New Years–2020

We not only start a new year but a new decade as well…..will we be more than we are today or will we be small and insignificant?
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As with my tradition here on IST I like to look back at the year IST had…..Igt is by no means the most popular blog on the foreign policy subject or on politics here in the US…but I try to be fair, (not always successful) with my posting for there are many sides to every story or report.

I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking…..I just want people and readers to understand what it is they are reading and I try to be as simple as possible for international relations is not an easy topic to understand.

Please accept my heart felt gratitude to heart and please know that each of my regulars are valued members of my site and the newer readers are most welcome to participate however they would like.

A running tally…..I have written 14,633 posts at an average 350 words that is 5.1 million words typed (now I know why my fingers are so tired)……IST has had 70,121 comments…..and I have not broken any records but I have 3,617 followers….most of whom stick around…thank you for that.

I look forward to the coming year, 2020, there will be much to write about both internationally and nationally….after all we Americans have a presidential election this year…..that should prove to be interesting and entertaining if nothing else.

Thank you one and all……

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Image result for new year 2020 images"

I shall have the traditional meal for my household….Corned Beef, cabbage, and black eye peas….with a good beer thrown in as well…….

So Happy New Year and let’s get busy on the year to come.

We can be the change we desire.

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