ISIS Coalition SITREP #59

Good day and welcome to today’s briefing.  This will be the last one until 29Dec14…….

Item 1–Pentagon is now saying US troops were not involved……

Officials from the command for US troops fighting ISIS in Iraq have publicly denied recent media reports that they have engaged in direct combat operations against ISIS in Anbar Province.

The reports are unfounded,” insisted Combined JTF_Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Gary Boucher, insisting there were no plans for US troops to take part in any offensive operations in Anbar.

Please make up my mind for me…..

Item 2–Kurds with US assistance have been making good headway in the North of Iraq….but that has slowed down…..

US warplanes continue attacks around the Sinjar district, in northwestern Iraq, claiming to have weakened ISIS in an area where Kurdish Peshmerga forces are trying to seize new territory.

The momentum seems to be shifting away from the Peshmerga today, however, for after taking Mount Sinjar and parts of the town of Sinjar in the past few days, they are now facing heavy ISIS resistance and not making significant gains.

Conflicting reports makes the truth very elusive…..

Item 3–Jordan is opening itself up to retaliation……

– Jordan will begin training the first group of army troops from neighbouring Iraq in the next few weeks as part of the international effort to fight Islamic State, the Iraqi defence minister said on Monday.

Speaking after meeting Jordanian King Abdullah, Khaled al Obeidi said Amman would also supply the Iraqi army with arms needed for its drawn-out fight against the radical Islamists who have seized wide swathes of the north and west of his country.

Obeidi aims to rebuild the Iraqi army, which fell apart last summmer in the face of Islamic State’s blitz across northern Iraq during which at least four Iraqi divisions crumbled.


That concludes today’s briefing……I would like to take this chance to wish all a very Merry Christmas and will be back after the holiday…..

Thanx for your time and attention…..

Turn The Page!

Remember Climate Change?

With all the shootings, deaths, hackings and just mind numbing gossip I had thought that the issue of climate change was off the radar at least until the 2016 campaigns……but it appears that I may have been mistaken…….

Think back for a moment…..recall when the big news was the cow farts was the leading cause of climate change?

Well there seems that ‘science’ and I use the term loosely has found a new culprit to blame for the changes…….anyway it is a culprit you would never suspect……

We were just trying to help. Turns out the efforts of humankind to save beavers from extinction over the past century have had an eco-unfriendly side effect: The animals, whose population has rebounded, are contributing to climate change, researchers say at EurekAlert. Beaver dams create shallow ponds, which can host growing levels of carbon as biological material accumulates on the floor. The result is methane, a greenhouse gas that doesn’t dissolve in the ponds; instead, it travels into the atmosphere. These days, beaver ponds release 200 times more methane than they did in 1900, when centuries of hunting threatened the animals with extinction.

Today, the animals are definitely doing better; in fact, there are about 10 million of them, researchers in Canada figured in a new study. One result of that is some 16,000 square miles of dammed ponds, which has led to the release of some 882,000 tons of methane, or 15% of what deer, antelope, and other cud-chewing wild creatures produce. And that figure could grow, says a researcher. Beavers aren’t the only rodents to blame for climate change, the Independent reports: Arctic squirrels are doing their share, too, say US scientists. They dig burrows, which warms the ground and helps melt permafrost, where carbon has been building up “for tens of thousands of years,” an expert explains. (Meanwhile, swamp rats are shrinking Louisiana.)

Will the ‘deniers’ now support a jihad aimed at beavers?  They were quick to jump on cows farting.  And what about those damn ground squirrels?

There you have the big news in climate science….BTW the other story mentioned in that piece is also as interesting as this one……get it a try.

What Caused The Spread Of Ebola?

The good news is that the panic and hysteria over the Ebola outbreak is over for the most part…….Americans have so much more they can turn into a major issue like SONY pictures….God forbid that we be spared from a second rate movie……or what will we do now that Cuba is recognized…….or maybe we will make up another panic that the media can feed……

Anyway some are looking at just what caused the outbreak and it escalation…..and this story lays the blame squarely where it belongs…..the IMF!

BBC News – IMF policies blamed for Ebola spread in West Africa.

The IMF uses pressure to force spending cuts and the rape of the country’s national resources….