ISIS Coalition SITREP #51

So begins another week…..and welcome to the briefing…..

Item 1–We have a new Sec of Defense…..what type of defense person will he be?

President Obama announced that he’s nominating Ashton Carter to be the next Secretary of Defense. Carter has had a long career in national security, including two stints at the Pentagon, and most media profiles of him note that he’s widely respected on the right and probably won’t face too much opposition from Senate Republicans at his nomination hearing.

Part of the reason Republicans are so keen on him is that Carter, the words of the New York Times, “may advocate a stronger use of American power,” which is to say that he’s a fan of blowing things up. He’s especially fond of blowing things up in North Korea, and there’s already been quite a bit of discussion about a 2006 Washington Post Op-Ed he co-authored advocating that the U.S. “immediately make clear its intention to strike and destroy the North Korean Taepodong missile before it can be launched.”

Does that answer the question?

item 2–We have a new command for handling ISIS…….

The Pentagon has announced today the creation of a new military command, dubbed Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, which will oversee the war against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

The Pentagon seemed to be trying to downplay the significance of establishing a formal command specifically for the war, saying only that it would mean press releases about the war would come from the command instead of from Centcom.

But the US doesn’t establish new conflict-centric military commands, particularly for ones spanning multiple countries, just every day, and the move reflects the continued escalation of the war in both size and length.

War is good business…….sounds like a perpetual war to me…..

Item 3–ISIS is once again threatening another Syria military base…….

ISIS is once again pushing against the air base, the easternmost military site still under Assad government control, and which has faced several previous sieges.

The base is also the last real site from which the Syrian military can launch airstrikes against a large portion of ISIS territory, and the loss of it would seriously curb the Assad government’s ability to bring air power forth against ISIS.

Item 4–Over the weekend Israeli planes bombed Syria…….

Earlier Sunday, Israeli warplanes launched multiple attacks on Syria, hitting at least 10 distinct sites, mostly in and around the Damascus International airport, but also including a military installation along the Lebanese border in Dimas.

What was attacked is still a subject of no small speculation, as the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) said it was conceivable the sites were Hezbollah arms dumps, though they appeared to have no evidence supporting that

Israel needs to remain on the sidelines….any action they start could have wider implications…..the fragile Coalition could be at stake.

Item 5–Afghanistan could be part of the problem with ISIS…….

For young jihad-minded students in Afghanistan, joining the Taliban or one of its associated groups has long been a no-brainer. They are, after all, one of the longest-standing such groups in the world.

But the ISIS bandwagon is growing even in remote Afghanistan, with students seeing the large territory ISIS has carved out in such a short time, and seeing the Taliban as comparatively feckless.

A situation that needs deep scrutiny……..

This concludes today’s briefing and I  now return you your normal internet viewing day….

Thanx for your time and attention……..

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ISIS Strategy: K.I.S.S. | Ace News Room 2014

The US has stated that it will be sending more and more troops to assist the Iraqis in their fight against ISIS.  The problem is that there are mixed reports on just how effective our presence has been……

Maybe now would be a good time to re-think the whole plan as it is……a better plan is much needed.

This is a piece I have written for Ace News Room 2014….please read and let me know your thoughts……


ISIS Strategy: K.I.S.S. | Ace News Room 2014.

Is It Time For A Change?

Change?  A subject that Americans clamor on and on about…..but yet Not one of them can accurately say just what change entails……….most are not looking for real change but rather just a new set of politicians ………..which is NOT change.

When the war of words between the two drag ass parties gets heated someone always brings up the issue of constitutionality…….and then some else has the brilliant idea of a constitutional convention to solve any dispute…..and then everyone takes a step back and calmer heads prevail…….

But in reality is there ever going to be a convention to possibly re-do the constitution or maybe add an amendment or two?

The US Constitution has 27 amendments, all of which have been added in the usual manner laid out in high school civics texts. But Bloomberg catches up with a movement to alter the Constitution in a way that’s never been done—by holding a constitutional convention to draft changes. In order for such a convention to happen, two-thirds of the states need to call for one, and advocates say they’ve already cracked the two-dozen mark on the way to the necessary 34. As Bloomberg’s Albert Hunt explains, most of the push is coming from fiscal conservatives who want to add an amendment requiring a balanced budget or some other kind of financial discipline.

Hunt thinks it’s “still not likely” the movement will succeed, but what has critics and constitutional scholars worried nonetheless is the unprecedented nature of such a convention. Would anything be up for debate? Might the Bill of Rights be endangered, at least theoretically? Robert Greenstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities writes in the Washington Post that everything about a possible convention, from the selection of delegates to the voting rules, is uncharted territory. “That means that under a convention, anything goes,” he writes. The website rounds up views from high-profile advocates, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who calls a convention the only way to “restrain the size of the federal government.”

Lots of bold talk……but who has the cajones to ride this issue to finish….my guess is…NO ONE!  It is all talk….making political points…..but No action will ever occur.

Personally, I think that it is beyond time to take a hard realistic look at a new convention……there are so many issues that need to be cleared up and put into perspective.