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Let It Burn!

I am sure that everyone with an ear has heard bout the outrageous fires in Australia…..they have caused deaths both human and animal and blackened millions of acres of land.

The authorities have arrested dozens of people for starting fires…..

At least 24 people have been killed in the bushfires that have raged in Australia. The same number of people in the hard-hit state of New South Wales have been arrested and charged with deliberately setting fires there since the fall. USA Today reports one of the 24 is a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter. Blake Banner is accused of being involved in seven fires that emerged south of Sydney. Suspicions were raised after Banner was regularly among the first to arrive on the scene. ABC News reports a prison term of up to 21 years is possible for anyone found guilty of intentionally igniting a fire and recklessly promoting its growth.

Another 100 people have allegedly violated the state’s fire ban or tossed a lit cigarette or match on the ground. Meanwhile, the AP reports the scope of the financial toll of the disaster became a little more clear Tuesday, with the Insurance Council of Australia doubling the estimated damage bill since just Sunday to $485 million. Australia’s fire season typically runs from December to March, but drought and heat brought on a September start this year.

Is it climate change or just stupid individuals?

New South Wales police force announced that it had charged 24 people with deliberately starting bushfires in the Australian state.

The force also noted that it’s taken legal action against a total of 183 people for 205 bushfire-related offenses, including failure to comply with a fire ban and discarding lit cigarettes or matches on land.

The news that arsonists have contributed to the deadly fires raging in Australia is both highly disturbing and disheartening. But perhaps even more troubling is the wielding of this information as “evidence” that climate change isn’t a major contributing factor to the emergency.

Man made or climate change?

Potato or potato (its all in the pronunciation)

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It seems that in recent history that we have had cults and death interlinked…..Heaven’s Gate, Jonestown, some Japanese bunch….point being cults are serious business….we have religious cults, cults of personality, etc……but have they always been around?

I found a historic look at cults that we probably never heard of…..

When you think of a “cult,” you may imagine some of the modern-day groups that believe in aliens or think that their leader is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Well, it turns out that human beings have been joining cults and heretic religions for thousands of years. Many of them have been totally forgotten by the average person, and you may have never been taught about these religions in history class. Here are 10 of the most shocking cults from ancient history.

10. The Skoptsy

Nearly every Christian-based religion has looked down upon having any kind of sex outside of marriage at some point or another, believing we should reserve the deed for having children. After all, lust is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins, and “thou shall not commit adultery” is one of the Ten Commandments. But one Russian cult from the 1800s called the Skoptsy took this rule so far they believed that you should never get it on — even if you’re married

Believe it or not, the Skoptsy is estimated to have had up to a million followers during their heyday. They encouraged their followers to remove any body parts that may lead them to lust. Men would castrate themselves, and women would have mastectomies. The founder of the cult, Kondraty Selivanov, had the audacity to approach Tsar Paul I, saying, “I am not the father of sin: Accept my act and I will recognize you as my son.” After this incident, the Tsar had him committed to an insane asylum, and the cult fell apart soon after. Today, there are no remaining members of the Skoptsy, which shouldn’t come as a surprise at all, considering that they wouldn’t have been able to have children to pass their beliefs on to.

I am sure that there is a cult waiting to happen as I type…..they will always be with us..

Class Dismissed!

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January Dem Debate for 2020

6 candidates and nothing was settled……no winner everybody stayed on their talking points…..but there were some good foreign policy questions and answers…..

With less than three weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, six Democratic White House hopefuls are debating at Drake University in Des Moines. Three of them—Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, will soon be serving as jurors in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer are also taking part in the CNN/Des Moines Register debate, which is the seventh Democratic primary debate. There will be three more next month. Some highlights:

  • The first question was on Iran, the Guardian reports. Asked why he would be best suited to serve as commander-in-chief amid rising tensions. Sanders pointed to his vote against the Iraq war in 2002, when he warned it would lead to ” unprecedented levels of chaos in the region.” Biden, who voted to authorize military action, said that vote was a mistake but defended his record, saying: ” The man who also argued against that war, Barack Obama, picked me to be his vice-president .”
  • Buttigieg—the youngest candidate on stage, and the only veteran—said his generation was the one suffering the consequences of the 2002 votes. “There are enlisted people I served with barely old enough to remember those votes,” said Buttigieg, who will turn 38 next week.
  • “We have to get combat troops out” of the region, said Warren, though others, including Biden and Buttigieg, called for keeping a small number of US troops in the Middle East, the AP reports. “We’ve turned the corner so many times we’re going circles in these regions,” Warren said.
  • Biden, asked whether he would meet North Korea without preconditions, said “No” and criticized Trump’s handing of dictator Kim Jong Un, CBS reports. “We gave him everything he’s looking for: legitimacy,” Biden said. After the former vice president noted that Kim had once called him a “rabid dog” that should be beaten with a stick, Sanders quipped: “But other than that, you like him?”
  • Warren defended her vote in favor of the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, while Sanders argued against the “Trump-led trade deal” and vowed to vote against any trade deal that did not address climate change.
  • Sanders denied telling Warren in 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency. “Anybody who knows me knows that it’s incomprehensible that I would think that a woman cannot be president of the United States,” he said. “Go to YouTube today. There’s a video of me 30 years ago talking about how a woman could become president of the United States.”
  • Warren sought to defuse the conflict, saying “Bernie is my friend and I’m not here to fight with Bernie,” the New York Times reports. She added: “The only people on the stage who have won every single election that they’ve been in are the women: Amy and me. And the only person who has beaten an incumbent Republican any time in the past 30 years is me.” Sanders told her he defeated a GOP incumbent in 1990, leading to a brief back-and-forth over whether her “30 years” remark was accurate.
  • On health care, there was a split between those who support Medicare for All and those content with expanding ObamaCare, reports the Guardian. Biden and Klobuchar accused Sanders of not being candid about the costs of Medicare for All. “I think you should show how you’re going to pay for something, Bernie,” Klobuchar said. She argued that the idea of Medicare for All is so impractical that the “debate isn’t real.”
  • Steyer, who has had the least speaking time of any candidate, argued that health care costs are so high in America because corporations “own the system.” “We’re not negotiating against those corporations,” he said. “We have corporations who are having their way with the American people and people are suffering.”
  • Sanders argued that college tuition should be free and student debt should be canceled, while Buttigieg and Steyer—a billionaire—said the children of the wealthy should not be going to college for free.
  • On impeachment, Biden said it is “irrelevant” whether Trump would be harder to beat if he is acquitted in a Senate trial. Warren, asked how serving as a juror in Trump’s trial would affect her ability to campaign, said: “Some things are more important than politics.”
  • Sanders called climate change a “national crisis” and rejected Klobuchar’s claim that the candidates all had similar plans. “If we as a nation do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, not by 2050, not 2040,” he said. “But unless we lead the world right now—not easy stuff — the planet we are leaving our kids will be uninhabitable and unhealthy.” Steyer said he would declare an emergency on his first day in office.
  • Buttigieg, asked about his lack of support among black voters, admitted that he wasn’t “perfect” on all the issues but said ” the black voters that know me best are supporting me.” He added: “The biggest mistake we can make is take black votes for granted. I never will.”
  • In closing statements, Klobuchar said she could bring the country together and “end the noise and the nonsense.” Warren said she had a “heart filled with hope,” while Biden said another four years of Trump would be an “absolute disaster” for America. “This is the moment when we have got to think big, not small,” said Sanders. Steyer accused Trump and other Republicans of “kicking the American people in the face,” and Buttigieg described himself as a unity candidate urged people who are used to “voting for the other party but right now cannot look your kids in the eye and explain this president to them” to join him, CNN reports.
  • Warren appeared to reject a handshake from Sanders after the end of the debate, leading to a brief exchange.

The American voter is hitting that plateau of weary….this debate did nothing to change anybody’s mind on whom  to vote for……

Me?  I still have my candidate and as long as she is in this I shall support her….do I have an alternative?

Not really.  That will be a decision for another day.

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VP Pence

Let’s say that Trump is removed from office….not saying he should be or will be…..just a supposition here…..if he leaves then Pence as VP will take over as president and what would his admin look like if this happened?

The U.S. House of Representatives, after several months of hearing testimony on the potential abuse of executive power within the Trump administration, voted along party lines, with the Democratic majority succeeding in impeaching the President of the United States for just the 3rd time in the nation’s history.

Taking charge after Barack Obama, analysts wobbled this way or that on what sort of policy Donald Trump would implement. A complete lack of a voting record, combined with the “drain the swamp” rhetoric of his campaign in the run-up to his election, suggested to some that Trump would not preserve the Bush-Clinton status quo of ever-increasing government spending, revolving occupational doors in Washington and seemingly endless warfare.

However the early appointments into his cabinet suggested business as usual, with several key positions being given to neo-conservative politicians who fit right in among the Karl Rove and Dick Cheneys of yesteryear.

State went to Michael Pompeo, while several neo-cons have cycled through Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor, each more hawkish than the last. Finally the Vice Presidency was given to Mike Pence, who would take over the presidency if Trump is removed.

How Would a Pence Oval Office Look on the World Stage?

Personal opinion…..I cannot support a theocrat as president of the US…….religion should not be a motivator for government….I think this would be disastrous for the nation.

I may not like Trump much but I like Pence even less….he is a clown in royal robes…..a jester with an agenda.

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