Eaten Alive! What Crap!

It is the weekend and as usual I will get on a soapbox for a couple of days.

Are the American people so damn stupid as to believe that this was actually going to happen?  A man to be eaten by a snake alive on TV.  If so….PT Barnum was right about a sucker……

Eaten Alive, the Discovery Channel special that was supposed to feature Paul Rosolie being swallowed whole, then regurgitated, by an anaconda, aired last night … but Rosolie’s encounter with the giant snake didn’t exactly go down as planned. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rosolie spent most of the two-hour special searching for an anaconda he first saw years ago, one he believes to be the biggest on Earth at at least 25 feet. In his first on-camera encounter with the snake, he jumped on its back but had to jump off when he was dragged into the water. After another encounter during which Rosolie grabbed its tail but couldn’t hang on, he determined it would be safer to settle for a smaller anaconda. He put on his pig-blood-soaked protective suit, and the snake (a 20-footer that was already in captivity, according to People) coiled around him. Then, just as the snake opened its jaws onto Rosolie’s helmet, he called the whole thing off and was rescued.

“I felt her jaws lock onto my helmet,” he explained afterward. “I felt her gurgling and wheezing but then I felt her let go. She got my arm into a position where her force was fully on my exposed arm. I started to feel the blood drain out of my hand and I felt the bone flex, and when I got to the point where I felt like it was going to snap I had to tap out.” He says he couldn’t move and, at one point, couldn’t feel his arms; his heart rate went higher than 180. Twitter exploded with complaints after Rosolie called off the stunt, Us reports, with one viewer noting, “Calling it #EatenAlive is like having a show on the Food Network about cooking a turkey and all they do after 2 hours is preheat the oven.” But Rosolie says he accomplished what he set out to—being eaten alive was just the hook, he explains. “I wanted to do something to grab people’s attention to the plight of the disappearing rainforests,” he explained earlier this month. “Something completely crazy.” And, yes, the snake is fine; as for Rosolie, he was “pretty beaten up,” he tells Discovery. (Read about the controversy that swirled around the special.)

Time for the media to start taking the responsibility for being a good purveyor of news and entertainment…..this piece of crap was neither.

It was pure sensationalism plain and simple……..time has come to keep this type of garbage off the airways….we already have enough trash in the form of Reality TV……which by its presence has lower the global IQ by 20 points.

One more thing to consider……did they starve that snake to make him hunger enough to consider eating a full grown human?  Or did they just torment it until it struck out?  No matter what technique they used….they should be investigated for cruelty!

That snake belongs where they captured it…in the Amazon.

To use that animal for some moronic reality show is just pathetic….stunts like this just illustrates the depravity of the media in their search for ratings….don’t know about you but this whole thing is disgusting!