How To Fund A War

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Since my days in the military I have been fascinated by war…..its causes and results…….and I have also been anti-war for a host of reasons…….most of which deals with the cost of war.  The human cost and the monetary cost…….but what if they threw a war and could afford to fight it……a country could do what the US is famous for doing…..either raid a well funded program  such as social security or just fight the war on credit…….and run deficit crisis for decades to come……..

Has anyone ever considered alternative ways of funding a war?

Ever hear of crowdfunding?  In case you are not in the business of raising money let me help with the definition……..”the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet”…………yes a relative new idea for raising money but can it be used to fund a war?

Yes there is an answer to that question and the NT Times has presented the subject in a recent article…….

A high-profile New York Times article today trumpets the story that Russian NGOs are “crowdfunding” the Ukrainian Civil War, raising money to subsidize the various rebel factions in Eastern Ukraine to resist the invasion by the US-backed government.

Terrorist groups have been crowdfunding for years, and would-be ISIS recruits are regularly using crowdfunding to pay for their trips to Syria to join them. It’s not even just the one side in the ISIS war, a US-based NGO made up of former special forces has been crowdfunding an effort to pay for “humanitarian” aid to Kurdish groups, which broadly defines humanitarian aid to include “combat training.” Assyrian Christian groups on the outskirts of Mosul have similarly crowdfunding their own army to resist ISIS.

There seems to be examples for successful crowdfunding of wars and armed conflicts……maybe the US should tap into some of those that profit the most off of a “good” war like Halliburton, KBR and a wealth of other so-called defense contractors…..after all over the years they have made hundreds of billions, if not trillions,  in the business of war………. now let them foot some of the bill as they will be making money on the back end of any action.

I realize that may seem a bit farfetched but why not try this……it would keep valued and much needed programs from suffering budget cuts to help pay for a war…….as it is in the US every social program has suffered cutbacks to pay for decades of war……programs that are needed to keep the country moving forward like education, health care, infrastructure, etc.

Apparently the US will be fighting wars continuously for decades, possibly for generations, then it is time to find extra funding to save the American society from collapse.


Veterans Screwed Again!

All too familiar situation in our society.  In the past sagas, songs and poems were written about warriors and now they are an after thought of society……we should be ashamed of ourselves!

If you will recall back about a year ago the stories about the shoddy treatment of the Vets in the VA system…….then the outcry made the VA make drastic changes and once those were in place we were told just how effective the new system was and just how quick the Vets were getting the care they richly deserve,,,,,,any of this familiar?

I am also looking for stuff on the web mostly I am trying to verify stuff that I would like to write about…….and over the weekend I came across this piece and started my blood pressure rise…….

The number of veterans seeking health care but ending up on waiting lists of one month or more is 50% higher now than it was a year ago when a scandal over false records and long wait times wracked the Department of Veterans Affairs, the New York Times reports. The VA also faces a budget shortfall of nearly $3 billion and is considering furloughs, hiring freezes, and other significant moves to reduce the gap. In the last year, the VA has increased capacity by more than 7 million patient visits per year—double what officials originally thought they needed to fix shortcomings—but department officials did not anticipate just how much physician workloads and demand from veterans would continue to soar. At some major veterans hospitals, demand was up by one-fifth.

Citing interviews with department officials and internal department budget documents it had obtained, the Times found that doctors and nurses have handled 2.7 million more appointments than in any previous year, while authorizing 900,000 additional patients to see outside physicians. Meanwhile, there is an intense internal debate at the VA over a proposal to address a shortage of funds for a new, more effective but more costly hepatitis C treatment by possibly rationing new treatments among veterans. Agency officials expect to petition Congress this week to allow them to shift money into programs running short of cash. “Something has to give,” says an agency official. “We can’t leave this as the status quo. We are not meeting the needs of veterans.”

Once again the people that we send into harm’s way are being neglected……the country they serve is turning a blind eye to their needs.  Why Is That?

Being patriotic means that if we must send our sons and daughters to fight and possibly die….when they return they should be given any and ALL assistance they need… do anything else is an insult to the country and people….it is UNPATRIOTIC!  And may I add….COWARDLY!

Who Is a ‘Terrorist’? by Justin Raimondo —

Since 9/11 the mosy favored word in the MSM was been “terroists”…….they see a terrorist at every turn……I guess it is part of the propaganda campaign to legitimize all war as long it is against those damn terroists…..

But since the shooting in South Carolina there has been a move to call it an act of terrorism……there is a lot of blowback on using the term even from the FBI…..but a great question has been asked……Who is a terrorist?

A question that needs an answer……


Who Is a ‘Terrorist’? by Justin Raimondo —

Samantha Power: Liberal War Hawk | Consortiumnews

When Obama was elected and appointed Rice to the post at the UN I thought he could have done better…..then there was the Benghazi debacle and Rice steps down and he had the chance to appoint another person with better credentials in concensus building…..but instead he appoint Samantha Powers…….

I like Power but only because she is a red head (I have likeness for red heads)……but I did not like his appoint of her I thought he was going in reverse …….she was not a good choice in my opinion……

Now it seems that others are seeing what I saw those many years ago…….


Samantha Power: Liberal War Hawk | Consortiumnews.

12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars | The American Conservative

Since the victory in 1945 over the Axis powers Americans have been expecting that every action we wade into militarily that we will win and win handily…….

Most seldom think about Korea which at best was a draw, but let their attention go to Vietnam which most believe was a loss……and then they smile at the wins by Reagan in Grenada and the win by Bush1 in Panama and now they are faced with the battle against an enemy of some resilience, ISIS……….

But there is a reason, maybe 12, that we do not necessarily win all our recent wars…..The American Conservative has a good break-down…….


12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars | The American Conservative.