How Many ‘Ghost Schools’ Are There in Afghanistan? – NBC News

Afghanistan like Iraq is a total mess…..nothing we do seems to be helping…….at least there is one area that the US has been promoting that will in the long run make a difference……..that of EDUCATION.

The news coming from Afghanistan is the the cash we pump into the country;s education programs is money well spent…..

But there seems to be a slight problem with all that chest thumping… may NOT be true…….


How Many ‘Ghost Schools’ Are There in Afghanistan? – NBC News.

Why Did He Do It?

Okay I will bend to social convention and write on the recent attack and deaths in South Carolina……..

As usual the media has turned this incident into a media circus…..they are on a feeding frenzy for information…..and in turn are giving their followers TMI…….what is important is trying to explain why someone would go to these lengths……

The media is trying to get a conversation started, like they do with every major domestic story, the problem is they are the only ones that want to talk about it…….

Back to my original question…..with all the ‘reporting’ out there does anyone really know why he did it?

Maybe this will help………

Racism, terrorism, mass shootings: The church massacre in Charleston combines several of the most troubling issues facing America today, and it has led to some forceful insights. A roundup of six that are worth a read:

  1. The Deadly History of ‘They’re Raping Our Women.’” Jamelle Bouie at Slate uses Dylann Roof’s alleged justification for the shooting as the starting point for a look at the long and ugly history of rape accusations being used to justify racist violence.
  2. The Racist Flags on Dylann Roof’s Jacket, Explained.” At Vox, Zack Beauchamp looks into the Rhodesian and apartheid-era South African flags the suspect wore in a Facebook photo: the symbols of two racist regimes that ceased to exist before he was born, but which are mythologized by today’s white supremacists.
  1. The Charleston Shooter Killed Mostly Black Women. This Wasn’t About Rape.” At the Guardian, Rebecca Carroll observes that the choice of victims made a mockery even of Roof’s own twisted logic, and “somehow, protecting the world from black men has, far too often, meant killing, beating, and raping black women and girls.”
  2. Take Down the Confederate Flag Now.” At the Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates makes the case for taking down the flag that still flies on SC Capitol grounds, arguing that Roof’s crime “cannot be divorced from the ideology of white supremacy which long animated his state nor from its potent symbol.”
  3. The Ugly Truth About Hate Crimes—in 5 Charts and Maps.” Christopher Ingraham at the Washington Post has some troubling statistics on hate crimes in America, including the fact that they have remained steady for a decade.
  4. Emanuel AME Shooting May Be Most Deadly Hate Crime in South Carolina History, Historian Says.” Deanna Pan at the Charleston Post and Courier looks at the state’s history of hate crimes—and at the reasons why it’s one of only five states without hate crime legislation.

Where shall the conversation begin?  Which point is the most pressing?

With all the conversations that the media is having…..there is one thing for certain……….IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!

US gun culture: What will it take to change? – Al Jazeera English

The media has its new fixation….the inmate thing was going nowhere and now they have South Carolina……

We have 48 hours of total innuendo and speculation….and as usual there is a call for a larger conversation…….we all know that will NOT happen…….

But yes we desperately need to address the gun culture thingy……..


US gun culture: What will it take to change? – Al Jazeera English.

Our Treasonous Foreign Policy by Justin Raimondo —

No secret that I think our foreign policy is weak and antiquated……we still live in the 1945 mindset…….wars are NOT fought in the same manner as was WW2……..and to continue down this path is just as dangerous as the enemies we face…..

We are attacking the person…….we can kill that person but the ideals will live on……


Our Treasonous Foreign Policy by Justin Raimondo —