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Closing Thought–27Aug19

Most of my regulars know that I live in Hurricane Alley and every year at the start of the season I write a post to let my loyal know that if the worse happens I will be off line until we get service up and running.

So needlessly to say when there is an idea to help lessen the impact of hurricanes I am interested……well the clueless moron in the White House has an idea…..

The man in charge of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal has suggested using it to control the weather, according to an unconfirmed report. Sources tell Axios that President Trump has repeatedly told national security officials that they should look into bombing hurricanes to prevent them making landfall in the US. One source says that during a briefing, Trump said: “I got it. I got it. Why don’t we nuke them?” The source says that after Trump suggested dropping a nuclear bomb into the eye of the hurricane, he was told: “Sir, we’ll look into that.” Axios notes that the idea has been around since the Eisenhower administration and the NOAA has a page explaining that it might not affect the storm, and also “neglects the problem that the released radioactive fallout would fairly quickly move with the tradewinds to affect land areas and cause devastating environmental problems.”

“Needless to say, this is not a good idea,” the NOAA says. Another administration official defended Trump’s line of questioning, saying: “His objective is not bad.” “What people near the president do is they say ‘I love a president who asks questions like that, who’s willing to ask tough questions,'” the official says. “It takes strong people to respond to him in the right way when stuff like this comes up. For me, alarm bells weren’t going off when I heard about it, but I did think somebody is going to use this to feed into ‘the president is crazy’ narrative.” The White House declined to discuss the report, saying it doesn’t “comment on private discussions that the president may or may not have had with his national security team,” the Guardian reports.

Yes you read the right….Our Beloved Supreme Moron wants to consider nuking a hurricane…..

But as usual he had no original idea….

1959 and a Sandia Laboratory meteorologist named Jack Reed. National Geographic explains his idea for nuking a hurricane came out of research he did into “atmospheric effects” that resulted from our first hydrogen bomb detonation, “which had lifted a massive column of air more than 20 miles into the sky.” He suggested a submarine could be sent to the hurricane’s eye and launch the missiles there. The theory: The warm air there would be pushed into the stratosphere; the colder and denser air that took its place would slow the storm.

I expect the president of the US to have a little more brains than to even consider such bullshit…..but then he thinks General Tso’s Chicken is Chinese.

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Just How Stupid Are They?

Every day it seems that some ignorant mental midget grabs a gun and goes on a rampage…..and the pundits and wonks have the same coverage and conversation on a growing problem…..and the same result of all the debate and analysis….we wait for the next attack so we can have the “talk” all over again.

Basically it is……deaths….talks…..wait….rinse and repeat……

I had my little rant because of something completely different….it is the butt hurt Rep from California Devin Nunes who is suing Twitter for 250 million……

Newsweek reported that an attorney representing Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is arguing that two parody Twitter accounts making fun of the congressman are as dangerous as guns.

The lawsuit alleges that the parody accounts, called “Devin Nunes’ Mom” and “Devin Nunes’ Cow,” constitute “an orchestrated defamation campaign of stunning breadth and scope, one that no human being should ever have to bear and suffer in their whole life,” and for Twitter to keep them operating is equivalent to negligently giving someone a firearm without determining if they are qualified to use it.

Nunes filed the $250 million defamation suit against these two Twitter accounts, as well as Twitter itself and Never Trump GOP strategist Liz Mair, earlier this year. He has also alleged that Twitter was secretly “shadow banning” his account by preventing people from finding him in search results, which Twitter says never happened, and which doesn’t present any clear legal injury even if it was true.

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If you are against gun laws then I suggest you read that again.  (Pause here for the slower readers)

Maybe someone should tell the idiot Nunes that he is doing some damage just because he got butt hurt over criticism.

This lawsuit could have wide ranging consequences…..I am not a lawyer but even I can see the chances here….maybe the NRA should hold a consultation with Nunes and suggest that he drop the lawsuit to avoid any long term damage he could possibly do.

“An action has an equal but opposition reaction”

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Biden/Media Love Affair

I have stated many many times that for the time being Biden is the candidate of choice for the media. The MSM being a corporate entity has chosen the corporatist candidate Joe Biden to force down the throats of the American electorate.

Recently Biden floated a hypothetical that I have not seen or heard reported by the MSM….

Joe Biden had an odd, and jarring, rhetorical question for voters at a New Hampshire town hall Friday. While discussing the assassinations of his “political heroes,” Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., during what NBC News calls a “meandering discussion” at the Dartmouth College event, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate went on to say: “My senior semester, they [Kennedy and King] were both shot and killed. Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, if Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. What would’ve happened in America?” Politico refers to it as a “strange” and “out-of-nowhere” comment “at the tail-end of an otherwise normal speech,” while the New York Post calls it simply “awkward.”

Biden had apparently brought up the Kennedy and King assassinations as a way of discussing what motivates young people to get involved politically: “Unless I’m mistaken, Donald Trump did for your generation what the loss of two of my heroes did for mine,” he said. “What they did was make you realize, my God, we’re in trouble.” As for the reference to a hypothetical Obama assassination, a Biden rep explains to CNN that the candidate was simply trying to explain to young voters just how monumental the assassinations of Kennedy and King were. “He was putting into perspective, for the young folks in the room, about how traumatic the assassinations of RFK and MLK were for the country. This tweet is chasing clicks,” reads one of the tweets from a Biden campaign staffer rounded up by Fox News. Just three days prior to the Dartmouth event, Biden, 76, referred to the Kennedy and King assassinations as having taken place in the 1970s; they actually took place in 1968.

This was a tacky thing to say……but illustrates to me that Biden is a hollow shell and needs the memory of Obama to keep him going and the media will glaze over this as to not tarnish his poll numbers.

In a recent poll of 250 people Biden is losing ground and the MSM is using fear to bring him back up by saying that Bernie and Warren are the Left and not popular.

No secret that I have no use for Biden and this just does nothing to change my opinion of the candidate.

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Afghanistan–Yes, We Have A Deal

The US and the Taleban in Afghanistan have been working on a peace deal that would see US troops out of the country… has been an up and down process from close no cigar to maybe to…….

It seems the news yesterday was good news indeed……

Sources within Doha say that the most recent round of talks between the US and Taliban have worked out a peace deal for Afghanistan. The plan is to announce it formally in a few days, giving the US time to inform the Afghan government on what’s been decided.

Details aren’t being made public so far, but US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is heading to Kabul to brief the government there, and will subsequently travel to Brussels to inform NATO about what is going on.

Despite the indications this is a done deal, President Trump is still being very coy, saying that as far as he is concerned there is “no timeline” for ending the Afghan War, and that he is “in no rush.”

Trump has been publicly of two minds on Afghanistan for a long time, however, conceding that the war is a waste and should be ended while at the same time saying he’s also perfectly fine with America’s longest war dragging on even longer.


Announcement of pact will be made in a few days.

With the announcement the Taleban had one of their own…..

Taliban commanders anonymously quoted in the press are claiming that their reported peace deal with the US would not require them to stop carrying out attacks on he Afghan government, but would require the US to stop coming to the aid of the Ghani government.

If this was true, it would be very surprising, as all indications were that the peace deal was intended to be followed quickly with a ceasefire across Afghanistan while US troops are withdrawing, and power-sharing talks.

Zalmay Khalilzad, who negotiated the treated, says this is not true, and that the US would defend the Afghan forces even after any peace deal, and that the future would be decided in intra-Afghan negotiations.


So we have a possible peace deal in Afghanistan between the Taleban and the US and nothing much would change….do I have this about right?

As a student of conflict resolution would someone explain to me how this is a success…..

Is this just a way to head off the antiwar rhetoric in the coming election?

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Yemen–What Was The Point?

We all mostly know about the conflict raging between the Saudis and their allies and the Houthi minority in Yemen.  In other words it is basically a North versus South Yemen……and the that would return the nation to 1962.

The northern portion of Yemen was ruled by imams until a pro-Egyptian military coup took place in 1962. The junta proclaimed the Yemen Arab Republic, and after a civil war in which Egypt’s Nasser and the USSR supported the revolutionaries and King Saud of Saudi Arabia and King Hussein of Jordan supported the royalists, the royalists were finally defeated in mid-1969.

The southern port of Aden, strategically located at the opening of the Red Sea, was colonized by Britain in 1839, and by 1937, with an expansion of its territory, it was known as the Aden Protectorate. In the 1960s the Nationalist Liberation Front (NLF) fought against British rule, which led to the establishment of the People’s Republic of Southern Yemen on Nov. 30, 1967. In 1979, under strong Soviet influence, the country became the only Marxist state in the Arab world.

The Republic of Yemen was established on May 22, 1990, when pro-Western Yemen and the Marxist Yemen Arab Republic merged after 300 years of separation to form the new nation. The poverty and decline in Soviet economic support in the south was an important incentive for the merger. The new president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was elected by the parliaments of both countries.

And now it appears thanks to the involvement of the Saudis that the nation of Yemen may once again become two….the US backed conflict by the Saudis will once again divide Yemen into North and South Yemen…..back to the future?

Here we go again (shades of 1962)

Clashes in the port city of Aden between secessionists and loyalists of the internationally recognised president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, threaten to tip southern Yemen into a civil war within a civil war. Such a conflict would deepen what is already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and make a national political settlement harder to achieve. In the past, half-measures helped de-escalate simmering tensions in the south; today’s circumstances require robust diplomatic intervention from the UN, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to avoid the worst and help forge a durable solution.

Image result for images of South Yemen

The Deeper Meaning in a Lost War

If Yemen splits (again) what was the last few decades all about?

Amazing no matter how much things change they stay the same.

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