Trump Has A Challenger

Closing Thought–26Aug19

Not much news on the Right from the GOP other than what insults and one liners the president and the GOP can sling at the Dems……

The sad part is that the Dems are the biggest circus in town until the news came out the Trump would face a challenger in Rep. Joe Walsh….

Former congressman Joe Walsh wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying President Trump should face a conservative challenger in the primary. Now, it appears, Walsh has found just the guy: himself. Both the Times and Politico report that Walsh, who calls Trump “absolutely unfit” for office, is poised to announce his candidacy as early as this weekend. Details and developments:

  • Who’s Walsh? He served one term in the House after being elected in Illinois as a Tea Party conservative in 2010. Walsh, who now hosts a radio show, initially supported Trump but now is a vocal critic.
  • His chances: Pretty much non-existent, with a caveat. Walsh has “virtually no chance” of beating Trump, per the Times, and Politico agrees he has “little chance of posing a genuine threat.” However, Walsh could expose Trump’s weaknesses on the right, which could hurt the president in a general election.
  • His rationale: Walsh calls Trump, among other things, a “racial arsonist,” in his op-ed. And he tells the Times, referring to Trump’s trip to Finland last year: “He lost me for good in Helsinki, when he stood in front of the world and said, ‘I believe Putin and I don’t believe my fellow Americans.'”
  • His own rhetoric: Axios notes that Walsh has no shortage of controversial comments on his own record and rounds up examples, including a tweet from 2016 in which he wrote, “I think Obama is Muslim. I think in his head and in his heart he has always been.” Walsh acknowledged as much in his op-ed, saying he regretted how he has “expressed hate” for his rivals. “We now see where this can lead.”
  • The problem: “Walsh’s history of divisive rhetoric and previous support for Trump won’t help distinguish him in the eyes of Never Trump Republicans who want to see the president ousted,” writes Ursula Perano of Axios. “And even if it did, Trump continues to maintain a near-90% approval rating within the GOP.”
  • Trump’s reaction: Nothing, yet. But campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh is succinct on Walsh’s expected run: “Certain failure.”
  • Prominent backer: Bill Kristol of the now-defunct conservative magazine the Weekly Standard is behind Walsh’s move and thinks he makes a “good David” in a David-and-Goliath way. At Breitbart, Joel Pollack see this as an “odd pairing” and also views Walsh’s past rhetoric as a liability in regard to being a Trump alternative. “Yet to Kristol, and the Times, who have struggled to understand the conservative movement and Trump’s political base, he seems good enough.”
  • No. 2: The Hill notes that Walsh would join former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld as the only other Republican to officially declare a primary challenge to Trump. Walsh is to the right of Weld, however, notes T.LaDuke of Red State, who nevertheless sees Walsh’s move as a “political suicide attempt or a vanity exercise.”

Cannot wait to see what verbal insults Trump throws at these people….what cutsey names he has or the lies he can spread….

If he hangs in there he could help lessen the support for Daddy Trump and help the Dems out……

Wishful thinking, huh?

Be Smart!

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Under Order From Supreme Leader

First Trump orders American companies to find a way out of the China market…….…now he is ordering you and me as well….

As part of his ever-escalating trade war with China, Donald Trump has ordered Americans to stop patronizing Chinese restaurants.

“If they think they can outsmart me, they better think again,” said the master negotiator. “I am hitting them where it hurts, in the stomach. This was always my nuclear option and I’m using it. No more family nights at the local Chinese restaurant … no more takeout.”

Following Trump’s latest directive, which he put out in a tweet, a few staff members gently tried to explain to Trump that the People’s Republic of China does not own any restaurants in the United States, let alone Chinese restaurants; that this boycotting of Chinese eateries will have no effect on our adversary.

“Maybe not,” said Trump, “but it will severely cut down on the food they export to our country. Where do you think all those Peking ducks come from? And those fortune cookies? And that special, secret sauce for General Tso’s chicken? … China.”

It remains to be seen if Americans will give up their love of Chinese food. Already several Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Federation of North America and the National Council of Jewish Woman, have come out strongly in opposition to the proposed ban.

(Yahoo News)

Does he know how incredibly STUPID he sounds?

I thought this might be an Onion post….but I could not find a Snark tag…..

Peking is a cooking method not a place.  Fortune cookies were invested in San Francisco I believe  as  well as General Tso’s Chicken….this man illustrates daily to me that he should not be allowed to do anything but some about Reality TV of which he is a bit of an expert.

Not Much New Under The Immigration Sun

When Donald Trump rode down the golden staircase from heaven and announced his candidacy for the presidency we were about to set sail on the “way back” machine.

In those dark days we learned just what his whole candidacy would be about…..immigration and the demonization of those people trying to enter into the US…these people are criminals, disease carriers, weak and imperfect… making these statements he is resurrecting a century’s old evil….that of Eugenics.

What the Hell is Eugenics anyway?

Eugenics is the philosophy and social movement that argues it is possible to improve the human race and society by encouraging reproduction by people or populations with “desirable” traits (termed “positive” eugenics) and discouraging reproduction by people with “undesirable” qualities (termed “negative” eugenics). The eugenics movement began in the United States in the early part of the 20th century; the United States was the first country to have a systematic program for performing sterilizations on individuals without their knowledge or against their will. It was supported and encouraged by a wide swath of people, including politicians, scientists, social reformers, prominent business leaders and other influential individuals who shared a goal of reducing the “burden” on society. The majority of people targeted for sterilization were deemed of inferior intelligence, particularly poor people and eventually people of color

Does that sound vaguely familiar?  Say the rhetoric of some madman in the 1930s Europe, perhaps.

Well the idea of eugenics was not some wrapped idea from the  mind of a dictator but rather the mind of learned men in the US….let’s right…the program that lead to genocide was an American innovation.

We Americans passed laws that made eugenics possible.

The eugenics movement began in the U.S. in the late 19th century. However, unlike in Britain, eugenicists in the U.S. focused on efforts to stop the transmission of negative or “undesirable” traits from generation to generation. In response to these ideas, some US leaders, private citizens, and corporations started funding eugenical studies.  This lead to the 1911 establishment of The Eugenics Records Office (ERO) in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. The ERO spent time tracking family histories and concluded that people deemed to be unfit more often came from families that were poor, low in social standing, immigrant, and/or minority. Further, ERO researchers “demonstrated” that the undesirable traits in these families, such as pauperism, were due to genetics, and not lack of resources.

Committees were convened to offer solutions to the problem of the growing number of “undesirables” in the U.S. population. Stricter immigration rules were enacted, but the most ominous resolution was a plan to sterilize “unfit” individuals to prevent them from passing on their negative traits. During the 20th century, a total of 33 states had sterilization programs in place. While at first sterilization efforts targeted mentally ill people exclusively, later the traits deemed serious enough to warrant sterilization included alcoholism, criminality chronic poverty, blindness, deafness, feeble-mindedness, and promiscuity. It was also not uncommon for African American women to be sterilized during other medical procedures without consent.  Most people subjected to these sterilizations had no choice, and because the program was run by the government, they had little chance of escaping the procedure.  It is thought that around 65,000 Americans were sterilized during this time period.

Introduction to Eugenics

Does the history of eugenics sound at all familiar?  I am guessing that if you are a screaming racist then the answer would be no….but to the rest of us it sounds all too familiar…..

“We cannot build a wall high enough to keep out the wrong sorts of humans”…..that was not Donald Trump but rather an American statesman in the early 1900s Charles Davenport.

Even a founder of the NAACP WEB DuBois thought that eugenics was a good idea with African-Americans….think not?

Or this……

And you thought we had a handle on the race thing……HA!

If you have thoughts then now is a good time……

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A State Controlled Economy?

Do we still support free markets?

According to the president….HE controls our markets. He has gone so far as to “ORDER” American firms to find an alternate to China’s markets.

ORDERED is the key concept in his statement.

It’s another volatile day on Wall Street, with the Dow down about 500 points at midday. Renewed friction between the US and China is to blame, as President Trump unleashed a series of angry tweets on that subject as well as Fed chief Jerome “Jay” Powell. After Beijing said it would impose tariffs on an additional $75 billion worth of American goods, Trump tweeted that US companies are “hereby ordered” to immediately look for alternatives to China, including relocating operations, reports the Wall Street Journal. “We don’t need China and, frankly, would be far better off without them.” But Beijing was hardly Trump’s only target. After Powell failed to be assertive enough to Trump’s liking in a speech on cutting rates, Trump wrote: “As usual, the Fed did NOTHING!” But his next tweet drew the real attention: “My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?”

Trump’s reference to Xi as an “enemy” strikes CNBC as particularly bad news. It “suggests that the president’s personal relationship with Xi, which Trump has touted as the best route to completing a major trade deal uniting the world’s two largest economies, is at a low point,” writes Tucker Higgins. China’s decision to impose the new tariffs, which go into effect in phases on Sept. 1 and Dec. 15, are retaliation for new tariffs the US is imposing on China, notes the Journal. In another slam against Beijing, Trump wrote that he is ordering “all carriers, including Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS and the Post Office, to SEARCH FOR & REFUSE, all deliveries of Fentanyl from China” because he says the drug is killing Americans

Now if another president who shall remain un-named, had issued this statement the GOP would be having a stroke and going on aimlessly about socialism, communism and stuff like that.

Where are these voices today?

They are still there just aimed at rivals in the political arena…they do not have the inclination to see what their mindless leader is doing to the country and the world.

Let me help those DOLTS in the GOP that may not be aware of what a controlled economy may be…..

The short version……

A centrally planned economy is an economic system in which a single authority, such as a government, makes economic decisions regarding the manufacturing and the distribution of products. Centrally planned economies are the flip-side to market economies, in which such decisions are traditionally made by businesses and consumers, rather than by central authorities.

Is this Trumps “New Economic Policy”?

Do I need to explain this as well?  (it is late and I am tired…use Google)

Not to worry…the “Pussy” president is considering changing his mind on the trade war with China…….

President Donald Trump on Sunday signaled he might be having regrets about his deepening trade conflict with China, telling reporters less than 48 hours after he pledged to raise tariffs on Beijing that he has “second thoughts about everything.”

Asked during a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain whether he was second-guessing his posture on China, Trump said: “Yeah, sure why not. Might as well. Might as well.”

The comments marked the president’s first public signal of regret about how he was fighting China through escalating tariffs. They attracted immediate attention across U.S. media because of the unusual nature of Trump’s remarks, leading White House officials to seek clarity from him in between bilateral sit-downs on Sunday morning. The president told aides, “You know what I meant,” according to a person familiar with the conversation.

About five hours later, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said Trump’s answer to a question about whether he had second thoughts on his approach with China had been “greatly misinterpreted.”

Sounds to me like he is scared of the markets and his re-election….so he pussied out.

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North Korea–Missiles And Other Stuff

For about a month now the North Koreans have rained missiles down into the Sea of Japan…..and yet our Supreme Leader tells us there is nothing to worry about or to see with these actions.

And yet again just a couple of days ago…..

The latest in a flurry of such test fires in recent months, both Japan and South Korea have reported that North Korea has fired a pair of rockets off their east coast on Saturday morning. The rockets landed in the sea, outside of Japan’s territorial water, and did no damage to anything.

Despite noting that nothing landed in their territorial waters, Japan was quick to caution ships to stay well clear of any debris from the rockets. The South Korean government would only say they are monitoring for additional launches.

These reports, and the fact that the rockets landed short of Japan, point to yet more short-range rocket testing. That has been virtually the entirety of North Korea’s recent tests, and US officials have shrugged them off as largely immaterial.


His Majesty gets “beautiful letters” from Kim and yet Trump’s right hand Pompeo is not so popular with the North Koreans…..

North Korea’s foreign minister on Friday called US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a “poisonous plant of American diplomacy” and vowed to “shutter the absurd dream” that sanctions will force a change in Pyongyang. The North’s blistering rhetoric may dim the prospect for an early resumption of nuclear negotiations between the countries, the AP reports. A senior US diplomat said earlier this week that Washington was ready to restart the talks, a day after US and South Korean militaries ended routine drills that Pyongyang called an invasion rehearsal. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho made the comments to protest Pompeo’s remark in an interview with the Washington Examiner earlier this week that Washington will maintain crippling sanctions on North Korea unless it denuclearizes.

Ri said Pompeo is a “brazen” man because he “had begged for” North Korean denuclearization and improved bilateral ties when he visited Pyongyang and met leader Kim Jong Un several times. In April, North Korea demanded President Trump remove Pompeo from the nuclear negotiations. Ri said North Korea is ready for both dialogue and confrontation, but he warned that North Korea will try to remain “America’s biggest threat” if the US continues to confront the North with sanctions. South Korea, meanwhile, said it is terminating an intelligence-sharing deal with Japan that focused on classified information about North Korea, a surprise announcement that is likely to set back US efforts to bolster security cooperation in the region. Seoul attributed the decision to its bitter trade dispute with Japan.

Poison Plant?  Is that like a Noxious Weed?

There is other news from the Korean Peninsula than just the North Koreans…..

Appears the Japan is following in Trump’s demented shadow on trade….

South Korea said Thursday it is canceling an intelligence-sharing pact with Japan amid a bitter trade dispute, a surprise announcement that is likely to set back US efforts to bolster mutual security cooperation with two of its most important allies in the Asian region, per the AP. South Korea’s decision will further aggravate its relations with Japan, which are already at their lowest point since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1965. Japan colonized the Korean Peninsula from 1910 to 1945. Many experts had predicted that South Korea would be unlikely to spike the 3-year-old intelligence-sharing deal for the sake of its relations with the United States. As the New York Times notes, the US pushed for the deal partly to keep a better eye on North Korea’s military activity.

Neither Japan nor the US has responded to the move. South Korea’s presidential office said it decided to terminate the intelligence deal because Japan’s recent decision to downgrade South Korea’s trade status caused a “grave” change in security cooperation between the countries. In recent weeks, Japan has imposed stricter controls on exports to South Korea of three chemicals essential for manufacturing semiconductors and display screens—key export items for South Korea—and decided to remove South Korea from a list of countries granted preferential trade status. South Korea accuses Japan of weaponizing trade to punish it over a separate dispute linked to Japan’s brutal colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula. Japan denies that, saying its steps were taken because of unspecified security concerns.

Has our president started a new “age of mercantilism”?  (Do I need to explain the term?)