Long Live The “Crapper”!

A Summer’s Saturday and I am dealing with the heat and the humidity by doing what I do best…..sitting in the A/C sipping wine and thinking about my mortality.

As per my tradition I will post something other than the newsy crap that invades my thoughts during the week.

Today a post on my “Oval Office”….the place I go to think and do a satisfying activity…..better known in vulgar circles as the “Crapper”.

Remember years ago some had the bright idea  to save water by converting all toilets to a 3.5 gallon tank from the traditional 5…the original flushed perfectly and the new models took 2 sometimes 3 flushes to clean it out.  Where was the savings in this idea?

Before I go any further…where did the term “Crapper” originate?

Some say it is from the inventor of the flush toilet….John Crapper.

Well sports fans…that was a LIE!

Thomas Crapper (1836-1910) did exist, and was a plumber, and is, in fact, credited with improving the functionality of the early flush toilet (or “privy,” or “water closet,” as it was then called). But he did not, contrary to popular lore, invent the pseudo-eponymous bathroom appliance from scratch.

Credit for inventing the toilet goes to 16th-century courtier Sir John Harington, who not only came up with the idea but installed an early working prototype in the palace of Queen Elizabeth I, his godmother. Harington, a noted wit, entitled his description of the device “A New Discourse of a Stale Subject.”

It consisted of a large pan (“stools pot”) with a seat, the contents of which could be flushed out, down a pipe and into a cesspool below with water from a cistern or holding tank above. Except for the turning of a handle to initiate the flush, gravity did all the work.

Now that I have given credit where credit is due……

Now on to the meat of the post…..it seems that another inventor has an idea to re-design the toilet……

Traditional flush toilets aren’t an option in many parts of the world, but neither is leaving people with unsafe and unhygenic choices. Now, one company is piloting a new loo that’s waterless, off-grid and able to charge your phone. Lina Zeldovich travels to Madagascar to witness the start of a lavatorial revolution.


As she describes her new toilet in the soft Malagasy language – and Loowatt’s manager Anselme Andriamahavita translates – I discern the word tsara in the string of unfamiliar sounds. By now I’ve learned that tsara means ‘well’, as in wellbeing and healthy. Rartjarasoaniony switched to the new toilet because it’s cleaner and safer than her outhouse. “My family of four uses it, and so do my three tenants who rent the next house over – it’s included in the rent,” she says. “Even my son can use it,” she adds, echoing worries of all Malagasy mothers, terrified that their young children may one day fall into a pit and literally drown in shit.

Source: Reinventing the toilet | Mosaic

At least this one would truly save on water consumption…..not like the last big toilet innovation.

Time to put the PC to sleep and enjoy a restful day and some good wine and cheese….have a good day and see you tomorrow….chuq