Can Ineptitude Be Criminal?

Opinion from the tortured fingers of Chuq

The newest clown for the GOP circus is Graham and he is thumping his chest about all his experience in foreign policy…….he has been in Congress for 20 years and that does not make one an expert at anything other than cowardice.

Now back to the subject….Ineptitude…….In a legal sense I do not think there is a law that covers this.  But in my opinion when it comes to foreign relations and policy it should definitely be……against the law!

Let’s begin with the word…..’ineptitude’.  The word means…..”a lack of skill or ability”…..a better definition should be……”Incompetent“.

There are many within our government that try to talk a mean game….the big problem is that talk is cheap and knowledge is priceless……..and knowledge is in short supply in our Congress.

I am referring to the comments made by foreign policy neophytes like Sen. Cotton, Cruz and Rubio…….they are held up as some sort of policy expert because they sit on a foreign policy committee….and yet most of them do not attend the briefings that could go a long way in filling in the holes in their foreign policy education.

When the US went to the aid of the Libyan uprising Rubio approved……….”If we believe that the rise of this new attitude among young people and others seeking a new life and a new way in the Middle East is a positive thing, and I believe that it is, then it serves our national interest to see that happen,” he said.  Then he spouted about Qaddafi in support Moammar Qaddafi’s overthrow was that he “sowed instability among neighbors, plotted assassination attempts against heads of state, and supported terrorist enterprises.”

Getting rid of him, Qaddafi,  did so much good for the country and the region (sarcasm)………I understand the hatred of a mad dog killer but not realizing the consequences is a rookie mistake…….and illustrates the depth of his ignorance.

Then he, Rubio, makes statements like this…….“America plays a part on the world stage for which there is no understudy,” the senator and Republican presidential hopeful told a standing-room-only crowd on New York’s Upper East Side. “When we fail to lead with strength and principle there is no other country, friend or foe, that is willing or able to take our place. And the result is chaos.”

He does not seem to know that the massive chaos we have now in the Middle East began around 2003…..a good year for an invasion?

Then there is Sen. Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas…..he has been very vocal in his condemnation of the Obama and Clinton on foreign policy…..but he has attended less of the briefings than any of the other  senator.  According to a report from Politico late last month, Cruz missed out on discussions about Afghanistan, the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay, spending cuts, military readiness and the appropriate level of compensation for the troops.

Cruz like Rubio is one of those people that throws red meat at supporters without knowledge of what he is actually saying or the consequences of the actions……he lives for the applause……….he embraces ignorance and stupidity.

Of course I can not write about being inept without mentioning Arkansas’ Senator Tom Cotton.  His stand on the Iranian nuke deal has made him famous in the Right wing world and infamous in the real world.

This election, the one in 2016, is being billed as the foreign policy election…..pundits tell us that it will be mostly about our dealings with the rest of the world.  Personally that scares me….the people that are leading the pack for the GOP are about as inept as they come…..none have anything to say that is remotely intelligent and none of it shows that none of them have a handle on foreign policy.

If this is truly the “foreign policy” election and one of the GOP goofballs happens to win then America will be a bigger joke in the world than it is now.  Or worse will be engaged in a perpetual war for a generation or more.

Is that what you want?



The Call-Up: Conscription, Again | World Affairs Journal

Many of today’s politicians are complaining about the US involvement in the Middle East……and many have put forth a plan or two…..but not one of them is doable……there is only one way to put an end to the madness of Middle east conflicts…….conscription……

This is an op-ed I wrote for Ace News Room recently…….

There are many who see the need for this…..Americans need to put some skin in the game of world domination……All Americans!


The Call-Up: Conscription, Again | World Affairs Journal.

The New Containment: Undermining Democracy | World Affairs Journal

From the days of the Cold War…..Containment…..a program to try and stop the advancement of communism across the world…..all my old fart readers will know what I am talking about……

This is an interesting article about the tactic of containment……does it play in today’s world?  Can we contain the spread of radical Islam?

The halting of Communism was the battle against an ideology…….ISIS and others is not an ideology….it is a tactic for domination… I ask again…….can we use containment as we did 50 years ago?


The New Containment: Undermining Democracy | World Affairs Journal.

ISIS’s global strategy is coming into focus – Business Insider

Is ISIS forming a global strategy or are they just set on terrorizing the neighborhood?

recent attacks is Saudi Arabia has shown that they indeed do have a global strategy……

But will the West respond in a way that can contain the spilling out of the Middle East?  Can the world meet the new improved strategy?


ISIS’s global strategy is coming into focus – Business Insider.