Those Lovable Tyrants

We all hate the tyrants of the world and of history…like Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam, et al.

But did you know that there were “tyrants” that were actually loved by the people they held sway over.

That’s right a “lovable tyrant”.

According to Jean Kim, M.D.’s 2017 article in Psychology Today, “Why Do People Follow Tyrants?”, an effective tyrant recognizes and responds to certain fundamental human desires. The tyrant’s strength and authority may allow him or her to present himself or herself as a parental figure, caring for an entire nation. Sometimes the nation’s parental figure is also its adolescent. A tyrant’s willingness to transgress legal boundaries may also contribute to his or her appeal. Perhaps none of the rulers on this list are admirable, but all of them were (or, in some cases, are) very popular tyrants.

10.  Queen Elizabeth I

In a 2013 article written in honor of the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child, George, Business Insider compiled a list of the 10 greatest monarchs in British history. Queen Elizabeth I was one of only three queens listed. It’s understandably tempting to laud or critique Queen Elizabeth by comparing her to contemporary female political figures. However, it’s equally important to remember she was beloved by her own subjects in her own time. She couldn’t possibly have been a feminist monarch — the concept of feminism didn’t exist in 16th century England — but she was certainly a popular one. Unlike her half-sister, the staunchly Catholic Queen Mary I of England, who charged nearly 300 English Protestants with heresy and burned them at the stake, the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I didn’t publicly persecute Catholics.

Can you think of any that should be added to this article/list?

Not all authoritarians are hated….only the crazy ones (LOL)….

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6 thoughts on “Those Lovable Tyrants

  1. That’s an interesting list, chuq. One person’s tyrant is another person’s hero, obviously.
    Stalin is considered to be a tyrant now, but for many (perhaps the majority) of the people of the Soviet Union at the time, he was the man who took them out of class servitude and poverty, and gave them a feeling of self-worth. Even today, some people in Russia yearn for a return to the time when Stalin was in charge.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Really a great list, Chuq! Please do not forget the Germans, aka Prussia. haven’t you heard or read? The Hohenzollerns would have some of their rights back. Right of residence in castles, various pretios, such as paintings. Since 2014, the German government has been negotiating in secret. How long did you think these nobles in Europe had taken away our deserved freedom?
    I think that these demands are related to the fact that since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI – the first German Pope in 500 years – no factual donations and foundations have been made to recover the possessions lost in two world wars in Eastern Europe. longer. The so-called “Constantine Gift” is regarded as proof of the fundamental profession of the Roman Catholic Church. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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