Afghanistan–Yes, We Have A Deal

The US and the Taleban in Afghanistan have been working on a peace deal that would see US troops out of the country… has been an up and down process from close no cigar to maybe to…….

It seems the news yesterday was good news indeed……

Sources within Doha say that the most recent round of talks between the US and Taliban have worked out a peace deal for Afghanistan. The plan is to announce it formally in a few days, giving the US time to inform the Afghan government on what’s been decided.

Details aren’t being made public so far, but US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is heading to Kabul to brief the government there, and will subsequently travel to Brussels to inform NATO about what is going on.

Despite the indications this is a done deal, President Trump is still being very coy, saying that as far as he is concerned there is “no timeline” for ending the Afghan War, and that he is “in no rush.”

Trump has been publicly of two minds on Afghanistan for a long time, however, conceding that the war is a waste and should be ended while at the same time saying he’s also perfectly fine with America’s longest war dragging on even longer.


Announcement of pact will be made in a few days.

With the announcement the Taleban had one of their own…..

Taliban commanders anonymously quoted in the press are claiming that their reported peace deal with the US would not require them to stop carrying out attacks on he Afghan government, but would require the US to stop coming to the aid of the Ghani government.

If this was true, it would be very surprising, as all indications were that the peace deal was intended to be followed quickly with a ceasefire across Afghanistan while US troops are withdrawing, and power-sharing talks.

Zalmay Khalilzad, who negotiated the treated, says this is not true, and that the US would defend the Afghan forces even after any peace deal, and that the future would be decided in intra-Afghan negotiations.


So we have a possible peace deal in Afghanistan between the Taleban and the US and nothing much would change….do I have this about right?

As a student of conflict resolution would someone explain to me how this is a success…..

Is this just a way to head off the antiwar rhetoric in the coming election?

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19 thoughts on “Afghanistan–Yes, We Have A Deal

  1. So basically, the Taliban outlasted US and its allies – Afghan women will be forced to return to 10th century and US will not allow Afghans who worked with/for US to come to US as refugees and future citizens. US soldiers out of harm’s way eventually in Afghanistan – Afghans not so much…

    1. The women thing…..get out of Kabul and they are pretty much in the 10th century so not much will change there….they will not be citizens as long as we have this president. chuq

      1. I would have agreed a few years ago….but today I see the Saudis as a new Saddam and the rule of a monarch to all parts of the Middle East…..remember they believe an extreme form of Islam that thinks jihad is the answer. They need watching…they are not our friends. chuq

      2. Nope and theirs are usual responses…..I was taught to get respect you need to give respect….so it is all connected…..action has an equal and opposite reaction. chuq

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