ISIS Coalition SITREP #54

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Item 1–US has stopped paying rebels in Northern Syria…….

Which reflects the nature of a lot of the “moderate” rebellion, that they are there to collect US paychecks and, in their absence, they’re for sale to the highest bidders, which will probably be al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front.
Does money buy friends?
Item 2–Hagel tells media that airstrikes will not solve the problem……
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel admitted today that he was pressed by Iraqi Premier Hayder Abadi on shipments of heavy weapons as well as escalations of airstrikes.
he declined any comment on what, if anything, he’d agreed to provide Abadi, but did say that US firepower would never be enough to solve all of Iraq’s problems, noting it didn’t work during the last war, and won’t work during this one.
Now you see why he was forced to resign……
Item 3–the bomb maker of Khorasan, the seal team six of AQ, was reported killed back in November….but maybe not…..
Throughout the Syrian War, the US has claimed massive death tolls among leaders of the “Khorasan” faction of al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front. In October, officials conceded the early attacks failed, and almost immediately thereafter claimed David Drungeon, a top French “bomb maker,” was killed in a drone strike.

The story of Drungeon’s suddenly becoming a “top bomb maker” was extremely dubious, but officials figured he was killed, and slain al-Qaeda members have a way of being posthumously promoted by the US.

Only Drungeon isn’t dead, officials are now admitting. They think he was “seriously injured” but survived the drone strike, and he is believed to have since recovered.

Drungeon’s death was of particular PR value to Western officials as a convert to Islam who was slain overseas. His survival serves as further embarrassment to a US war in Syria which has gone poorly from the start.

The whole Khorasan thing is not passing the smell test….a little too convenient…….

Item 4–Assad is backing Russia’s attempt at peace in the beleaguered country…….

President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday met a top Russian envoy who said Moscow is hoping to relaunch peace talks for the war-torn country and could host a Syria-US meeting.

After meeting Assad, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov was quoted as saying, for the first time, that he “was in contact with our American partners.”

The Russian foreign ministry said Assad and Bogdanov also discussed on “consolidating efforts in the fight against the Islamic State group and other terrorist organisations.”

For the sake of debate….let’s say they achieve a peace deal with the rebels…..what will that mean in the fight against ISIS?

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‘Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor’ | Ace News Room 2014

An op-ed I wrote a couple years ago and was submitted to Ace News Room 2014…..they picked it up and I thank them for that…..

Israel and the West Bank are seeing up ticks in violence and most of it is race based……and nowhere does it make news news unless it is an Israeli that is attacked by a Palestinian…..and then it becomes a blow against democracy.

The problem is there is NO one with half a brain that considers Israel a democracy… is s a slogan that has NO basis in reality.

Please tell me what you think…..


‘Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor’ | Ace News Room 2014.

ISIS No Longer An Isolated Phenom

For about a year we have heard over and over about ISIS and the need to stop it in its tracks……it did not become a major situation until the beheadings of American citizens……and then we jumped into the conflict with both feet.

But since our involvement ISIS has mover beyond the Levant (Syria and Iraq) in influence  It is gaining influence in Arabian Peninsula, Libya and to a smaller extent Egypt….but that is not the biggest problem of their growing influence with younger jihadis.

A little background first……this year the US is to end its major deployment of troops in Afghanistan…..the president has decided to leave a larger force than first was indicted…….

The US and NATO have ceremonially ended their combat mission in Afghanistan, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks sparked their invasion of the country to topple the Taliban-led government. NATO’s International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, which was in charge of combat operations, lowered its flag today, formally ending its deployment. US Gen. John F. Campbell, commander of NATO and US forces, says the mission will now transition to a training and support role for Afghanistan’s own security forces, which have led the fight against the Taliban insurgents since mid-2013.

“The Afghan security forces are capable,” Campbell says. “They have to make some changes in the leadership, which they’re doing, and they have to hold people accountable.” He says from Jan. 1, the coalition will maintain a force of 13,000 troops in Afghanistan, down from a peak of around 140,000 in 2011. But the mission ends as the Taliban is increasing its attacks. President Obama recently allowed US forces to launch operations against both Taliban and al-Qaeda militants, broadening the mission of the US forces that will remain in the country after the end of the year.

I am sure3 when we depart that the Taleban will once again try to gain control.  But that may not be the trouble they should be concentrating on in the future…….in a piece written by Jason Ditz for……

For young jihad-minded students in Afghanistan, joining the Taliban or one of its associated groups has long been a no-brainer. They are, after all, one of the longest-standing such groups in the world.

But the ISIS bandwagon is growing even in remote Afghanistan, with students seeing the large territory ISIS has carved out in such a short time, and seeing the Taliban as comparatively feckless.

In the near-term, NATO occupation forces may see this as a gain, as it means the Taliban’s recruitment isn’t going as well as it once was. Ultimately, however, it may either force the Taliban into a reformation toward more extreme, ISIS-style doctrines, or simply result in ISIS becoming the dominant faction in yet another nation

This should be checked vigorously….or the US will once again be ass deep in the internal events of Afghanistan.