Closing Thought–07Aug19

I have been writing about the problems that the elite special ops group, the SEALs, has been fighting….

The commander of the unit has taken the bull by the horns… to speak…..

The commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command put the words “We have a problem” in bold font. “I don’t know yet if we have a culture problem, I do know that we have a good order and discipline problem that must be addressed immediately,” reads the July 25 letter from Rear Adm. Collin Green, the man in charge of Navy SEALs. The letter obtained by CNN and the New York Times orders commanders to bring forth problems and recommendations for how to ensure ethical and professional behavior following a series of embarrassing incidents, reports CNN. “This is our main effort and my top priority,” Green writes, noting the culture of the force “is being questioned … for good reason” as “some of our subordinate formations have failed to maintain good order and discipline.”

Retired Navy SEAL Eric Deming brought his concerns to Green on Monday. “I got two boys that are old enough, I wouldn’t even let them be part of [the force],” he tells CBS News. An entire SEAL platoon was sent home from Iraq after allegations of sexual assault and unauthorized drinking. Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, accused of war crimes, was convicted of unlawfully posing with an enemy corpse. And two SEALs were implicated in the 2017 hazing death of a Green Beret just months after members of SEAL Team 10 were found to have used cocaine in April 2018. Green says addressing such issues is necessary to “recalibrate our culture and regain our credibility.” The head of all special operations forces, Gen. Richard Clarke, is expected to address ethics in his own letter to the force, per CNN.

To state that the unit has a problem is an extreme understatement…..when the troopers act more like Frat boyz than soldiers then “problem” is more deeply ingrained than a mere problem.

Seeing the “problem” is not repairing the damage all these antics are doing to the Team…….lip service is NOT a solution.

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Democratic News

AS you may well know we are in the process of picking a Dem nominee to take on His Majesty in November of 2020……so I thought I would help my readers out by posting on the candidates….the real news not that fluff the MSM gives you…..

A second candidate has dropped out of the running…little known Gravel from Alaska…..

The second Democratic presidential contender has officially dropped out of the race and is mulling who among those that remain to endorse.

Mike Gravel, 89, a former Alaska Senator, announced plans to drop out on Aug. 1. That follows the withdrawal of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) last month.

Gravel didn’t meet the thresholds for the first or second rounds of debates, and an increased threshold for the next round made it unlikely he would appear then either.


I wrote about the cheap shot Harris took at Tulsi after the debate….I said then and now if you cannot respond face to face STFU!

Supporters of Sen. Kamala Harris’ run for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary nomination suggested Thursday that criticisms of Harris’ record as a prosecutor in California were being driven by a Russian disinformation plot, a theory that was met with ridicule from progressives.

second primary debate on CNN, Harris faced tough questions on her record as San Francisco district attorney from 2004 to 2011 and California attorney general from 2011 to 2017 from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). In a blistering series of criticisms of Harris’ tenures, Gabbard accused Harris of not doing enough to change the brutality of the criminal justice system. 

“The bottom line is, when you were in a position to make a difference and an impact in these people’s lives, you did not and worse yet in the case of those who are on death row, innocent people, you actually blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so,” said Gabbard. “There’s no excuse for that and the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor—you owe them an apology.”

Sorry to the supporters of Harris but my impression is that she is black when she needs to be…..just my opinion.

As long as we are talking about Harris….

Her plan, KamalaCare, has one problem….it trusts the health industry…..bad move….

It’s hard to disagree with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) when she says: “Right now, the American health care system is a patchwork of plans, providers and costs that have left people frustrated, powerless and insurance companies in charge. And . . . health care just costs too much.” That makes it all the more confusing that Harris’ new health care plan would maintain the broken status quo — one that leads thousands of Americans to die each year.

Like Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s (D-Wash.) “Medicare for All” legislation, Harris would open up an improved, traditional Medicare public plan to all Americans. Unlike Sanders and Jayapal, Harris also would allow anyone who wants to opt into a commercial Medicare plan to do so.

Then there is her donors list….seems Big Pharma likes the cut of her jib……

Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, while releasing a new health care proposal yesterday, balked at criticism that private industry interests would seek to influence her election effort.

Ian Sams, the national press secretary for the Harris campaign, told CNN on Monday that Harris “is not taking any money from pharmaceutical executives.”

Federal Election Commission campaign finance records, however, show that the California senator has received thousands of dollars from executives at drug companies this year, most of which has not been returned.

Donors include Therese Meaney, a vice president at Endo Pharmaceuticals, a company that manufacturers opioid painkillers, who has given $1,250 to the Harris campaign; Ted Love, the president and chief executive of Global Blood Therapeutics, a startup biopharmaceutical company, who gave $2,800; J. Dana Hughes, a vice president at Pfizer, gave $250; Damian Wilmot, an executive at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, gave $1,000; and Jeffrey Stein, the chief executive of Cidara Therapeutics, another drug startup, who gave $1,000.

So we cannot depend on her to do anything substantial about drug prices….I’m thinking.

I know politics is a back stabbing profession but I will not support those that take cheap shots because they are too cowardly to do it face to face…..or those that take the cash from the industries like Pharma.

Speaking of debates…..CNN prove to me that these debates should be independent of the media….this last debate showed how industry controlled they are.

CNN painfully demonstrated this week why we need independently run presidential debates. With its ESPN-like introductions to the candidates, and its insistence on questions that pit candidates against each other, CNN took an approach to the debates more befitting a football game than an exercise in democracy.

The CNN hosts moderated as if they weren’t even listening to what candidates were saying, inflexibly cutting them off after the inevitably too-short 30-to-60-second time limit—in order to offer another, often seemingly randomly selected, candidate the generic prompt, “Your response?” At times, these followed on each other so many times it was unclear what the candidate was even supposed to respond to, or why.

Fact check me, please….but I will make it easier… critique of the last debate….

At least someone agrees with me……

Having this many candidates debate each other in 2 or 3 hours is a waste of time… one will learn anything and the candidates they supported before the debate will remain the one they support after.

It is a SILLY WASTE of time.

As usual…the wealthy are deciding the path of Democratic politics……

The Democratic primary season is upon us, and the party’s candidate list is a useful starting point for assessing the impact of affluence on American politics. Classic works by sociologists of decades past, including C. Wright Mills and G. William Domhoff, posited that U.S. political institutions were captured by elite economic actors, who seek to enhance their own material positions at the expense of the many.

It’s no accident that affluence is tied to political elitism. Donald Trump is the wealthiest U.S. President in modern history, and is one of the most pro-business in his policies, pursuing tax cuts for the wealthy, and pushing environmental and health care policies to benefit health insurance corporations and the fossil fuel industry, at the expense of access to quality care and environmental sustainability.

System Capture 2020: The Role of the Upper-Class in Shaping Democratic Primary Politics

All the political news you can never use.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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07 August 1914

The time is 0500…..and it began in the West.

The opening battle of World War One on the Western Front……the Battle of Mulhouse….

The Battle of Mulhouse, one of the August Battles of the Frontiers, comprised the opening French attack of the war, and began at 05:00 on 7 August 1914.

Forming a fundamental component of France war strategy, Plan XVII, the Battle of Mulhouse was intended to secure the recapture of Alsace (with Lorraine to follow separately), territories lost to Germany as a consequence of losing the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71.

Aside from the matter of national pride inherent in the capture of Alsace, French troops there would be well placed to guard the flank of subsequent French invasions further north.

In command of the operation to take Mulhouse was General Bonneau, and he was assigned a detachment of the First Army, plus one cavalry and two infantry divisions Ranged against him was the German Seventh Army under General von Heeringen.

As a student of history especially the conflicts I am amazed as well as appalled at the carnage of the First World War.

We tried to make sure that this type of carnage would never happen again….WE FAILED miserably….in less than a generation we are at it again…all the carnage and destruction…..and for what?

Be Smart!

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Class Dismissed!

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Might know that after I wrote a post about the lack of concern by the media over Venezuela…..  and then His Majesty needed a diversion so he chose Venezuela for that diversion.

President Trump signed an executive order late Monday imposing a full economic embargo against Venezuela, freezing all government assets in the US and forbidding all transactions of any Venezuelan officials.

This is the first major expansion of sanctions against a western hemisphere nation by the US in over 30 years, and is intended to put Venezuela into the same level of economic isolation as similarly restricted Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

The order cites human rights abuses, and the fact that President Maduro is still in power in Venezuela, even though the US recognized opposition leader Guaido as the rightful ruler of the country.

This is the latest US effort to try to impose regime change in Venezuela, after a failed military coup earlier this year. It’s not clear how broadly the US intends to enforce the sanctions, for example if they intend to use military force to prohibit naval trade from the Venezuelan coast


Okay I thought we already had enacted massive economic sanctions against Venezuela…..wait this is an embargo…surely that is a different thingy altogether, yeah?

Both sanctions and embargoes mean the prohibition or restriction of an activity. Particularly, an embargo is commonly used when the restriction is a trade-related. Sanctions, on the other hand, are used for all other disciples of prohibitions.

Basically it is the same thing….sounds like an attempt to get the media to look the other way…and is a waste of time…..diplomacy will get more accomplished than Neocon bullshit.

But Wait!

We have a Supreme Leader that has NO idea what is meant by diplomacy….because it will not translate to a TV Reality Show.

Not to worry it will be something new next week.

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