Closing Thought–27Jul17

There has been a wealth of Tweets from our president about his disappointment with his AG, Sessions…..some seem to think that he is making a case to fire Sessions.

That is where we pick up a report……Jeff Sessions was a Senator before he was AG and there will soon be an election to decide who will return to DC as the Senator from Alabama….

There is a plan afoot to return Sessions to DC…….if he gets the raw deal from Trump that many expect.

In a strong rebuke to President Trump for ripping Attorney General Jeff Sessions over and over and over, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL), who is running for Sessions’ seat vacated when he became Attorney General, created a resolution asking the challengers hoping to succeed Sessions to withdraw as candidates so Sessions could be reinstated in his Senate seat. Luther Strange now serves as a placeholder in the seat until the November 2017 election.

Brooks has described Trump’s treatment of Sessions as a “public waterboarding.”

If all Republican candidates collectively agree to simultaneously withdraw from this race, then we clear the way for the Republican Party of Alabama to nominate Jeff Sessions to be the Republican nominee for the December 12, 2017 general election. He can return to the Senate where he has served us so well. President can then appoint whomever he wants as Attorney General.

read the rest of the resolution……

Source: Alabama Congressman Running For Sessions’ Senate Seat Says All Candidates Should Bow Out So Sessions Can Go Back To Senate | Daily Wire

That could be a real drama if Sessions is fired and then returned to DC as a Senator… you think Trump would have a friend from Alabama in the Senate?

Revenge is a dish best served in your face.

Gone for the day…..see you guys tomorrow….chuq

Worst Military Leaders in History

I feel I have been amiss in my duty for not including more history in my daily posts……I will try to change that oversight on my part.

If you remember any history from your school days you will remember a few of the “famous” commanders in time of war… like “Monty” Montgomery, Rommel, Eisenhower, MacArthur etc…..

But there is another list that people should be aware of….a list of the worse generals in history.

You may surprised at the men that make this list…..

In war, there are winners and losers. Sometimes an army is defeated because they simply faced a larger and more powerful foe. Other times they lose because of some bizarre set of circumstances no one could have foreseen, or because they were simply outwitted by a cunning adversary. Sometimes an army is even dealt a defeat because of bad weather (as happened to the Mongol fleet of Kublai Khan in 1281 AD, which was destroyed by a typhoon as it tried to cross the narrow strait between Korea and Japan.) However, there are also those battles that were lost due to the sheer incompetency of a leader, which is the source for this list.

Of course, even a good military leader can have a bad day. As such, this list is not about leaders who simply lost a battle, but those who either snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory or were classic incompetents that somehow managed to be given command of entire armies. A few are on this list because they are perceived as being far more capable than history demonstrates them to have been; in other words, besides the worst leaders, this list also contains the most overrated leaders who, while competent to a degree, do not rightly deserve the level of credit given to them by history. Finally, this is not a list of Generals only, but of men—some of whom may not even have been in uniform—that made the decisions that ultimately led their armies to utter catastrophe. And so, without further ado, here is my list for the top ten most incompetent, overrated, or just plain unlucky military leaders in history.

Source: Top 10 Worst Military Leaders in History –

Tell me you did not see some of those on the list coming at you.

This is your history lesson for the day… now know more than you did earlier…

Class Dismissed!

Step Up America!

We are truly living in a divided country…there are two Americas….and that needs to stop….we need to work together or perish….remember the old poster from early Colonial America?

“Join or Die,” by Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, PA), May 9, 1754.
“Join, or Die,” by Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, PA),
May 9, 1754. Courtesy, Library of Congress

It is as true today as it was in 1754….our divisions are killing the country by tearing it apart and if it continues then this country shall surely perish…..

In director Mike Judge’s prescient and highly underappreciated 2006 satirical film Idiocracy, society five centuries from now falls into a dismal dystopia as Homo sapiens devolve as a species.  The culprits are growing anti-intellectualism, rampant commercialism, the demise of social responsibility, intellectual curiosity, human rights, and impartial standards of justice.  Many sociologists and other qualified professionals have observed similar trends in recent years particularly in the U.S. which is now widely perceived as declining in comparison to the rest of the world.  A new opinion poll seems to confirm both the trend and the perception

Source: America in Decline: New poll shows growing Anti-Intellectualism and the devaluing of Education | The Secular Jurist

But now you ask….what can I do?

Ralph Nader (a person that is not high on my impressed list) has written an op-ed that says it all and we should heed his call before it is too late…..

It is time for an urgent clarion call.

Given the retrograde pits inhabited by our ruling politicians and the avaricious over-reach of myopic big-business bosses, the self-described pillars of our society must step up to reverse the decline of our country. Here is my advice to each pillar:

(read on)

Source: A Clarion Call for our Country’s Pillars to Demand Justice

America, please heed the call….if you truly love your country…….please before it is too late.

A “Trojan Horse”

Remember the gag gift the Greeks gave the Trojans?

Every deceitful move in conflict studies is called a “Trojan Horse”…..a way for a war to start from a not so important event….

The M-IC is using some war games the Russian will do in September to push a narrative…..

Russia is staging war games in Belarus in September, but US officials and US allies in the area are concerned the country’s real aim is to bring military equipment into the country and leave it there. “People are worried this is a Trojan horse. They say, ‘We’re just doing an exercise,’ and then all of a sudden they’ve moved all these people and capabilities somewhere,” the head of US Army forces in Europe tells Reuters. He says NATO officials will be watching the Zapad 2017 exercise closely for that reason. Some allies think the exercise will involve nuclear weapons training and could utilize more than 100,000 troops, which would make it the largest such exercise since 2013, the Guardian reports.

The official did note that there are no indications Russia really is planning such a “trojan horse,” but called for more transparency from the country as to the size and scope of the war games in order to ease concerns. A senior Russian diplomat says Moscow has no plans to leave military equipment in Belarus, and says the concern from NATO is just “artificial buffoonery” over routine war games that is “aimed at justifying the sharp intensification of the NATO bloc (activities) along the perimeter of Russian territory.” NATO is also keeping a close eye on war games in the Baltic Sea taking place July 24-31; Chinese warships were to join the Russian navy there Friday.

There is NO proof that this is a Trojan Horse plan….but the war hawks will make sure that it is highlighted….I am sure there will be requests for more resources during the time period of the games….

Words and then actions… the US and Russia headed to a confrontation?

The situation may have to get worse before cooler heads start to prevail.

What happens when an under-staffed, under-experienced, and under-managed presidency, under siege by domestic opponents, is faced with an escalating crisis with a nuclear superpower? We could well find out soon, because powerful forces in both Russia and the United States appear to be itching for a fight.

Source: Are Russia and America Headed for a Showdown? | RealClearWorld

Stuff like this is what keeps Americans worried about another conflict in which we must participate.

Could Another One Bite The Dust?

Some good news to start the day…….

Steve Scalise is out of the hospital. The House majority whip, who was injured in last month’s shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice in Virginia, was discharged Tuesday, Politico reports. The Louisiana Republican will now start “intensive inpatient rehabilitation,” his doctors announced Wednesday. A statement from the hospital notes he has made “excellent progress in his recovery from a life-threatening gunshot wound six weeks ago,” and he “is in good spirits and is looking forward to his return to work once he completes rehabilitation.”

IST wishes the Representative a speedy recovery and may he be well.

Now on to the day’s stuff……..

Just barely 6 months into his rein Pres. Trump is losing people at a regular pace……it all started with Flynn the National Security adviser…… behind the scenes people have started to walk on this president.

Most recent was Spicer who got squeezed out in favor of Pretty boy Floyd, “the Mooch”…….

And it is starting to smell like Sessions will be close behind Spicer through the door.  But who else could be waiting to jump a sinking ship?

Sources (whoever they are) are saying that Tillerson, SecState,  is about fed up with the games Trump plays……

Jeff Sessions may not be the only Cabinet member whose days are numbered. Multiple reports say Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn’t destined for a long tenure. The latest is Reuters, whose source says Tillerson was “very upset at not having autonomy, independence and control over his own department and the ability to do the job the way the job … is traditionally done.” It says Tillerson has told friends he likely won’t last a full year, a sentiment echoed in an earlier CNN story. That one quotes two insiders who say a “Rexit” is possible before the end of the year, adding that Tillerson has been especially unhappy with President Trump’s public criticism of attorney general Sessions. The story adds, however, that Tillerson might just have been “venting.”

Tillerson had previously signaled that he intended to see through a restructuring of the State Department through 2017, but that now seems to be in doubt, reports Newsweek. It runs through his past frictions with the White House, including not being consulted on major issues such as the travel ban. The speculation has been circulating for weeks now, notes US News & World Report, and it isn’t helped by statements from Tillerson himself, who said in March that he “didn’t want this job.” It’s reached the point where Tillerson’s spokesman addressed the subject, though in the form of a denial that his boss is on the way out. Tillerson, he said, had “plenty of reasons to stay on the job, and all of them are important to America.”

If Tillerson does leave then he will join a small cadre of ex-Trump boot lickers that saw the light and took it on the lamb……I have a new respect for Spicer and Tillerson could join that small crowd…..

After I wrote this draft news came out about Tillerson…..

A State Department spokesperson continues to push back against reports that Rex Tillerson has plans to exit the Trump administration. But in doing so, she made a point to say that he serves “at the pleasure of the president,” reports the Hill. Tillerson himself hasn’t responded to multiple reports that he’s gotten so fed up he intends to leave before the year is out. He is currently “taking a little time off” after overseas trips, says the spokesperson.

In response to the reports of a “Rexit,” she added, “The secretary has been very clear he intends to stay here at the State Department.” While Tillerson has clashed with superiors on policies ranging from Iran to staffing to the president’s travel ban, USA Today notes that he’s also probably not thrilled with Trump’s recent speech to the Boy Scouts, which critics have derided as being too political for kids. Tillerson himself is a Distinguished Eagle Scout and a former national president of the group.

He could already be out the door and they are waiting for the best time to announce his departure…..probably with the next “revelation” from the MSM.

Is The UN Ineffective?

Of course it is….but there is a reason why it seems ineffective.

I know that there will be those that will condemn the UN for everything it attempts…..these are the people that fear the “New World Order”…..they fear the UN because they are told to fear them.

The United Nations….its first incarnation was the League Of Nations…..a post World War 1 attempt to bring the world together and prevent the barbarity of war.  It was the brain child of American president Woodrow Wilson…it failed in its prime purpose the prevention of war…..for 20 years after the attempt the world descended into World War 2.

After the last world war another attempt was made to help the world to try and avoid another World War….it was now called the United Nations.  since its beginning there have been countless “little wars but nothing to compare to the World wars of the past….

There are many that claim that the UN is ineffective…..ineffective in everything they attempt….but is this true?

There are some that would accuse the United Nations of being ineffective or—as researcher Scott Pauls puts it—simply “a witness of changing policy preferences” in the world. But that’s far from the case, according to a study of 65 years of UN voting records published in Physica A. Those records show the UN successfully reduces the chance of war. “The evidence demonstrates that the UN is more effective at achieving its mandate of avoiding wars than many experts think,” researcher Skyler Cranmer says in a press release.

The researchers from Dartmouth College and Ohio State University looked at voting alliances in the UN—both large and small, long-term and short-term—called “affinity communities.” Pauls says such voting alliances served to “reduce the probability of conflict” during the past 65 years. “There is more nuance in voting records than was previously thought,” Cranmer adds. The study also looked at the UN’s effectiveness in spreading democracy and building defensive alliances.

Personally, I like the idea of the UN…..and yes they have been stifled on many occasions for things they attempted…..but that can be blamed on the idea that 5 countries can control the fate of all.

The Security Council in the UN are controlled by permanent members….US, UK, France, Russia and China…all others sit on the council in a rotation scheme…these 5 members can control the issues that come before the council….the UN could truly become a governing body but only when ALL countries enter into this thing as equals.

Until then the UN will continue to appear as if being ineffective.  If it is ineffective you can blame the “Big 5” as the reason for failure.