Thoughts From The “Food Nazi”

The weekend and as usual it is a chore to find something to blog about that does not include the politics of the day…..but I try….

From time to time I will post something that deals with food or cafe life….since I shut down my food blog, The Food Nazi, I have done a little food posts here and there…….Subjects like food trends, wine, etc……

Why the “Food Nazi”….that is easy…..I am pretty set in my ways…….I believe that food should be prepared the way it was suppose to be prepared……I guess a traditionalist would be a good description.  Fusion food is out for me!  The once noble profession of chef has now become nothing more than a cheap game show….in an age when insults are more important than facts I am glad I am no longer cooking for the public.

Sorry, I digress.

Many years ago when I returned from my overseas posting I opened a small cafe…..seated about 20 people, limited menu and a great place to have your coffee and schmooze with others.  It was called “Le Petit Cafe”……

So this weekend I will post on eating, food and other stuff……but the “other stuff” did not include placenta……yes I wrote “Placenta”…….

First, there seems to be a movement to eat the placenta after giving birth…..but is this a good idea?

You are what you eat……..

Kim Kardashian West has done it. So has January Jones. Now the CDC is warning new moms not to eat their own placentas. The Washington Post reports the unusual advisory came after an investigation into a mysterious illness that struck an Oregon newborn. Three days after a healthy birth, the baby was in respiratory distress, and tests revealed a deadly bacterial infection known as GBS. After a course of antibiotics, the baby recovered but fell ill again with the same thing. Tests revealed the culprit was pills made from the mother’s own placenta that she had been ingesting for weeks. Breast feeding transferred the infection to the baby. Once the mom stopped taking the pills, the infant recovered. While GBS isn’t usually dangerous for adults, it is perilous to a newborn’s immune system, reports ArtsTechnica.
Some new moms believe popping placenta pills eases postpartum blues, boosts energy levels, and stimulates breast milk production. Tens of thousands of new moms do it, per the AP. The CDC hasn’t take a stand on placenta pills, but there is no evidence to show that “placentophagy” has any benefits. The report states the unidentified company that dehydrated the Oregon mom’s placenta failed to heat the organ that attaches to the uterine wall sufficiently to kill germs. There are no standards for heating placentas, the CDC notes, adding that doctors should “educate mothers interested in placenta encapsulation about the potential risks.” Forbes notes that placenta recipes are rampant on the internet, with suggestions to add them to lasagna, chili, tacos, and smoothies. (Aussie company turns placentas and embryos into jewelry.)
Okay a warning here…the remainder of this post is of a sexual content and may not be suitable for all readers.
You know that people in business are always looking for that one idea that will set them apart……especially in the food market…..there were topless coffee houses, bikini clad waitresses, so on….but I believe these guys in Switzerland have hit on something special……
A “Fellatio Cafe”……

You’ve heard of happy endings at seedy underground massage parlors—now get ready for blowjobs at coffee shops. Yeah, it’s a real thing.

At the end of this year, a new coffee shop, Fellatio Café, will open up in Geneva, Switzerland, where you can get a hot cup of joe, with a side of blowjob. Seriously.

Source: ‘Fellatio cafe’ where customers receive oral sex while they drink their coffee

I wish I had something clever to add…..but I think I will leave it there for the day……..That is it for today….let the comments fly….

Next week I am going through a panel of tests so I do not know just how often I will be on-line…….please bear with me….hopefully this will not be a drawn out affair….chuq