Here A Leak, There a Leak

Since Trump and his Boyz arrived in DC there have been leaks upon leaks….and this has the president just furious with the establishment according to him anyone leaking info to the press is not showing proper loyalty to hum, the president……

Now the Ag Sessions has issued a statement saying that there will be a DoJ investigation into all the leaks that Trump has been whining about for months.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will reportedly make an announcement about several criminal leak investigations within days.

Officials told The Washington Post about the forthcoming news from the Justice Department. The investigations will be centered around news reports containing sensitive material about intelligence, the report said.

The news comes as newly-appointed White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci publicly decried leaks coming from within the West Wing in his first week on the job and vowed to fire staffers who continue talking to reporters.

The impending announcement also comes as Trump grows publicly unhappy with Sessions, last week criticized the attorney general for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

Source: Sessions planning to announce leak investigations: report | TheHill

Here is a thought……could Sessions be trying to repair his image with the president by ordering these investigations……since Trump has been whining about the leaks for months.

And another thought……Sessions is not long for the admin position… could he be announcing this in a shot at Trump….since some of the “leaks” that made the news came from the mouth of Trump.  A parting shot at a man that he stood behind  thru thick and thin.

Any thoughts here?


10 thoughts on “Here A Leak, There a Leak

  1. Mr Trump is his own worst enemy as all reasonable people recognize. His reckless statements and tweets have damaged his presidency beyond repair but as with all narcissists he blames others and seeks revenge. I am not a fan of Sessions and consider his past actions racist and unacceptable. Under the circumstances I hope he will not bowto bullying and remain in place . Graham has come out strong as to the repercussions should T fire Sessions or Mueller. Is the Senate (or at least some of them) waking up?

    1. Looks like the Senate may be seeing the problem……but he will have his champions for awhile simply because he is a GOPer…….I do not like Sessions either but in this case I am on his side….

      I tried to reply on your sire and it did not show up…did you get them? chuq

  2. I saw Scaramucci on our news today. He was on the phone to CNN complaining about his White House colleagues. Talk about unprofessional! I was flabbergasted.
    Regards, Pete.

  3. Sessions is a sycophant, Trump is unfit for the office. I worry that when he’s done our country and its standing in the world will take years to recover!

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