Paying For Patriotism

Back in May I wrote a piece about the military paying NFL teams for their patriotic theme programs……in case you may have missed my scathing post……

After I let these people know what I think of that the Congress has taken up the issue…….and has made its decision known……..

The Senate today voted in favor of a bill which will bar the Pentagon from giving taxpayer money to NFL teams or other sports franchises in return for them “honoring the troops” during their games.

Reports of the “Patriotism for Profit” program emerged last month, with the revelations that 14 NFL teams had received $5.4 million in return for timeout displays of thanking troops for their service. This was quickly condemned by several top Congressmen.

The NFL, the apparent primary beneficiaries of this program, criticized the bill, saying it was a “distorted picture” of the long-standing relationship between the military and professional football. A spokesman went on to insist the programs to “honor the troops” would continue even if the money stopped.

Apparently Patriotism does have a price, at least for the NFL.

Are you telling me that the way these toads in Washington check fiscal policy that No one knew what was happening with these payments…..maybe they should spend more time doing their jobs and less time performing oral sex on their donors……whatcha think?

There is too much fake patriotism in this country…..and the NFL is a prime mover in that…….

When this story first came out it was pretty much ignored by most….like the NFL was some sort of God that one could not speak ill of without facing damnation……I have called the NFL a douche bag organization supported by mental midgets and cowards… I need to say more?

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Ace News Room | Iraq: Fracturing a Nation

This is an op-ed that I wrote for Ace News Room…….if you get a chance stop by and visit they are working hard to be a one stop news source…..

I cannot for the life of me see a bright future for Iraq……all the indicators point to a break up of the nation into parts…..pieces parts if you like…….just my views of what is happening….


Ace News Room | Iraq: Fracturing a Nation.

Voting Rights: Something Must be Done

Since the GOP landslide in 2010 there has been a massive attack on the voting rights of some states…..mostly those controlled by the GOP…… began with the proper ID and went to Hell from there……. limiting voting location and hours and early voting…….since those days the Supreme Court has made sure that any attempts to try and limit the people voting has been covered by the law…….

Of course the Dems went into a frenzy attacking all these so-called programs and incidents…..but with little success……hard to win an argument when you are out numbered in the state legislatures…..

Predictably the Dems will use this issue in their run to the election in 2016…..and that includes Hillary…….

Hillary Clinton says she wants to make voting easier and Republicans—especially Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker—have been doing their best to make it harder. In a speech in Houston yesterday, she called for sweeping moves to expand voting access, including 20 days of early voting and automatic registration when eligible voters turn 18, the Hill reports. She accused the GOP of “fear-mongering about a phantom epidemic of election fraud” as part of a systematic campaign to prevent millions of people—especially minority, young, and low-income voters—from going to the polls and asked Republicans why they were “so scared of letting citizens have their say.”

Automatic voter registration happens in most major democracies, but a quarter of eligible Americans aren’t registered—and since many of them are from Democratic-leaning groups, there has been little bipartisan support for bringing in automatic registration, the LA Times reports. In her speech yesterday, Clinton slammed the 2013 Supreme Court decision that weakened the Voting Rights Act and said she had been defending voting rights for decades, pointing to her work registering voters in Texas for George McGovern’s campaign in 1972, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Sounds like a plan, right?

More like idle campaign promises……people have got to understand that all this is just pandering…….she will do little…..the fate of voting rights is in the hands of the states and as long as the GOP controls the legislature there will be NO change……..

Yes, something must be done…..but talking is NOT the answer!

Do not believe it until you see it!

Erik Rush: ‘Violent Civil Disobedience’ Needed To Stop Liberals, Gay Marriage | Right Wing Watch

I know that the ignorant masses that are on the Right wing will say and or whatever it is that they think will motivate the idiots that subscribe to their lunacy but there comes a time when their words are chosen to ramp up harm to the country.

It is time for the government and law enforcers to start calling these pricks on their bluff and hold them responsible for their irresponsible words.  I do believe I have the right to say what is on my mind but if I get on the TV or radio and basically call out for violent action then that goes beyond voicing an opinion and into the realm of incitement.

This a/hole is hoping that his verbiage will motivate some of the mental midgets into action so there will be a response and then they can say….”Told you so”…..

What would these toads do if a black leader told the people that they needed to rise up in armed revolt?  They would have a stroke and die sprinting to FOX to make a comment.

I believe that there are limits to the first amendment…….this is not free speech this is trying to incite violence……where should we draw the line?

Erik Rush: ‘Violent Civil Disobedience’ Needed To Stop Liberals, Gay Marriage | Right Wing Watch.

Knowing What We Don’t Know About War by Lucy Steigerwald —

I have spent many years studying war and its causes and no matter how much one tries war is a difficult subject to get a grip on……and yet as unpredictable as it is the US is still wanting to go try it again.

GOP candidates all sound like they would without much thought send in US troops to defeat ISIS….a questionable premises at best……but there are so many angles that must be considered before sending in the troops……

This is a good intelligent look at war……please read and comment……


Knowing What We Don’t Know About War by Lucy Steigerwald —

How to defeat the Islamic State, according to Republican presidential candidates

As the GOP field expands for the 2016 presidential election the focus is on foreign policy (pause hear for raucous laughter) and every candidate has the perfect plan for the defeat of the nemesis of the US…..ISIS….

Their answers are so pathetic if they weren’t so damn ignorant……their ideas break down to spend more money (what happened to fiscal responsibility?) and involving more US troops (this from a/holes that will not have to do any fighting)……….do they still think this is WW2?  If so, then they are truly out of date and should brush up on conflict management.

Anyway take a look at their ideas….then you tell me……


How to defeat the Islamic State, according to Republican presidential candidates.