor, the past four centuries of British history have been founded on a lie.

And according to a controversial new book, the lie began on an autumn morning 470 years ago, when panic swept through a little group of courtiers in a manor house in the Cotswold village of Bisley in Gloucestershire.

The king, Henry VIII, was due at any hour. He was travelling from London, in great discomfort — for the 52-year-old monarch was grossly overweight and crippled by festering sores — to visit his daughter, Elizabeth.

The young princess had been sent there that summer from the capital to avoid an outbreak of plague. But she had fallen sick with a fever and, after weeks of bleeding, leeches and vomiting, her body was too weak to keep fighting. The night before the king’s arrival, his favourite daughter, the only child of his marriage to Anne Boleyn, had been dangerously ill. In the morning, Elizabeth lay dead.


Any scholars or mere mortals that can inform my readers of the validity of this….is it BS or could there be some truth hidden there?

Surely I am not the only person to have heard/read this stuff.

I do love my history!

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Who Is The Richest?

The weekend…..and holding to my tradition as a weekend FYI blog…..I will offer a bit of history as well as the FYI……

Who is the richest person?

Jeff Bezos…..or Bill Gates…..or the Zuck……how about a Rothchild or two…..just who is the richest person….EVER?

Some say Jeff Bezos…….

But he is by no means the richest man of all time.

That title is believed to belong to Mansa Musa, the 14th Century West African ruler who was so rich his generous handouts wrecked an entire country’s economy.

“Contemporary accounts of Musa’s wealth are so breathless that it’s almost impossible to get a sense of just how wealthy and powerful he truly was,” Rudolph Butch Ware, associate professor of history at the University of California, told the BBC.

Mansa Musa was “richer than anyone could describe”, Jacob Davidson wrote about the African king for Money.com in 2015.

Mansa Musa was born in 1280 into a family of rulers. His brother, Mansa Abu-Bakr, ruled the empire until 1312, when he abdicated to go on an expedition.

According to 14th Century Syrian historian Shibab al-Umari, Abu-Bakr was obsessed with the Atlantic Ocean and what lay beyond it. He reportedly embarked on an expedition with a fleet of 2,000 ships and thousands of men, women and slaves. They sailed off, never to return.

Some, like the late American historian Ivan Van Sertima, entertain the idea that they reached South America. But there is no evidence of this.

In any case, Mansa Musa inherited the kingdom he left behind.

Under his rule, the kingdom of Mali grew significantly. He annexed 24 cities, including Timbuktu.

The kingdom stretched for about 2,000 miles, from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to modern-day Niger, taking in parts of what are now Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Ivory Coast.


Not to worry if you do not like reading….in this age of laziness I have a video to explain the person…..

Now you know.

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