Are You An Organ Donor?

The weekend arrives and I find stuff that is just too weird for words………

In the past I have written about organ donation…….I believe that it is a wonderful thing that one person can do for another……and I do not condemn anyone who is a donor……I have a problem with it and that is my problem………. no one else…….

The question has been asked………I am not an organ donor……not from some religious or otherwise equally ignorant reason.  I am not because I refuse to give my organs to be used in a transplant and the hospital and doctors make money off my gift.  I do not want my gift of life to buy a new cigarette boat for some self-centered surgeon.  When they donate their gifts then anyone can have every organ I have to give…..until then what is mine stays mine…….

I bring this all up because of something I read while reading a legal blog…….

Families who bury loved ones whose body has been looked at by a medical examiner may not be burying their whole bodies. And New York’s highest court ruled yesterday that it’s OK. The unusual case involves the death of 17-year-old Jesse Shipley of New York City in a 2005 car crash, reports the AP. After his parents buried him, classmates visiting the morgue on a field trip months later noticed his name on a jar with a brain inside. His parents got it back, had a second burial, and sued the city. They won $600,000 in court, but yesterday’s ruling by the state’s Court of Appeals reversed that, reports Capital New York.

“At most, a medical examiner’s determination to return only the body without notice that organs and tissue samples are being retained is discretionary,” wrote Judge Eugene Pigott Jr. for the majority. “Therefore, no tort liability can be imposed for either the violation of the common-law right of sepulcher or public health law.” A dissenting judge argued that the practice violates age-old customs and beliefs about funeral rites, but Elie Mystal at Above the Law thinks the majority got it right. “We don’t have a law that says you have to put back what you can legally take out, and we probably shouldn’t,” he writes. “Sometimes, that organ stuff is evidence. Other times, it’s science. Even when it’s not those things, the dead person is dead already.”

Okay this is BS…….so it is legal for these twats to keep my parts?  What is preventing them from selling organs to the highest bidder?  What about the family?  Do they get a voice in this?  This is America where GREED is king!

Whatcha think?  Should this be allowed?