ISIS: A Workable Plan?

I thought I would throw a title at you to keep you on your toes……especially those of you that do not keep up with the events and spend your time listening to the morons in the media……

First of all there is NO workable plan right now in the fight against ISIS…..we throw a few airstrikes at them, kill a couple of fighters and claim success……that my friends is called propaganda in case the concept was missed.

Let’s be honest…… matter how much the admin promises there is NO clear cut strategy…….even Obama has stated such…..

Following a meeting with Iraqi Premier Hayder Abadi during the G7 summit in Germany, President Obama talked up his plans to eventually win the ISIS war, saying the existing strategy was sound but not “complete,” and suggesting that the “complete strategy” would mean further escalation.

Launching the ISIS war a year ago, Obama promised no ground troops, a pledge quickly changed to no combat troops. More and more troops are put near the front lines, however, and Pentagon leaders are openly talking about embedding US troops into combat forces as a next step.

There it is…..what you have been waiting for……the strategy is escalation!

Would you like a simpler definition?

Containment!  Tactics to stretch the USSR to its limits in economics and militarily…….make them keep up with the US and in the end bring about collapse…..the strategy was from a paper written in 1947……..and that is what the US is trying to do with ISIS……the problem is that it will not work as it did during the Cold War.

All the war hawks are yelling for an expansion of the military into the areas that ISIS controls…..and that is a throw back to WW2 where the massive force thrown at an enemy will rule the day……this too is a failure for the US.  After a year of constant airstrikes ISIS has not slowed down and is still annexing territory under their control.

Any “new” plan is nothing new just an adjustment to the strategy of the Cold War……..which needs to be put to bed and a new form of resistance be found and implemented.

GOP War Hawks Babble

Today will be a short day for me and posts… is my day in the barrel with doctors (bend over and cough)……..please forgive my small number of posts today…..I will return with a vengeance tomorrow…..

I keep hearing in the media that this election coming up will be a foreign policy election……the nominee will be the person with the best answer for the dismal condition of American foreign policy……….Really?

I watch FOX (sometimes) especially when they have a international relations person on so I can hear what they have to say about the condition of the world……so far all I have heard is applause lines……..and NO solutions.  Hell some of the GOP cannot even answer if they would do Iraq all over again knowing what we know now…….that is a no brainer and apparently that is the candidates…..NO BRAINERS!

For instance…..Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was asked about our trip into Iraq and was it an attempt to nation build…….his reply was classic……classic stupid!

RUBIO: The most immediate responsibility we have is to help them build a functional government that can actually meet the needs of their people in the short and the long term. And then ultimately, from that we would hope it would spring—

FOX NEWS HOST: That sounds like nation-building.

RUBIO: Well, it’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation. We have a vested interest in doing that.

And that nonsensical answer is one of the more intelligent answers that has been given by a GOP candidate…….

the heart of the Rubio foreign policy position: the neocon dream of nation-building works, just so long as you don’t call it nation-building and completely disregard all the very recent evidence of it not working.

Republican Misrule | The American Conservative

Every time I hear a politician tell me how great my state will be if only conservatives ran everything……well my state has been run by cowardly conservs for a long time…..then I tell people to go to a stat site on economics and social issues and look at Mississippi…..we are always on the top of a worse list and the bottom of a best list….that is what conserv rule will do to your state….

While surfing the other day I found a piece in the American Conservative (that;s right…I read conservative stuff also)….it goes along with what I am saying about one party rule at the state level……

Read it and LEARN!


Republican Misrule | The American Conservative.