And The Winner Will Be

As we draw ever close to the official start of the voting process…there are a few points that I wish to make…..

It is of little secret that I think the MSM is not a source for viable information only what the corporate overlords wants us to know……that is why we get mind numbing celeb news while the world is set for a blaze of epic proportions.

Then there is our elections when we decide who will represent us on the world stage….and the MSM has their finger on the scale there as well.

First it is their, the media, constant lie about the “electability ” of the candidate……more on that to save space……

The MSM has convincing the country that Biden is the man to beat as far as the Dem races go…..they are predicting the winner before any of the primaries and caucuses have begun.

Biden’s electability rests on the assumption that Democrats will rally around whomever their party’s nominee is in their desperation to beat Trump, but only the former vice president is capable of winning over most independents and peeling enough Republicans away from Trump to ensure he loses reelection. If this sounds like the same type of pandering to white, middle-aged voters that centrist Democrats love to trot out every election to justify their insipid reformist policies, it is precisely that.

Let’s Stop Trying to Predict Who Can Beat Trump

Next is the DNC and the DCCC…..these political groups are doing all they can to appear democratic while deciding for the voter who their candidates will be….look at the next debate…..they made the rules to make damn sure centrists/corporatists are the majority of the party’s representatives…..and the move toward total control…..

This first became evident in March when DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos announced a “blacklist” policy, which sought to stifle the people-powered democratic process by requiring political consultants to sign a loyalty pledge to incumbent Democrats. Recent comments from black and Latino lawmakers about a lack of diversity in senior leadership, as well as complaints about a tone-deaf approach to issues relating to race, show that the DCCC continues to refuse to evolve and change. Instead, there seems to be an implicit policy of silencing new voices and sidelining historically marginalized communities in order to protect the power of the status quo.

The DNC/DCCC is out of step and the media is doing all they can to help these groups retain their influence over voters.

Personally, I have NEVER let another group pick my candidate for me…..neither should you…..especially when a loyalty pledge is required.  I refuse to allow a poll of 250 people tell me who to vote for….neither should you.

Democrats have excellent ideas….but they SUCK at the game of politics.

Micheal Moore see the final as I do……

Progressive filmmaker Michael Moore is predicting that the 2020 presidential election will result in Donald Trump winning a second term if Democrats nominate a “centrist, moderate” candidate, telling Democracy Now! that the president’s base is “more rabid” than in 2016 during a Thursday interview.

Moore, famous for films like Bowling for Columbine and, most recently, the Trump-focused documentary Fahrenheit 11/9, said the main “problem” Democrats are facing in 2020 is the fact that Trump’s voters have maintained their ardent support three years after he defeated Hillary Clinton.

The documentarian claimed that Trump would win “if the election were held today,” before noting that the electoral college system is the chief issue for Democrats: “Hillary won by 3 million popular votes. I believe whoever the Democrat is next year is going to win by 4 to 5 million popular votes. There’s no question in my mind that people who stayed home, who sat on the bench, they’re going to pour out … there’s going to be a much higher percentage of people voting against him.”

Michael Moore: Trump Will Win in 2020 if Democrats Nominate Another ’Centrist, Moderate’ like Hillary Clinton

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


“Lego Ergo Scribo”

20 thoughts on “And The Winner Will Be

  1. Oh the Democrats are evolving and changing alright — they are moving farther to the Left with each passing hour. And I totally agree with you about the MSM … The MSM needs a major overhaul because until they do something to fix their tarnished image, they will be nothing but sounding boards for the ever-increasingly few who pay attention to them at all. Biden may be the man to beat, but I think we can all be damned sure that he is going to get beat … and I was thrilled to see you mention the DNC is trying to choose the candidates for which the electorate will vote, because I know damned well that they are trying to take the power of election away from the People and taking it upon themselves to decide who the President is going to be … through the process of impeachment if by no other means.

  2. I agree with Moore, and you. If voters stay home, Trump will win, and probably by a bigger margin than last time. That said, I still think he will win, whoever they put up against him.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. It may not “register” yet but just wait until all the undocumented immigrants who recently got their driver licenses in various locations start casting their votes. It will matter a lot then and it will “Register” then … but by then the precedent will have been set and the door will have been opened for anyone and everyone, citizen or not, to cast votes and influence the outcomes of American elections.

  3. They are already getting driver licenses so they obviously do not have to worry about their status — and they will vote for their democrat enablers while they spend the welfare money they are not supposed to receive by law but which they do receive anyway.

      1. It is the beginning of a liberal-originated political tsunami that will soon entirely negate any sense of democracy in the united states and will give total control to whichever party can buy off the immigrant voters.

      2. The money wants to control the government and its policies… immigrants will not give that end. If the immigrant is a citizen then they should vote…..something many Americans do not seem to care enough to do. chuq

      3. and if the immigrant is NOT a citizen, then they should not vote … but they will anyway because that is how the Democrats have it all planned.

      4. That is a conspiracy that has no validity…but if you believe then more power to you….that is why it is called disinformation. chuq

      5. John I will be at my polling position when the voting starts and will report any unusual things I run across……something I have done since starting my blog in 2006. chuq

  4. You will have no way of knowing who is illegal and who is not if they flash a legal driver license in your face in order to be able to cast their vote.

      1. That is illegal…but since Mississippi is one of those eliminating voters from the rolls then they would be easily spotted chuq

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