Ukraine And The World

While most everyone else is watching the carrying ons in the Congress and states I have been watching Ukraine and the situation the West is setting up for itself…..

Russia is playing a talking game……while it positions itself along the borders with NATO…….NATO is sending in troops and equipment to position along the borders with Russia……….

The “spearhead” force was initially meant to forestall a Russian invasion of Europe, something which US officials were constantly predicting was imminent. A year later and with the invasion still looking extremely unlikely, officials just keep doubling down at every opportunity.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has headed to Europe this week to try to convince various European nations, notably Germany, to dramatically increase military spending so they can afford to send a bunch of excess troops to the Russian border. He will also commit US troops and equipment to the plan.

If a full scale invasion seems unlikely…..what is all this troop movement about?

Why is the world playing the Cold war game again?  Is all this weaponry really a good idea?


Why Arming Ukraine Is a Really Bad Idea | The National Interest.

Whites Projected to Become a US Minority | Al Jazeera America

Can you feel the panic setting in?

About now older white right wingers are having their anus slamming shut……this is NOT something they would like to think about…..but they can stick their heads in the sand or they can prepare for the inevitable…….

Whatcha think will be their path?


Whites Projected to Become a US Minority | Al Jazeera America.

GOP: The Little Dude That Couldn’t

2016 just got a little more silly……..nope not talking about the entry of Trump into the campaign……but rather that silly little governor from Louisiana that has the worse possible rating at home…….and now it is official…….the clown car has truly arrived!

The problem is he should have run 4 years ago when his political capital was at a high… he is just a silly little dude trying to make a name for himself and pad his political resume to add more cash to his speaking tours…..

There’s always room for one more: “My name is Bobby Jindal, and I am running for President of the United States of America.” So declared the Louisiana governor today. The 44-year-old Indian-American is low in most polls, however, and faces steep odds. One typical example of coverage: FiveThirtyEight calls him a strong candidate—if this were 2012. NPR, meanwhile, rounds up some odds and ends about him, including:

  • Given name: He was born Piyush Jindal in Louisiana, but asked to be called Bobby at age 4—after Bobby Brady of the Brady Bunch.
  • Rhodes scholar: He turned down Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School to attend Oxford as a Rhodes scholar and study health policy. He then ran his home state’s health department at age 24.
  • Bad impression: He was a given a huge opportunity to make his name by delivering the GOP response to President Obama’s first congressional address in 2009. Instead, he drew comparisons to Kenneth on 30 Rock.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has wrecked the state of Louisiana and now he wants to take the carnage national. Jindal announced on Twitter that he is running for president.

When Jindal took office in 2008, the state had a $900 million budget surplus that the governor managed to turn into a $1.6 billion deficit through trickle-down tax cuts. He has doubled the state’s unemployment rate while refusing to raise taxes. Jindal has become reviled in his state by slashing funding for education and healthcare. Gov. Jindal tried to replace the state tax with a much higher sales tax, but he had to pull the plan after both Democrats and Republican rebelled.

Now that is a record of a true American candidate……..

Only good thing about a Jindal candidacy is that he will be a perfect fit for the clown car……

Stay tuned……more to come…….

‘You Betcha!’ Sarah Palin Jettisoned By Fox News (VIDEO)

I saw this news appear on Twitter yesterday and just had to press it……FOX shows signs of intelligence after all……..

FOX News may have just impressed me a tiny bit.

Fox News and Sarah Palin have gone their separate ways. The former Alaska governor’s contract with the network ended as of June 1 and will not be renewed, a Fox spokesperson tells Politico. The rep says the split was amicable, and Palin is still expected to show up on Fox and Fox Business as a guest. Politico says the move was made because execs no longer see Palin as quite so “relevant.” (But she’s not exactly going anywhere: As Politico notes, she has her own TV show, gives frequent speeches, will likely appear on other networks and cable channels, and has a “new publishing project” in the works.) CNNMoney notes that Palin and Fox previously split in 2013, but she returned to the network the same year.

It appears that they have kick poor Sarah to the curb…….seems her flame is flickering and with a little luck it will finally go out…….


‘You Betcha!’ Sarah Palin Jettisoned By Fox News (VIDEO).

This Shadow Government Agency Is Scarier Than the NSA

The internet is full on conspiracy theories of this governmental agency or that agency that is controlling our lives…….we have already seen just how involved a group like NSA is spying on us……we also have heard about these shadowy groups that are in control…..the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Free Masons, etc, etc…….but is there really some shadowy group that we should be afraid of……a group that is always keeping us under their watchful eyes?

I found this article while doing some research and thought I would share it……what do you guys think?


This Shadow Government Agency Is Scarier Than the NSA.