Another GOP Sneak Attack

This post is for my regular readers that may be a Trump fan…..the news is just amazing……

2016 has been an excellent election show… has had something for everyone…..drama, laughter, stupidity and back stabbing….especially within the GOP.

It is no secret that Donald J. Trump is not the candidate for all Repubs…..since he became the presumptive nominee there have been rumors and plans to try and somehow keep him from the nomination…..

Next week the fun begins….the GOP Convention in Cleveland…….I do believe it will be many things but it will NOT be boring…….plus the city of Cleveland is running scared……

The city of Cleveland, Ohio is set to be the home of the Republican National Convention in July, and city officials are already gearing up for a particularly riotous event as they plan to spend a whopping $50 million grant from the federal government on riot gear and steel barriers for the occasion.

Congress approved the funds back in December due to the fact that the RNC is a designated National Special Security Event. Cleveland is working with the Secret Service to coordinate their efforts.

Cleveland is planning to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear including 26-inch collapsible batons and riot-control suits. In addition, the city is attempting to rent three miles of steel barriers in order to control crowds at the event.

The Convention is to be held on July 18 and officials are expecting about 50,000 visitors to the city. Due to the influx, Cleveland is bringing in extra officers from surrounding cities to help control the crowds.

(The Ring Of Fire Network)

The newest sneak attack looks like will be at the convention when they try to sabotage Trump’s choice for VP…..

Donald Trump gets to pick his own apprentices on reality TV—but the rules are different at the Republican National Convention. Anti-Trump Republicans trying to keep him off the GOP ticket have a Plan B: reject his vice presidential pick if they consider the choice unacceptable, NBC reports. In both parties, choosing a vice presidential nominee is already technically up to the delegates in both parties instead of the candidate—Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first to pick his own running mate—and the rebel Republicans want to change the GOP’s Rule 40 to make it easier to dump Trump’s choice. Among the several suggested changes: The rules currently state that any candidate for president or VP must have the support of delegates from eight states. The anti-Trump GOPers want to lower that number to three.

A source from the “Free the Delegates” group tells BuzzFeed that installing an alternative VP is seen as the “arranged marriage” option. “It’s the grassroots saying if you’re going to do this, you’re going to do it with our pick,” the source says, describing the three-state threshold as “high enough to weed out crazy people, while low enough to let a few states come to terms” with a rival candidate. Another proposed change is this addition: “The preference of any candidate seeking nomination for president of the United States shall have no bearing upon the submission of names for nomination for vice president of the United States nor the recording of votes for the same.” With just a week until the convention begins, NBC reports the suggested changes will be debated this week by the Rules Committee.

Apparently the Party of God does not accept the will of the people….I told everyone that the conventions would be entertaining……

Can You Hear Me Now?

The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual

As we creep closer to the beginning of the general election….there has been a wealth of backstabbing and out right confrontations…..

The Left is reeling from the Sanders challenge to the fave of the Wall Street crowd and mainstream Dems, Clinton……but on the Right is where things have gotten damn right nuts.

Big tent Repubs are really pissed at the success that Trump has had and they are striking back with different attempts to keep him from the nomination….(good luck with that)……

Most of the Mainstream Right is doing what the RNC wants it to do…..oppose the candidacy of Trump…..most are acting like trained seals…..

I read a good analysis of this situation on the site Unz Review…….

These are unusual political times but especially bizarre is the treatment of Donald Trump in many of today’s “conservative” magazines. I have not read them all, but of the three I do follow—The National Review, The Weekly Standard and Commentary, the treatment of The Donald can only be described as totally one-sided, sky-is-falling hysterical. Not the slightest semblance of balance, not even a tiny “horrible but the best we can do.” Everything is just pure, unadulterated vitriol.

Hating Trump per se is not the issue here (disclosure: I support Trump); the point is the ubiquity of the two-minute hate, and if each of these countless rants were an autonomous event, the odds of this uniformity occurring naturally must exceed a billion to one. Clearly, more is involved than just unmitigated aversion.

Source: The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual – The Unz Review

How far will these trained baboons go to sabotage the Trump candidacy?

Will the voting public go along with this blatant act of sabotage?

Will they do as they are told?

Or is this just an exercise in futility?

How the Rich Control Policymaking

It is election time and we Americans are doing what we always do……we blame the rich for all the bad decisions that this country makes.  Even though we hear that we have a voice and we can be heard if we interact with our representatives…….well sports fans that is damn right FALSE!

How many times have you heard your Congress person say that they need to hear from you so that they may lay out the proper tract for any issue?

The truth is that your voice is very low and almost none existent…..the rich control the policymakers…..I know we all know this already……but how do they control the process?

New research shows the power of the wealthiest Americans to impose their preferences….

The United States of America is a democratic country. Over the past few decades, however, important questions about policy and budgets have been decided overwhelmingly against the interests and preferences of the middle and working classes. When the preferences of the rich and the middle class come into conflict, the rich tend to win.

Matt Grossmann, a political scientist and the director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University, is working on a project to expand upon the work of Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, whose bombshell paper last year revealed the impact of economic inequality on public opinion in the U.S. As part of his research, Grossmann examined 50 proposals in the Gilens data set on which opinions between the wealthiest Americans and the median voter diverged the most.

Source: How the Rich Control Policymaking | Al Jazeera America

We can bitch about this from now until the cows go to Benghazi……for it will not change….why?  Americans do not truly want it to change.  Proof?  Just look at the voting for the last 25 years….your answer is there.

The GOP’s Guerrilla Warfare

Before I get into the meat of this post….I would like to thank all my readers that viewed and responded my post over the weekend about my granddaughter and her music…..I appreciate all the kind words and the likes….she is thrilled.

Trump has made a meteoric rise to prominence……and many have jumped on the wagon…..their anger at the government has given the air his blimp needed…..the problem is that trump is not someone the stalwart Repubs want to be their nominee……the RNC and other leaders are trying to figure out how to sideline Trump in favor of a more likable candidate……apparently they will do whatever it takes…..even “guerrilla warfare”……

The Wall Street Journal has an inside look at the “guerrilla campaign” being launched against Donald Trump by the GOP establishment. The Journal states party stalwarts are “increasingly alarmed” by Trump’s continued success and dread seeing him move on to the general election. According to a memo obtained by the newspaper, former RNC online communications director Liz Mair has set up Trump Card LLC to unite donors from various campaigns into a single anti-Donald front. “In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race,” the memo states. “The stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will become president.”

Mair—who lost her previous gig with the Scott Walker campaign over some social-media posts mocking Iowans—describes Trump Card as “loosely organized and highly confidential,” with financial backers remaining anonymous, the Journal reports. Trump Card’s plans so far include comparing the Republican frontrunner to Rosie O’Donnell in an attempt to goad him into a reaction and hiring a Trump impersonator to insult people. Trump Card’s goal, as stated in the memo, isn’t even to get supporters to switch to another candidate; rather it wants to turn them off voting altogether. The Journal reports “the sense of urgency has mounted in part because Mr. Trump continues at or near the top of GOP polls, even after many predicted that the Paris terror attacks would lead voters to turn to a more seasoned candidate.” Read the full story here.

Now it will be interesting to see how successful this campaign can be……and how his supporters will react….

American politics is great….always room for some humor.

The Bullsh*t Is In The Mail

I agree with Bernie……”I have had enough of those damn e-mails”  How about you?

Ever noticed the GOP is like a Pitt Bull with a leg bone?  I mean we could be talking about pizza toppings and they will move the conversation to the Clinton e-mails….Benghazi is about the e-mails….for example…….

But what has really been found out about the Clinton e-mails….I am not talking about what FOX has made up or the puke that WND spreads……I mean what actually has been found?

Bernie Sanders will be pleased to hear that the Hillary Clinton email saga may be finally nearing its end: A source tells Politico that intelligence agencies no longer believe that two emails sent from her private server contained classified information. “The initial determination was based on a flawed process,” the source says, with investigators mistakenly thinking one email contained information from a top-secret report that “actually postdated the email in question.” The State Department and the inspector general of the intelligence community have clashed over whether the emails were classified or not and the source says the office of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has ruled in the State Department’s favor, though a Clapper spokesman says the review isn’t over.

The emails were not on the agenda when Clinton, Sanders, and Martin O’Malley appeared at MSNBC’s First in the South Democratic Presidential forum in South Carolina on Friday night, moderated by Rachel Maddow, the Guardian reports. Instead, the candidates clashed over gun laws, the death penalty, campaign finance, and the Keystone pipeline. Sanders and O’Malley both accused Clinton of taking far too long to decide she was against the pipeline project, with Sanders calling opposition to transporting “some of the dirtiest fuel on this planet” a “no brainer,” the Guardian notes

My next question is….how long can they beat a dead horse……before they move on to policies and issues?

My guess is… ain’t over ’til its over!

Move on!

Turn The Page!

Those Pesky Congressional Hearings

The Benghazi debacle has been drawn out to last 72 weeks and it still has little to report…..wasting money instead of doing the country’s business is the norm these days…..trying for political dominance is the goal….and that is just sad on so many levels.

I am not saying that there should be NO hearings on situations that the government is involved with…..I am saying that there should be some things investigated that have been somehow overlooked…..

Juan Cole has a list that I completely agree with………

The fruitless carnival barking that was the GOP Benghazi inquisition did the nation the disservice of taking focus off the things really wrong with US policies, and places there really was wrongdoing. So here are some suggestions for real investigations:

1. We still don’t know why Bush-Cheney launched a groundless war of aggression on Iraq in 2003 and tore up the United Nations Charter that post-Nazi diplomats hoped would forestall further such wars of mere aggrandizement. Shouldn’t Congress, which was kept in the dark and actively lied to, look into how it and the country got snookered into destabilizing the Middle East?  (please read on…..)

Source: Top Five Things Congress Should investigate instead of Benghazi | Informed Comment


F*ck Israel! (Can You Hear Me Now?)

The deal with Iran over nukes is going to go further….and  as predicted the GOP will not go silently into the night…..they have just got to keep playing games with nukes and conflict…..there newest attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the work is…….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) is facing yet another losing vote this week on the bill aiming to block the Iran nuclear deal, with the exact same vote that failed to end the filibuster last week expected to come along again with the same results.

Sen. McConnell is trying to force the Democrats to back off the filibuster and allow the vote, even though there again, he would face a defeat for falling well short of a veto-proof majority on killing the deal in the face of a promised presidential veto. He insists he’s going to get it “or else.”

The or else part is that if he doesn’t get this vote, McConnell says he intends to force a vote on an amendment to the upcoming vote on the Iran sanctions bill that would require any easing of sanctions (which the US is required to do under the deal) to Iran agreeing to formally recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.”

A Jewish State?  Right to exist….okay….but who in Hell does not know that Israel is a Jewish state?  This is pathetic!

Again….I reiterate…..F*CK ISRAEL!

Can Israel do anything on their own that does not involve killing innocents?  If Israel wants international recognition then maybe acting like a civilized government would do the trick for them.  Why does the US have to do it for them?

Israel…the only country in the Middle East with a nuke capability needs the help of its paid agents in Washington to do the work for them in the world of diplomacy.

Here’s a crazy idea….they want recognition then how about they recognize the state of Palestine on the West bank?

Sounds pretty simple to me.  But then I am NOT paid by Israel now am I?