‘What If’ In History–Korea

I have been helping a friend with a course on the Korean War….so I am always looking for a fresh new perspective on the conflict.

From time to time I write or post an alternative history piece….a ‘what if’ as it were…..

I enjoy reading about these types of things to see what people feel about history and what they think would have changed if it had turned out differently.

Since North Korea has been in the news so much lately…I thought a ‘what if’ would be a fun piece to post…..

I feel I should start this piece with a disclaimer. I am a historian, and hence I am fully aware that my colleagues are skeptical of what is known as “alternative history” or “what-if history”. Perhaps they are correct. Political scientists have had an abysmally bad track record when they have tried to predict what will happen, so why should we take seriously the predictions of what would have happened? Indeed, we probably shouldn’t. But I will try to make such reversed prophecies – in this piece, at least.

Actually, this piece is based on a long and informal talk I once had with Konstantin Asmolov, a prominent Russian historian of Korea. A few years ago we spent much time discussing assorted “what-if” possibilities of North Korean history, the “roads not taken”.

Source: Asia Times Online :: Korea News – If the North had won the Korean War …

Any ideas?  Or thoughts?


6 thoughts on “‘What If’ In History–Korea

  1. I read the link with interest. I have always thought that Vietnam is the best example of how a unified Communist Korea would have turned out. A confused and damaged place, with an uncertain future in the wider world, leading to a fast-growing economy based on cheap labour, tourism, and trade with the west.
    Had the US (and UN) not intervened, there is also the possibility that the influence of China would have been a lot less, but Russian influence stronger. What Ifs? are fun to consider. Here’s another film link, to a German victory in WW2 scenario. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Happened_Here
    I have the DVD and the full film can be found free on You Tube. Suitably bleak…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanx for the link…I am working on one about if Germany had won WW1…I like the ‘what ifs’ also….makes one think and consider more than the narrow visions we have….chuq

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