Closing Thought–28Jul17

Like What You See?

Warning:  This post is a bit graphic as well as a bit disturbing and may offend someone’s sensibilities…..please read at your own peril……

There are times when I read something while doing research that makes me shake my head and wonder what the Hell is going on in this world.

I could write a diatribe about the latest health care debate but why?  There are enough experts here on WP that I do not need to put in my two cents…..but I will post on a medical thing…..

We humans spend a lot of time worrying about our appearance……but it is women that have the hardest time….are they too fat?…are their breast too big?  Too small?  Should they be blonde or brunette?

For us dudes our biggest concern is our ………penis.

You know when you were a teenage dude you were never happy with the size of your penis……we young guys spent a lot of time contemplating our “Johnson”…and we really never outgrow that fascination…..

It seems that women or should I say girls appear to be having a similar problem.

I bring this up because of something I read and something that I have written about in the past…..

My past post……

Source: “….Lips Are More Like A Rose Petal.” – In Saner Thought

The more recent article…….

Doctors in the U.K say that girls as young as 9 years old are asking for surgery to change the look of their genitals.

Dr. Naomi Crouch, who is a gynecologist for adolescents, told the BBC that more and more girls under the age of 18 were seeking the surgery.

“Girls come in with comments, ‘I just hate it. I just want it removed. I just want it treated,’” she explained. “For a girl to feel that way about any part of her body, let alone a part that is intimate, is really upsetting.”

One girl told the BBC that she felt that her vagina “wasn’t neat enough or tidy enough. And I think I wanted it to be smaller.”

“Sometimes people around me were watching porn and stuff and I just had this idea that it should be symmetrical, and like not sticking out,” she said.

The British National Health Service reportedly performed more than 150 labiaplasties on girls under the age of 15 in 2015 and 2016.

“I find it very hard to believe there are 156 girls under the age of 15 who had a medical abnormality with the labia that meant they needed to have surgery,” Crouch remarked. “I think that’s extraordinary.”

“As a pediatric gynecologist, I have never seen a girl under the age of 15 who’s needed an operation on her labia,” she added.


It is hard to believe that a young girl would worry about breast size but what brought her to the point that leads to this turn?

Really?  You do not put enough pressure on yourself to fit in as it were… feel you need to add this to the mix?

It is sad that we do this to ourselves……

What more can we say?  Time to shut the day down and get some rest….please be well, be safe….chuq

113 Years Ago Today

28 July 1914 was the official start of the Great War…..The War To End All Wars…..or as we know it World War One.

It is no secret that WW1 fascinates me… much death and destruction….and for what?

These are the most significant battles of that war……

At the start of the First World War, Germany hoped to avoid fighting on two fronts by knocking out France before turning to Russia, France’s ally. The initial German offensive had some early success, but there were not enough reinforcements immediately available to sustain momentum. The French and British launched a counter-offensive at the Marne (6-10 September 1914) and after several days of bitter fighting the Germans retreated.

Germany’s failure to defeat the French and the British at the Marne also had important strategic implications. The Russians had mobilised more quickly than the Germans had anticipated and launched their first offensive within two weeks of the war’s outbreak. The Battle of Tannenberg in August 1914 ended in German victory, but the combination of German victory in the east and defeat in the west meant the war would not be quick, but protracted and extended across several fronts.

Source: 10 Significant Battles Of The First World War | Imperial War Museums

Class dismissed.

Turn The Page!

Here A Leak, There a Leak

Since Trump and his Boyz arrived in DC there have been leaks upon leaks….and this has the president just furious with the establishment according to him anyone leaking info to the press is not showing proper loyalty to hum, the president……

Now the Ag Sessions has issued a statement saying that there will be a DoJ investigation into all the leaks that Trump has been whining about for months.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will reportedly make an announcement about several criminal leak investigations within days.

Officials told The Washington Post about the forthcoming news from the Justice Department. The investigations will be centered around news reports containing sensitive material about intelligence, the report said.

The news comes as newly-appointed White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci publicly decried leaks coming from within the West Wing in his first week on the job and vowed to fire staffers who continue talking to reporters.

The impending announcement also comes as Trump grows publicly unhappy with Sessions, last week criticized the attorney general for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

Source: Sessions planning to announce leak investigations: report | TheHill

Here is a thought……could Sessions be trying to repair his image with the president by ordering these investigations……since Trump has been whining about the leaks for months.

And another thought……Sessions is not long for the admin position… could he be announcing this in a shot at Trump….since some of the “leaks” that made the news came from the mouth of Trump.  A parting shot at a man that he stood behind  thru thick and thin.

Any thoughts here?

What Do We Get For Our Money?

I am unashamed antiwar supporter…..I have witnessed first hand the obscenities of war and the waste of money that could be used for good.

I keep writing about the barbarity of war and few seem to care……so maybe I should try a different tack……

I recently wrote a post about the fact that the US can no longer afford a war……

Source: The US Can No Longer Afford War! – In Saner Thought

The voter is always looking for a way to lessen the burden on themselves thru taxation policies……maybe a better way to bring attention to the war profit is to tell where the tax dollars go to support war……

You wouldn’t know it, based on the endless cries for more money coming from the military, politicians, and the president, but these are the best of times for the Pentagon.  Spending on the Department of Defense alone is already well in excess of half a trillion dollars a year and counting.  Adjusted for inflation, that means it’s higher than at the height of President Ronald Reagan’s massive buildup of the 1980s and is now nearing the post-World War II funding peak.  And yet that’s barely half the story.  There are hundreds of billions of dollars in “defense” spending that aren’t even counted in the Pentagon budget.

Under the circumstances, laying all this out in grisly detail — and believe me, when you dive into the figures, they couldn’t be grislier — is the only way to offer a better sense of the true costs of our wars past, present, and future, and of the funding that is the lifeblood of the national security state.  When you do that, you end up with no less than 10 categories of national security spending (only one of which is the Pentagon budget).  So steel yourself for a tour of our nation’s trillion-dollar-plus “national security” budget. Given the Pentagon’s penchant for wasting money and our government’s record of engaging in dangerously misguided wars without end, it’s clear that a large portion of this massive investment of taxpayer dollars isn’t making anyone any safer.

Source: Top Ten Ways your Taxes pay for Endless War | Informed Comment

It really is NOT rocket science……

There you have it… want your tax dollars to go further to improve the country then make war less profitable…..and then you can see your tax dollars at work….for good.

‘What If’ In History–Korea

I have been helping a friend with a course on the Korean War….so I am always looking for a fresh new perspective on the conflict.

From time to time I write or post an alternative history piece….a ‘what if’ as it were…..

I enjoy reading about these types of things to see what people feel about history and what they think would have changed if it had turned out differently.

Since North Korea has been in the news so much lately…I thought a ‘what if’ would be a fun piece to post…..

I feel I should start this piece with a disclaimer. I am a historian, and hence I am fully aware that my colleagues are skeptical of what is known as “alternative history” or “what-if history”. Perhaps they are correct. Political scientists have had an abysmally bad track record when they have tried to predict what will happen, so why should we take seriously the predictions of what would have happened? Indeed, we probably shouldn’t. But I will try to make such reversed prophecies – in this piece, at least.

Actually, this piece is based on a long and informal talk I once had with Konstantin Asmolov, a prominent Russian historian of Korea. A few years ago we spent much time discussing assorted “what-if” possibilities of North Korean history, the “roads not taken”.

Source: Asia Times Online :: Korea News – If the North had won the Korean War …

Any ideas?  Or thoughts?

The North Korean Endgame

Is North Korea still the problem it was a month ago?

Really?  Are they?

I mean I have heard little in the last couple of weeks….so was the whole situation settled?

Of course not… is just not as important as the fluff crap they are reporting today.  And then enter a another news report…..

China is ramping up its military presence on its 880-mile border with North Korea in case a nuclear, economic, or military crisis sends millions of North Koreans fleeing in search of greener pastures, according to government websites. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, that might not be all China is preparing for. China’s Defense Ministry hasn’t referred to North Korea as the reason for a new border defense brigade along with a 24-hour video surveillance system, unit upgrades, new shelters and command posts, and recent live-fire and special forces drills in border regions; but experts say China could be preparing to intervene should the US attempt to seize nuclear weapons from its ally on the Korean Peninsula. Some aren’t so sure China would be keen to take on the US and stress that recent enhancements at the border were first discussed last year.

However, “once you start talking about efforts from outside powers, in particular the United States and South Korea, to stabilize the North … you’re starting to look at a much more robust Chinese response,” argues a former US defense official for East Asia. “If you’re going to make me place bets on where I think the US and China would first get into a conflict … it’s the Korean Peninsula.” Others note China will want to prevent US influence there to retain its regional power. In a column in May, retired Maj. Gen. Wang Haiyun wrote China should not only intervene in a Korean conflict but demand no US occupation of North Korean territory, though he said he did not speak for the government. He made similar comments in an op-ed in the state-owned Global Times in March, CNN reports.

Since NK is still a thorn in the side of American foreign policy….how should we go about ending this docu-drama?

This is a piece that was carried on the site The Diplomat……

There is only one feasible choice for solving the issue: treat Pyongyang as a rational actor.

In 2016, North Korea conducted the most missile tests ever, a total of 24. Since the beginning of 2017, the regime in Pyongyang had only ratcheted up the number of tests, currently at 17, with the promise of reaching a new all-time high, and surpassing last year’s record. The last test, conducted symbolically on July 4, marked a new milestone by introducing Pyongyang’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), with a range that could reach Alaska and potentially Seattle. It is now believed that North Korea will soon be able to develop and mount miniaturized nuclear warheads on its ICBMs and become an even greater threat to its neighbors, and the United States.

The urgency of the current developments, fast outpacing the expected timetable, has raised the stakes in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, and Beijing, raising the demand for new policies targeting the military belligerence of the rogue state. As Washington considers its main policy options, it will have to consider both feasibility and the cost-benefit analysis of their potential outcomes.

Source: The North Korean Endgame | The Diplomat

There will be those that scoff at the ideas presented here….but they only know what they are told to know….very few thinking people will scoff.