America’s Second Civil War

For around 25 years the US has been in the middle of a second civil war….this time there is no death and destruction but rather fought with ideas and political theater…..

I recently read a great piece in that conservative icon, the National Review…….

It is time that our society acknowledge a sad truth: America is currently fighting its Second Civil War.

In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically, and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as the First World War once there was a Second World War, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.

Source: American Culture – New Civil War | National Review

I do not agree with some of their suppositions the fat is that ………The very soul of the nation is at stake.

Does Size Matter?

There has been a war in the media about the size of the crowd at the inauguration….why does this matter?

There is so much more that needs to be covered.  And why is the president playing this game?  But he, Trump, took the bait and has jumped on this with both flat feet…….

President Trump may not have had the biggest inauguration crowd in history, but he may have made a bigger fuss about media coverage of it than any of his predecessors. Sources tell the Washington Post and CNN that on Saturday morning—the first morning of his presidency—Trump contacted Michael T. Reynolds, the National Park Service’s acting director, to demand more photos of the crowd on the National Mall. Reynolds, who has worked for the service for 30 years, was “taken aback” by the request, but he sent some aerial photos to Trump, according to the Post’s sources. The photos did not, however, provide proof of Trump’s claim that more than a million people had gathered to watch his inauguration.

Reynolds and the NPS have declined to comment, but insiders say Trump also expressed anger over an NPS tweet comparing his crowd to Obama’s, which apparently led to an order for all Interior Department accounts to stop tweeting. White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that Trump contacted the NPS. She said the call demonstrated the president is “so accessible, and constantly in touch.” “He’s not somebody who sits around and waits. He takes action and gets things done,” she said. “That’s one of the reasons that he is president today, and Hillary Clinton isn’t.” (Trump was still talking about the size of his inaugural crowd on Wednesday, when he gave his first interview as president.)

All this is so petty….I expect more from a person at the helm of state….but then I could be asking for too much…..

Years ago there was a similar story only it was Glen Beck that was concerned about the size of the crowd and so I looked up just how these sizes are come to…..

Source: Taking It To The Streets – In Saner Thought

This is petty fecal matter….time to let this type of crap go and focus on the country…..put your ego on a desk somewhere and get on with the duties your raised your goddamn hand to……peace out!

Is This A Purge?

That word leads me to my historical roots….Purge?

It is a verb….that has a couple of meanings…… rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify. rid, clear, or free (usually followed by of or from):  to purge a political party of disloyal members. clear of imputed guilt or ritual uncleanliness. clear away or wipe out legally (an offense, accusation, etc.) by atonement or other suitable action. remove by cleansing or purifying (often followed by away, off, or out). clear or empty (the bowels) by causing evacuation.

7. to cause evacuation of the bowels of (a person).

In political terms I think of the great “purges” in history…..first the Night of the Long Knives when Hitler purged all those people that stood in his way to total power….second there were the “purges” of Stalin in the USSR when he eliminated his rivals and got a bit of revenge on past deeds done to him.
The reason I gave this historical perspective was because their seems to be a purge happening within the Trump transition team.  The purge is not physical but rather political……is he looking for some sort of purity?
I’m sure that somewhere there is troll waiting to pounce on this swearing that I am comparing Trump to Stalin…..I am not……

Big shake-up No. 2 for Donald Trump’s presidential transition team: Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, who had been leading the national security part of the team, resigned Tuesday. In a statement reported by Politico, he called his time “during the initial pre-election planning phase … a privilege” and framed the work as “a strong foundation for the new transition team leadership.” CNN frames it as the loss of “an establishment national security voice.” The New York Times’ take on Rogers’ “abrupt” exit was more colorful, describing a “transition operation plunged into disarray.”

The Times article reports that while Vice President-elect Mike Pence took the reins of the team at large from Chris Christie on Friday, the paperwork that must be signed in order to allow the Obama and Trump teams to work together had yet to be signed, allegedly because the document was being red-lined. A source in the Trump camp expects it will be signed Tuesday, but the Times pulls no punches: “The slow and uncertain start to what is normally a rapid and meticulously planned transfer of power could have profound implications for Mr. Trump’s nascent administration.” The Wall Street Journal notes Rogers was “considered a close ally” of Christie. While no reason was given for Rogers’ resignation, Bloomberg sources say he was asked to proffer it by team officials.

Also word has come out that Pence has ordered all lobbyists off the transition team…….

Tuesday brought a big shake-up for Donald Trump’s transition team, but the president-elect took to Twitter to assure Americans that there’s a “very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions. I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!” USA Today reports by way of a team insider that Vice President-elect Mike Pence and transition executive director Rick Dearborn are cleaning house, wiping lobbyists from the team. “This is to ensure President-elect Trump’s commitment to ban lobbyist involvement is being upheld at all levels of the transition,” an unnamed aide tells Reuters. And the ball is moving: Necessary paperwork that had been awaiting Pence’s signature since Friday was delivered to the White House Tuesday evening, though additional materials are required before agency-specific briefings can occur.

As for what was behind Mike Rogers’ resignation Tuesday, many sources seem to be settling on his closeness with former transition team head Chris Christie (though Reuters floats an alternate theory about Rogers not going after Hillary Clinton hard enough during the Benghazi investigation). CNN’s sources take it a step further and say Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has been pushing to erase Christie associates from the team. The Washington Post sources echo this, calling the situation, in the words of the Post, “a troubling episode of political score-settling.” It reports that in 2005 Christie, then a US attorney, prosecuted Kushner’s father for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions; he was handed a two-year sentence.

If so he is making good on his campaign promise…..on the other side….without competent people at the helm of the important positions like SecState or position in the world could become more dangerous than it is today.

This move should give the establishment GOPers a bit of a case of heartburn…… is he just seeking revenge?  Or is it Pence that is doing this?  Maybe it is just to keep the media off balanced….many questions…..only time will tell.

 Like it or not…..there is something fascinating going on in DC…I said fascinating not right.

Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish?

Have you noticed that since the early 1990’s conspiracy theories are spread around like manure on a garden?

And since the election of Obama then internet went batcrap crazy with this theory and that… the point where I prefer to stick to news, whether I like it or not.

I remember back in the day with the fluoride thing and the “grassy Knoll” thingy and the ever popular fake Moon landing……and since those that were to some extent believable we have had a wealth of “out there” conspiracies… 9/11, chem trails, etc……

Most of these conspiracies originate on the Right….but that is NOT saying they are the only ones with “out there” conspiracies….just they seem to have one for just about every situation.

The question now is ……how and why can these conspiracy theories flourish?

New research identifies the sorts of people attracted to conspiracies. They sound familiar.

Hillary Clinton recently caught pneumonia, which would be a fairly unremarkable fact if dark tales about her health had not circulated among conservatives for years. Naturally it prompted another round of loopy speculation, highlighting yet again one of the more striking developments in US politics in the Obama era: the increasing prominence of conspiracy theories on the right.

Dark conspiracies have always been a part of politics, of course, on both sides of the aisle (see: 9/11 truthers). But since Obama was elected, conservative media and activists have pushed the right’s conspiracy theories squarely into the mainstream of the party. Obama is a secret Muslim, he’s planning a coup in Jade Helm, he tried to nuke Charleston, SC (seriously) … the list could go on and on. Turn on a conservative talk radio show and there’s probably a new one floating around as we speak.

Source: Why conspiracy theories flourish on the right – Vox

I realize there are some theories that people would like to be true and will defend them relentlessly…..I wish would like to see people research these theories completely…..not just the research that will agree with their premises.

What is that old saying….”People will believe that which is easiest to grasp”…..

“I Was Robbed!”

I have been following politics for about 50 years (yes I am an old fart) and I cannot remember a time when politics was more fucked up than in this election year.

Our major candidates are a woman that is about as big a war hawk as Mussolini….and scam artist that hides behind a business empire that no one can identify.

As the day of vote draws near this time around the stupidity and total bullshit is choking the process with platitudes, insults and finger pointing…..imagine a 6th grade argument in the playground….and you have an idea of just how far this thing has slid down the rabbit hole.

We have just had our first presidential debate, if you could possibly call it that, and it was a total waste of time and energy for anyone that watched it…..(I have watched on video…that way I could pause and go puke from time to time)….but the fun part is listening to the spin the candidate has come up with sine that night….first it was a faulty mic that he was given and now that has changed to lambasting the moderator……

Donald Trump appears to have changed his tune about Monday night’s debate: He’s still saying that he won, but he’s now also saying that Lester Holt’s moderating was biased against him, the Hill reports. “I had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor on everything I said. What a rigged deal,” Trump, who initially said Holt did a “great job,” told a campaign rally in New Hampshire Thursday. “What’s going on in this country is so sad.

I mean come on….this ass is a sore loser…..and he will blame everything possible and the sad part is that the mentally challenged that support him will buy into the spin….even if they watched the whole disaster from start to finish…..

And it is not over yet….we still have 2 more presidential debates and a single VP debate, which may prove to be more professional than the first one……but what can we expect in the next presidential one?

  • Politico reports that Trump’s campaign has ignored the advice of senior Republicans and is now targeting Bill Clinton’s infidelity, including the issue on a list of talking points sent to surrogates. Sources say the campaign is in turmoil after a disappointing debate performances and aides are looking at ways to change the conversation, including a possible last-minute trip to Israel.
  • Trump himself brought up Bill Clinton’s impeachment at a campaign rally in New Hampshire Thursday, the AP reports, but analysts say the Bill strategy could backfire, especially with women voters. “The whole notion of trying to get Hillary Clinton to pay for Bill Clinton’s infidelities is just strategically a bad choice,” says GOP strategist Katie Packer.

Will the Mad Hatter jump down the rabbit hole or will he finally start acting like an adult?

All I can do is smile……and wait for the attacks…….

I’m going for pancakes……

Another GOP Sneak Attack

This post is for my regular readers that may be a Trump fan…..the news is just amazing……

2016 has been an excellent election show… has had something for everyone…..drama, laughter, stupidity and back stabbing….especially within the GOP.

It is no secret that Donald J. Trump is not the candidate for all Repubs…..since he became the presumptive nominee there have been rumors and plans to try and somehow keep him from the nomination…..

Next week the fun begins….the GOP Convention in Cleveland…….I do believe it will be many things but it will NOT be boring…….plus the city of Cleveland is running scared……

The city of Cleveland, Ohio is set to be the home of the Republican National Convention in July, and city officials are already gearing up for a particularly riotous event as they plan to spend a whopping $50 million grant from the federal government on riot gear and steel barriers for the occasion.

Congress approved the funds back in December due to the fact that the RNC is a designated National Special Security Event. Cleveland is working with the Secret Service to coordinate their efforts.

Cleveland is planning to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear including 26-inch collapsible batons and riot-control suits. In addition, the city is attempting to rent three miles of steel barriers in order to control crowds at the event.

The Convention is to be held on July 18 and officials are expecting about 50,000 visitors to the city. Due to the influx, Cleveland is bringing in extra officers from surrounding cities to help control the crowds.

(The Ring Of Fire Network)

The newest sneak attack looks like will be at the convention when they try to sabotage Trump’s choice for VP…..

Donald Trump gets to pick his own apprentices on reality TV—but the rules are different at the Republican National Convention. Anti-Trump Republicans trying to keep him off the GOP ticket have a Plan B: reject his vice presidential pick if they consider the choice unacceptable, NBC reports. In both parties, choosing a vice presidential nominee is already technically up to the delegates in both parties instead of the candidate—Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first to pick his own running mate—and the rebel Republicans want to change the GOP’s Rule 40 to make it easier to dump Trump’s choice. Among the several suggested changes: The rules currently state that any candidate for president or VP must have the support of delegates from eight states. The anti-Trump GOPers want to lower that number to three.

A source from the “Free the Delegates” group tells BuzzFeed that installing an alternative VP is seen as the “arranged marriage” option. “It’s the grassroots saying if you’re going to do this, you’re going to do it with our pick,” the source says, describing the three-state threshold as “high enough to weed out crazy people, while low enough to let a few states come to terms” with a rival candidate. Another proposed change is this addition: “The preference of any candidate seeking nomination for president of the United States shall have no bearing upon the submission of names for nomination for vice president of the United States nor the recording of votes for the same.” With just a week until the convention begins, NBC reports the suggested changes will be debated this week by the Rules Committee.

Apparently the Party of God does not accept the will of the people….I told everyone that the conventions would be entertaining……

Can You Hear Me Now?

The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual

As we creep closer to the beginning of the general election….there has been a wealth of backstabbing and out right confrontations…..

The Left is reeling from the Sanders challenge to the fave of the Wall Street crowd and mainstream Dems, Clinton……but on the Right is where things have gotten damn right nuts.

Big tent Repubs are really pissed at the success that Trump has had and they are striking back with different attempts to keep him from the nomination….(good luck with that)……

Most of the Mainstream Right is doing what the RNC wants it to do…..oppose the candidacy of Trump…..most are acting like trained seals…..

I read a good analysis of this situation on the site Unz Review…….

These are unusual political times but especially bizarre is the treatment of Donald Trump in many of today’s “conservative” magazines. I have not read them all, but of the three I do follow—The National Review, The Weekly Standard and Commentary, the treatment of The Donald can only be described as totally one-sided, sky-is-falling hysterical. Not the slightest semblance of balance, not even a tiny “horrible but the best we can do.” Everything is just pure, unadulterated vitriol.

Hating Trump per se is not the issue here (disclosure: I support Trump); the point is the ubiquity of the two-minute hate, and if each of these countless rants were an autonomous event, the odds of this uniformity occurring naturally must exceed a billion to one. Clearly, more is involved than just unmitigated aversion.

Source: The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual – The Unz Review

How far will these trained baboons go to sabotage the Trump candidacy?

Will the voting public go along with this blatant act of sabotage?

Will they do as they are told?

Or is this just an exercise in futility?