Closing Thought–12Jul17

What’s Wrong With Your Nose?

I admit it….in my younger days I did snort a lot of things…..but NO where on the list was the latest fad…..

You can eat it and drink it, so why not inhale it? That’s the thinking behind Coco Loko, a new “snortable” chocolate powder billed as a legal way to get high, the Washington Post reports. The newfangled nose candy leaves snorters with a “euphoric” feeling “but also motivated to get things done,” per founder Nick Anderson. He likens the buzz, which lasts for 30 minutes to an hour, to that of an energy drink. The 29-year-old Anderson, who runs the company Legal Lean, says he got the idea for Coco Loko a few months ago after hearing about a “chocolate-snorting trend” in Europe. Jezebel reports the fad may go back to 2015, when a Belgian chocolate-maker hawked a device that shoots chocolate powder up your nose. “At first, I was like, ‘Is this a hoax?,'” Anderson tells the Post.

And then I tried it and it was like, OK, this is the future right here.” So Anderson pumped in $10,000 of his own cash into creating his own “raw cacao snuff.” A 10-serving tin of Coco Loko costs $19.99 on the company website. The product is also spiked with ginkgo biloba, taurine, and guarana, all common ingredients in energy drinks. The powder is not FDA approved, and doctors seem perplexed by it. “No one’s studied what happens if you inhale chocolate into your nose,” one doc tells the Post. ABC10 notes that stuffing foreign substances up your schnoz could hurt mucous membranes, which keep bacteria and particles from entering the nose, among other issues. So does it work? Reviews on message boards are all over the place, with one saying, “All I felt was drowsy,” per the Post.

I wish I had something to add….but….all I can do is shake my head in disbelief.

A “Fellatio Cafe” and now snorting chocolate…..I hate to see what is next.

That’s it for me today…..come back tomorrow for more stuff….chuq

You Gotta Love Qatar

What can I say?  I have been on Qatar’s side since this mash up began…..for one I do not trust the Saudis at all and second, their demands were unreasonable…..just a refresher on the demands…

1) Scale down diplomatic ties with Iran and close the Iranian diplomatic missions in Qatar, expel members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and cut off military and intelligence cooperation with Iran. Trade and commerce with Iran must comply with US and international sanctions in a manner that does not jeopardise the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

2) Immediately shut down the Turkish military base that is currently being built, and halt military cooperation with Turkey inside Qatari territories.

3) Sever all ties to all the “terrorist, sectarian and ideological organisations,” specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL, al-Qaeda, Fateh Al-Sham (formerly known as Nusra Front) and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Qatar needs to formally declare those entities as terrorist groups based on the list of groups that was announced by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt, and concur with all future updates of this list.

4) Stop all means of funding for individuals, groups or organisations that have been designated as terrorists by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, US and other countries.

5) Hand over “terrorist figures,” fugitives and wanted individuals from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain to their countries of origin. Freeze their assets, and provide any desired information about their residency, movements and finances.

6) Shut down Al Jazeera Network and its affiliate stations.

7) End interference in sovereign countries’ internal affairs. Stop granting citizenship to wanted nationals from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain. Revoke Qatari citizenship for existing nationals where such citizenship violates those countries’ laws.

8) Qatar has to pay reparations and compensation for loss of life and other financial losses caused by Qatar’s policies in recent years. The sum will be determined in coordination with Qatar.

9) Qatar must align itself with the other Gulf and Arab countries militarily, politically, socially and economically, as well as on economic matters, in line with an agreement reached with Saudi Arabia in 2014.

10) Submit all personal details of all the opposition members that Qatar supported and detail all support that Qatar has provided them in the past. Stop all contacts with the political opposition in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain. Hand over all files detailing Qatar’s prior contacts with and support for those opposition groups.

11) Shut down all news outlets that it funds, directly and indirectly, including Arabi21, Rassd, Al Araby Al Jadeed, Mekameleen and Middle East Eye, etc.

12) Agree to all the demands within 10 days of it being submitted to Qatar, or the list becomes invalid.

13) Consent to monthly audits for the first year after agreeing to the demands, then once per quarter during the second year. For the following 10 years, Qatar would be monitored annually for compliance.

First the Saudis issued their demands and then followed it up with an ultimatum…..Qatar had ten days to comply.

Ten days came and went….no compliance…then the Saudis extended the time frame……that came and went and no compliance…….what will be the next step for the Saudis…war?  More talk?

The chest thumping has toned itself down a bit…….

NO they did what bullies do…they backed down…..a “revised” list of demands….

– Prohibiting all acts of incitement and all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred and violence.

– Full commitment to Riyadh Agreement 2013 and the supplementary agreement and its executive mechanism for 2014 within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States.

– Commitment to all the outcomes of the Arab-Islamic-US Summit held in Riyadh in May 2017.

– Refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of States and from supporting illegal entities.

– The responsibility of all States of international community to confront all forms of extremism and terrorism as a threat to international peace and security.

Source: Qatar and the GCC feud: The climb down begins | Middle East Eye

This tiny country stood up to the bullies of the neighborhood and won……

You gotta love it!

Off I go to be coddled, poked, prodded, massaged and …did I say prodded?

I will return as soon as I can escape from the medical establishment……’til then….have a day….chuq


North Korea–The Magical Subject

What can I say….the mere mention of this topic and there is wide array of emotions passed on through blogs and news reports……some want to take it down….others want to take out Lil Kim…..while others plead for calm and sanity…..and then there are those that keep saying that North Korea could very well start World War 3.

The site “The National Interests” seems to think that WW3 could break out over the mash up with NK…….

North Korea has achieved something remarkable: for an impoverished country with a GDP smaller than that of Rhode Island, it has built a nuclear and ballistic missile program. The result is a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons with an expanding level of reach. While North Korea’s nukes are in all likelihood meant for regime security, in the event of war, Pyongyang would attempt to deliver devastating nuclear strikes against American, South Korean and Japanese forces throughout the region, sapping them of the willpower necessary to topple the regime of Kim Jong-un.

North Korea is both more and less dangerous than it looks. While the country maintains a 1,190,000-strong armed force, one of the largest in the world, much of its equipment is obsolete. It is likely no longer likely capable of successfully invading South Korea. At the same time, it is assessed as having between ten and twenty nuclear weapons, and has tested a variety of ballistic-missile platforms, including medium-range, intermediate-range, submarine-launched and, as of July 4, intercontinental ballistic missiles. While many of these programs have had mixed success, particularly the Musudan missile, North Korea is clearly learning and advancing its abilities both in nuclear-weapons design and missile-delivery systems.

Source: How North Korea Would Start World War III | RealClearDefense

To be fair and balanced….not everyone sees the threat that the media and the president sees…..

South Korea’s intelligence agency does not believe North Korea has secured re-entry capabilities for its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program, a South Korean lawmaker said on Tuesday, disputing Pyongyang’s account.

Source: South Korea Says North Doesn’t Have ICBM Reentry Capabilities | World Affairs Journal

The site “Antimedia” has issued an op-ed to the contrary to popular thought…..

North Korea is a threat, goes the narrative. And we, as loyal Americans, should fear the potentiality of that fact.

That’s why U.S. aircraft carriers, accompanied by fighter jets and warships, are currently steaming toward the Korean Peninsula.

That’s why the best soldiers the United States military has to offer are currently in South Korea, training — goes the narrative — to take out Kim Jong-un.

That’s why Japan, staunch U.S. ally, is considering deploying troops to South Korea — in preparation for the time when that evil dictator from the north will try to harm Japanese nationals in the south.

Conveniently, if Japan does deploy those troops — and, let’s be honest, they will — that will put the coalition of Japan, South Korea, and the United States together on the Korean peninsula.

Consider that for a moment.

Source: It’s Time to Stop Pretending North Korea Is a Threat to the United States

There!  You have two sides to the story.

Most Americans have already made their minds up and this post will do little to influence their thinking…….that may be…..but I had to try.

Take the Dems for instance….just what is their stance?  Mainly because there is not one……

On domestic policy, the Democratic Party is moving left. On foreign policy, the Democratic Party barely exists. Yes, Democrats like climate change agreements and oppose banning refugees. But those are extensions of the party’s domestic commitments. Yes, Democrats support a hard line against Vladimir Putin. But that’s mostly because he helped elect Donald Trump. What is the Democratic position on Syria’s civil war? Or Chinese imperialism in the South China sea? Or Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen and bullying of Qatar? There isn’t one. President Obama stood for the proposition that America should resist costly military interventions and seek diplomatic agreements with longtime foes. When it comes to war and peace, the post-Obama Democratic Party doesn’t really stand for much at all.

Source: Why Won’t the Democrats Challenge Trump on North Korea? – The Atlantic

If you are an international relations wonk or a foreign policy geek….this is a fascinating look into the politics of North Korea.

There is lots of chatter, lots of noise….and so far that is all there is…..

God in the White House

Today’s posts will be generic….nothing in Breaking News……I have a full day of tests for my doctors so I will be a bit missing for most of the day….I apologize.

This is a FYI piece…it is not intended to influence anyone one way or the other…..purely informational……and in no way should be seen as an endorsement.

Every election we will see an ad or a speech or something about the candidates belief in God almighty….which is fine but it is not a deal maker with me.

I personally do not care what religion the candidate is or what his personal beliefs are….I do not make my decision based on religion.

I would prefer that we keep religion out of the voting process all together.

But that aside we hear a lot about this president or that and their belief in the deity we call God and how it influenced their tenure as president….but are these claims accurate?

Let’s look at the presidents down through the years……

The religious beliefs of the first president of the United States of America have been the subject of debate since he held office.

Washington’s faith has been categorized at times as evangelical Christianity, deist, Free Masonry and mainline Protestant Christianity. Washington himself was raised in, married in and became a vestryman in the Episcopal Church (the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion). However, he rarely took communion and attended church sporadically.

(read on……)

Source: God In America: God in the White House | PBS

There is your look at our presidents and their religious thoughts……