Beto Waffles!

Closing Thought–31Jul19

I hate anything that tries to straddle the issue and make everyone happy….kinda like the straddle Trump did in Charlottesville when he said there were “good people on both sides”……

Now 2020 candidate Beto is trying to make everyone happy….his straddle is on the Middle East problems…….

The video of Beto O’Rourke in New Hampshire dancing around without answering an IfNotNow member’s question, “Would you commit to putting direct pressure on the Israeli government to end the occupation?” is now nearly two weeks old.

But it is worth watching/reading for how little O’Rourke says in four minutes– while making it a point to blame “both sides” for violence and bad leadership when the context was, atrocities experienced by Palestinians.

This just eliminated him from my consideration.

Palestinians have their land stolen….homes demolished…..crops destroyed…..water confiscated…..children killed and maimed…..

Israelis get cash from US and live in luxury…..and that’s suffering?

Beto is a putz…..he was a flash in a pan from Texas…..he needs to stay home and work on Texas….he is NOT ready for Prime Time….the Middle has too many pretenders.

I have NO use for Beto and neither should any American that has a conscience.

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Making America (History) Great Again–Part 34

I enjoy history and American history particularly….as a nation we have been through so much and we are still evolving…some say devolving…..the series written by Maj. Danny Sjursen is an excellent look at history from a slightly different perspective than mainstream.

Sjursen has taken the readers from the early days of this nation to the days of yore that we now live in……to help my readers I would like to give them the series so far……

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10; Part 11; Part 12; Part 13; Part 14; Part 15; Part 16; Part 17; Part 18; Part 19; Part 20; Part 21; Part 22; Part 23; Part 24; Part 25; Part 26; Part 27; Part 28; Part 29; Part 30; Part 31; Part 32; Part 33.

Please take some time and get caught up on the series……

Maj. Danny now looks at the Bush 41 years……

His vice president was everything Ronald Reagan was not. The Hollywood actor in chief had far less political qualification “on paper” than his 1980 Republican primary opponent, George H.W. Bush. Though Reagan oozed optimism and soothed the American people with his confident, digestible rhetoric, he was certainly no policy expert or Washington insider. Bush was both. He was a man born of privilege, scion of a prestigious, wealthy family and son of a Republican U.S. senator from Connecticut, Prescott Bush. However, the mid-20th century was different from our own time; it was an era when affluence and social standing didn’t obviate a sense of duty to country and family honor. Bush, like so many thousands of the other members of the American aristocracy, volunteered for the U.S. military in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

American History for Truthdiggers: Bush 41—Struggling in Reagan’s Shadow

I was not a supporter of Bush and worked hard to try and defeat him….he was replaced by Clinton…..and I cannot take credit for that for I was not a Clinton fan either.

But all that aside….I almost long for the discipline and issues of those days…..of Bush 41…… for we have nothing but slogans, insults and Tweeting….

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More “S” Word BS

MSNBC is once again trying to control the electorate…..the mouth of PA, Chis Matthews, is so concerned about the “S” word that he injects it into his nightly broadcasts at every opportunity.  (Should qualify him for a gig with FOX News)  Matthews tries to create the news not report it.

Have you noticed that those that earn the big bucks are the ones most afraid of the trend in American politics…….especially these so-called experts and pundits that earn 6 figures or more…..and the only people not concerned are the people that are suffering everyday with the system as it is……

Conservs are concerned that the US will become a “socialist” state if everyone gets health care….and yet they turn a blind eye to corporate socialism….and yes we can call it like it is….

“We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country,” Donald Trump said recently.

Someone should alert him that America is now a hotbed of socialism. But it’s socialism for the rich. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism.

In the conservative mind, socialism means getting something for doing nothing. This pretty much describes General Motors’ receipt of $600 million in federal contracts, plus $500 million in tax breaks, since Trump took office.

Some of this corporate welfare has gone into the pockets of GM executives. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra raked in almost $22 million in total compensation in 2017 alone.

But GM employees are subject to harsh capitalism. GM is planning to lay off more than 14,000 workers and close three assembly plants and two component factories in North America by the end of 2019.

The nation’s largest banks saved $21 billion last year thanks to Trump’s tax cuts, some of which went into massive bonuses for bank executives. On the other hand, thousands of lower-level bank employees got a big dose of harsh capitalism. They lost their jobs.

For example…..Red States, long have hated the dread of socialism depends on government handouts more so than Blue states….

Conservs know nothing of socialism short of the lies of their party, the GOP….plus the morons in Congress have started a totally worthless endeavor….an “anti-socialism caucus”

Republican politicians have form an anti-socialism caucus in congress, a member of the House of Representatives has announced.

“Just received approval from the House for the formation of the Anti-Socialism Caucus,” Chris Stewart, a Republican politician representing Utah, said on Wednesday.

“This caucus will defend individual liberty & free markets and highlight the dark history of socialism.”

Is this how “Tailgunner” Joe got his start?

This is silly and worthless…..just another attempt to keep the corruption where it belongs…… in the hands of the Congress.

For those intelligent people that would like to know more…..

What is Socialism?

Most of what the voter will hear is bullsh*t and lies…..but most have made up their minds as to what is “socialism” and NO amount of facts will change their mistake in thought.

Do I consider them stupid?

Stupid NO…Ignorant yes!

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It’s The Economy

I have been saying that out leader Trump should STU about everything but the economy for he could claim all success there but instead he chooses to go about running that tireless uninformed mouth to everyone’s chagrin.

Well that may not be an option now……seems the economy is slowing down according to some of the latest reports……Trump may well have missed the best opportunity to hawk his economic prowess….

This week, much of the story that the White House likes to tell about its economic record fell apart.

It’s not just that growth appears to have slowed, though it has. On Friday, the Commerce Department reported that the country’s gross domestic product expanded at a middling 2.1 percent annual rate during the the second quarter, down from 3.1 percent over the first three months of 2019. This was only a preliminary estimate, a guesstimate really; the government will gather more data and revise that number in the coming months. But it was clearly worrisome to Donald Trump, who tried in vain to put a glass-half-full spin on the news while also placing blame for any weakness on his nemeses at the Federal Reserve.

But not to worry Trump supporters he will do what he ALWAYS does….make stuff up and lie his ass off.

But for a closer look at the economy……

Economists noted that business capital investment, which has been strong for the past two years, fell at a 0.6% annual rate in the April-June quarter, the first decline in three years. That weakness likely reflects, at least in part, a reluctance by businesses to commit to new projects because of uncertainty surrounding President Trump’s trade war with China. Indeed, most analysts think the US economy could slow through the rest of the year, reflecting both global economic weakness and the trade war between the world’s two largest economies. That is one key reason why the Federal Reserve is widely expected to cut interest rates next week and to signal that it may further ease credit in the months ahead.

It may be too late for the president to use the economy as a political prop….you snooze you lose……

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Can We Talk Nukes?

Closing Thought–30Jul19

Nukes for Iran….Nukes for North Korea….nukes for the Saudis… the nations that already have a cache of nukes…US, India, Pakistan, Russia, China,UK, France, Israel……

So how about putting the issue of nukes on the table for these debates?

Don’t you―as stand-ins for the American people―think it might be worthwhile to ask the candidates some questions about how best to avert a global catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude?

You mass media folks lead busy lives, I’m sure. But you must have heard something about nuclear weapons―those supremely destructive devices that, along with climate change, threaten the continued existence of the human race.

Yes, thanks to popular protest and carefully-crafted arms control and disarmament agreements, there has been some progress in limiting the number of these weapons and averting a nuclear holocaust. Even so, that progress has been rapidly unraveling in recent months, leading to a new nuclear arms race and revived talk of nuclear war.

Do I exaggerate? Consider the following.

Not to worry for these candidates will not face any demanding questions like nukes…instead the MSM will give them softball questions to answer and the higher in the polls the softer the questions.

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Catherine The Great

When the name of Russia’s longest reining female is mentioned the first thing people say is something about her and some horse, right?

Russian history is fascinating starting with Ivan The Terrible through to Nicholas and the Revolution…..

One of the few Russian monarchs at most the world knows by name is Catherine the Great…..but what does the world truly know about her and her rein?

There are so many points like her name was not Catherine…..

With that question I can help……

Catherine the Great moved to a foreign land as a teenager and became one of the most important leaders in its history. During her 34-year reign, she transformed Russia’s culture while expanding its borders. Here’s what you need to know about the unlikely ruler, who is the subject of not one, but two series coming soon: HBO’s Catherine the Great, due in 2019, and Hulu’s The Great, slated for 2020.
I know history is not everybody’s “thing” but if you are going to hold an opinion why not get the facts…..
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Afghanistan In The News

The public does not hear much about the war in Afghanistan these days…..I guess since it has been raging for 18 years it is old hat for the MSM…….

First of all the bad news…….two American paratroopers were killed in country….

Two U.S. service members were killed Monday in Afghanistan, officials announced today, bringing the casualty total for the year to 15 deaths. This year’s casualty count now matches the total for 2018, previously the deadliest year for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel since the sustainment and advisory mission began in 2015.

The announcement came from the headquarters of Operation Resolute Support, the NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist Afghan troops in defending themselves. The service branch of the two troops was not identified in the announcement, nor was their location in Afghanistan or the nature of their deaths.

But in a short blog post Monday, Army. Col. Arthur Sellers, commanding officer of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, revealed the two troops were paratroopers with 3rd BCT.

There is some possible “Good News” out of Afghanistan……

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed on Monday that the administration intends to reduce the number of US ground troops in Afghanistan some time before the 2020 presidential election. Timing and size are not yet settled.

With hope that a peace deal with the Taliban might be reached leading to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in the next few months, a troop cut within the next 15 months should almost go without saying.

Pompeo said President Trump made the decision, and that he was “unambiguous” about wanting to have the number of troops cut before the election. He added that he wanted the the overall need for troops int he region could be reduced.

This announcement adds to questions about the ongoing talks with the Taliban. On the one hand, the announced troop cut might reflect an expectation that the deal is going to call for that anyhow. At the same time, it’s not clear what the point would be if the deal to withdraw outright is as close as recent indications would say.


Hope this means that we are serious about bringing the troops home….but I have a feeling that this is just a political move for the 2020 election.

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