This weekend will be quiet…my granddaughter has gone to DC to play for the Memorial Day celebrations…her and her high school band…..I will miss her as always when she is not around….but it is for a good cause.

I read a piece that talks about how hypocritical wealthy “liberals” are these days…..

California is suffering from an “emergency that feels like a dystopian showcase of American inequality.” That’s the take of Farhad Manjoo in the New York Times, who writes that the Golden State is weighed down by a “livability” problem, plagued with a lack of affordable housing, unbearable traffic, steep education and child care costs, homelessness issues, even streets strewn with garbage and feces. And he’s pointing the finger at one specific group for exacerbating things in not just his home state, but in “America’s increasingly unlivable cities”: the progressive left, including Democrats in power. Citing “NIMBY urban mismanagement” across the nation, Manjoo complains that “where progressives argue for openness and inclusion as a cudgel against President Trump, they abandon it on Nob Hill and in Beverly Hills.”

A key sticking point for Manjoo is how Democrats don’t walk the walk on affordable housing, often pushing back on legislation (he uses California’s SB 50 initiative as an example) that would provide for more apartment buildings and duplexes in neighborhoods that traditionally contain single-family homes. He even muses over an “unsettling thought” on this type of housing resistance—that “what Republicans want to do with ICE and border walls, wealthy progressive Democrats are doing with zoning and NIMBYism,” which is “keep people out.” How Manjoo ultimately frames it: as a “refusal on the part of wealthy progressives to live by the values they profess to support at the national level.” Read the full column here.

Having money does not make one a ‘liberal’….and besides…I would like mental midgets stop calling liberals progressive…they are NOT progressive……they are traitors to a progressive agenda of bringing society in line with the people’s needs and wants.

I have seen first hand what a mess these people have made of Harlem……the area has lost its original character in favor trendy shops and eateries.

MoMo and I have a big day in the yard……garden needs some attention and I need a beer, some cheese and a smile…..a she needs a new approach on getting even with that damn squirrel.

2 thoughts on “NIMBY!

  1. Yes, it is very easy to campaign for fairer housing for deprived communities, immigrants, and asylum seekers. Until they decide to build it in your street… Oops!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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