The North Korean Endgame

Is North Korea still the problem it was a month ago?

Really?  Are they?

I mean I have heard little in the last couple of weeks….so was the whole situation settled?

Of course not… is just not as important as the fluff crap they are reporting today.  And then enter a another news report…..

China is ramping up its military presence on its 880-mile border with North Korea in case a nuclear, economic, or military crisis sends millions of North Koreans fleeing in search of greener pastures, according to government websites. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, that might not be all China is preparing for. China’s Defense Ministry hasn’t referred to North Korea as the reason for a new border defense brigade along with a 24-hour video surveillance system, unit upgrades, new shelters and command posts, and recent live-fire and special forces drills in border regions; but experts say China could be preparing to intervene should the US attempt to seize nuclear weapons from its ally on the Korean Peninsula. Some aren’t so sure China would be keen to take on the US and stress that recent enhancements at the border were first discussed last year.

However, “once you start talking about efforts from outside powers, in particular the United States and South Korea, to stabilize the North … you’re starting to look at a much more robust Chinese response,” argues a former US defense official for East Asia. “If you’re going to make me place bets on where I think the US and China would first get into a conflict … it’s the Korean Peninsula.” Others note China will want to prevent US influence there to retain its regional power. In a column in May, retired Maj. Gen. Wang Haiyun wrote China should not only intervene in a Korean conflict but demand no US occupation of North Korean territory, though he said he did not speak for the government. He made similar comments in an op-ed in the state-owned Global Times in March, CNN reports.

Since NK is still a thorn in the side of American foreign policy….how should we go about ending this docu-drama?

This is a piece that was carried on the site The Diplomat……

There is only one feasible choice for solving the issue: treat Pyongyang as a rational actor.

In 2016, North Korea conducted the most missile tests ever, a total of 24. Since the beginning of 2017, the regime in Pyongyang had only ratcheted up the number of tests, currently at 17, with the promise of reaching a new all-time high, and surpassing last year’s record. The last test, conducted symbolically on July 4, marked a new milestone by introducing Pyongyang’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), with a range that could reach Alaska and potentially Seattle. It is now believed that North Korea will soon be able to develop and mount miniaturized nuclear warheads on its ICBMs and become an even greater threat to its neighbors, and the United States.

The urgency of the current developments, fast outpacing the expected timetable, has raised the stakes in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, and Beijing, raising the demand for new policies targeting the military belligerence of the rogue state. As Washington considers its main policy options, it will have to consider both feasibility and the cost-benefit analysis of their potential outcomes.

Source: The North Korean Endgame | The Diplomat

There will be those that scoff at the ideas presented here….but they only know what they are told to know….very few thinking people will scoff.



14 thoughts on “The North Korean Endgame

      1. Hello Mr. Chuq. It has been a great week and will be an even greater week next week when this Repeal & Replaced shit is over done and buried alongside Trumpfs presidency.

      2. It will be interesting see how it plays with the “repeal and replace” crowd back home…..I wish we could bury it now….I have spare shovels waiting…LOl chuq

  1. I have always advocated sensible diplomatic approaches to the DPRK. Even if the invitation is not there, the west should at least be seen to be making the first move, with positive overtures. But unless the US is prepared to consider removing its significant military presence, serious talks will never start.
    I feel that China is unlikely to allow itself to be drawn into any war there, and is boosting its borders in fear of ‘creep’ into its sovereign territory.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. WE did make head way with diplomacy but then a new prez is elected and it went to crap, Reagan…..I agree with your thoughts….chuq

  2. China is annoyed with Britain for popping into the China Sea, the UK is being spied on by Russia more and more, we have troops camped out in the Ukraine – sounds like a carbon copy Cold War we went through in our youth!!

  3. Interesting discussion.

    I am afraid the notion that a tyrannical regime will behave rationally is farfetched. Look at the history surrounding WWII. What Hitler and Stalin thought rational everyone else thought insane. Whether it was in war or in “peace” they murdered everyone who opposed them.

    What is rational from a tyrant’s perspective? The guy wants and apparently feels entitled to great power. However, once he gets what he wants he realizes he has tiger by the tail; he dare not let go.

    Tyranny is by its very nature unstable. It is the genius of the tyrant to be able to acquire and hold such power. The tyrant’s skill as a ruler or a military leader, however, is uncertain at best. Napoleon was perhaps the most skilled as both ruler and military leader. Alexander the Great had unsurpassed military skill, but most tyrants we remember as just plain bloodthirsty. All but a very few left little but havoc in their wake.

    So why do the leaders of North Korea (and Iran) come across as bellicose? That’s how these leaders survive (hang onto the tiger’s tale). They make threats, and they carry out their threats. The people they rule have no choice except to take their threats seriously. Wisdom suggests that neither do we.

    Are nations like China and Russia much different? Not much. It is just a matter of degree. China and Russia are prosperous enough that each of these countries has relatively large elites who support the government. That is, greater percentages of the people in China and Russia support the legitimacy of the government; they see the people who rule as good for their country. Only the most brainwashed think the rulers of North Korea and Iran are anything but dangerous gangsters.

    1. Unstable part of a tyrant is spot on…..we witness it every day….brainwashing is how you get the population to do that they know is wrong…….works almost every time…Goebbels was a master at it… takes practice and some leaders get a bunch of it….LOL chuq

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