ISIS Coalition SITREP #61

Good day… coming out of the battle with ISIS has slowed to a leak……I have decided to postpone any further briefings until 05Jan15……this will be the final report of 2014.

We have learned about the plane falling out of the sky into the Java sea and a ferry burning off Greece and a new Ebola person in UK…..but with all that the war continues and people die…….

Item 1–Finally!  Someone has spoke the truth within the Obama inner group…….

Trying to decipher this complex enemy — a hybrid terrorist organization and a conventional army — is such a conundrum that General Nagata assembled an unofficial brain trust outside the traditional realms of expertise within the Pentagon, State Department and intelligence agencies, in search of fresh ideas and inspiration. Business professors, for example, are examining the Islamic State’s marketing and branding strategies.

“We do not understand the movement, and until we do, we are not going to defeat it,” he said, according to the confidential minutes of a conference call he held with the experts. “We have not defeated the idea. We do not even understand the idea.”

General Nagata’s frustration is shared by other American officials. Even as President Obama and his top civilian and military aides express growing confidence that Iraqi troops backed by allied airstrikes have blunted the Islamic State’s momentum on the ground in Iraq and undermined its base of support in Syria, other officials acknowledge they have barely made a dent in the larger, longer-term campaign to kill the ideology that animates the terrorist movement.

Item 2–US and ally airstrikes are down to a dribble…..lack of targets is the culprit…..

Item 3–100’s of Iraqis and Syrians die daily……we should ask them what they desire…..maybe in 2015 might be a good time.

I apologize for the brevity of this briefing situations are under-reported…..hopefully a war becomes a priority in the media and the story is better told than today.

I will return to the briefings on 5Jan15….have a good holiday.

Thanx for your time and attention.

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ISIS Is “Demoralized” And “Reeling”

That is the story that the Pentagon keeps spreading through the airways……thus making the MSM an accomplice in the use of propaganda……Americans are reassured that the USA and its allies are handing ISIS their asses on a plate…….

There is a slight problem with all the successes we are told about……

The first Western journalist to receive wide access to ISIS-controlled territories says the group is “much stronger and much more dangerous” than the West knows, the Independent reports. The ground it controls has “dimensions larger than the UK,” Jürgen Todenhöfer, who has returned to Germany after 10 days with the group, tells German-language media. And its support is apparently expanding: “Hundreds of willing fighters arrive from all over the world” every day, and they show “an almost ecstatic enthusiasm that I have never encountered in any other war zone.” What’s more, in Mosul, Iraq, some 5,000 ISIS members sleep so far apart that bombing them all would require destroying the city, he says. And “with every bomb that is dropped and hits a civilian, the number of terrorists increases.”

ISIS continually says it wants to take over the world, and it “plan(s) the biggest religious cleansing in history,” Todenhöfer says. Meanwhile, it has worked to create “social welfare” and develop education—including for girls, which surprised the journalist. “The only ones who could stop this now are the moderate Iraqi Sunnis,” he says. “If you want to defeat an opponent, you must know him.” Todenhöfer, 74, headed to Mosul after extensive discussions with ISIS fighters via Skype, al Arabiya reports. He was joined by his son, who was in charge of filming the journalist’s interviews, Deutsche Welle adds. Today he’s set to publish a reflection on his experiences, with a book also to come.

I am sure that this news will be written off as a reporter with an agenda or that ISIS put on a strong face just for this guy…….but the real news tells a different story….yes they have had some setbacks but they do NOT look like they are losing the war……

Amazing this guys access ro ISIS was under reported….why is that?

Turkey Is a Bad Ally by Ivan Eland —

The conflict with ISIS rages on….the US has put together a sterling list of part-time allies and among these is one of NATO’s “strongest members…..Turkey.

But this “strong” ally seems to be playing games at the expense of so many others……this is a well written article that tells a lot about our “strong” ally…..

Turkey Is a Bad Ally by Ivan Eland —