A State Of Palestine?

My answer to that question is….DAMN TIME!

There is a massive movement for the world to recognize the state of Palestine.  It is beyond time for the world to step up and do the right thing and give Palestinians what they richly deserve.

There are some excellent reason that this should become set in stone…..

Five Reasons to Recognise a Palestinian State | European Council on Foreign Relations.

But as normal the cowards of the West are not so hot for there to be a state of Palestine….from UK’s Independent…..

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today mounted a last-ditch effort to thwart a Palestinian and Arab bid to pass a UN Security Council resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years.

Mr Netanyahu met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome to lobby for an American veto after issuing statements ruling out any such withdrawal, even if it is passed by the Security Council.

“There are efforts to dictate terms which harm the security of Israel and do not bring peace,” said Mr Netanyahu. “We will repel every effort like this, which will only bring the terrorism to the heart of the country.” Mr Netanyahu said on Sunday that if Israel were to pull out of the West Bank, Islamic extremists would reach “the suburbs of Tel Aviv and the heart of Jerusalem”.

Palestinian leaders then decided to submit the resolution to the Security Council, while today Mr Kerry is to confer in London with Arab League and Palestinian diplomats. They will ask Mr Kerry to break from decades of the US shielding Israel in the Security Council and urge that it not use its veto if a majority on the body supports the resolution on Wednesday. It remains unclear what the wording of the resolution will actually be and whether a watered-down version could gain US acquiesence.

In recent weeks, France, along with Britain and Germany, have formulated an alternative resolution. It does not call for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years but rather sets a two-year deadline for the conclusion of negotiations that are to be resumed between Israel and the Palestinians leading to a two-state solution to the conflict. Unrest in Jerusalem

And as usual the US will do whatever Israel tells them to do…….and apparently so will the UK and the EU………EU lawmakers stopped short on Tuesday of proposing a joint motion urging EU members to recognize a state of Palestine, settling instead on a compromise resolution that peace talks should progress, converging with Israel’s stance on the matter.

Palestinians are not disillusioned by the powers that are trying desperately to preserve Israel’s control of the West Bank……

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will push for a U.N. Security Council vote this week on a resolution setting a November 2016 deadline for ending the Israeli occupation

The Palestinians seek a state in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands Israel captured in 1967. The U.N. General Assembly recognized such a state as an observer in 2012. Parliaments of several European countries have in recent weeks recommended to their governments to recognize a state.

The US vote on this could go a long way to lessen the tensions in the Middle East….but that is not in the cards for the US is a SLAVE to Israel and the Military-Industrial Complex……..I mean SLAVE in every sense of the word!

Time for the US to stop pussy footin’ around and do the right thing……Palestine needs to be recognized for what it is…..the homeland of the Palestinian people……time to put them on equal footing with the Israelis…..you want a peace deal then there is NO better way to show it than the recognition of the state of PALESTINE!

The US tone is blatantly condescending…..they put on a concerned face but that is all it is….a face……

Most notable piece of BS came from Kerry…….

“Right now what we are trying to do is have a constructive conversation with everybody to find the best way forward,” he said, while being careful not to interfere in the Israeli political campaign. “We want to find the most constructive way of doing something that therefore will not have unintended consequences, but also can stem the violence,”

That is doublespeak and is an out right LIE…….what could be more constructive than the recognition of the state of Palestine?

If the US could find the cajones to go against the anti-Castro lobby then maybe they could grow a pair and buck the Israel lobby….wishful thinking I know…….all these games played by Israel and the US will do NOTHING but insure more violence……..and Israel could not be happier.



Mississippi: Kinda Ironic?

My grandfather who was a Jicarilla Apache always said there was someone hiding in the wood pile…..he was referring to me and my blue eyes…he was joking because he knew my father was mostly white….but he enjoyed messing with me…..outta love.

I now live in Mississippi and I see every day how many of the people detest African-Americans mainly because they think they get special treatment by the government….of course if most of them would graduate from grade school they would see that ALL poor people in the state are being screwed by that same government, irregardless of race……

And then I read a report about research done in the South, which includes Mississippi, that will no doubt be pushed aside as some sort of nut job……

– A simple cheek swab can reveal a lot about your DNA, and for 6 million Americans who identify as white, mostly in the South, that swab has revealed African ancestry hidden in their genes, the Washington Post reports. One in 10 Southerners have at least 1% African origins, and the reason isn’t hard to pinpoint: Slavery. The study, conducted by 23andMe, also found African Americans today are more likely to have a European male ancestor (19%) than a female one (5%). “That, of course, reflects what historians know about white slave owners raping enslaved women who descended from Africa,” writes Jenée Desmond-Harris at Vox. The study even reveals that this blending started in the early 1800s.

The study examined the DNA profiles of about 160,000 people; the data was compared to where they lived and which race they identified with. They found people with less than 15% African genes didn’t identify as black and the average African American’s genes are at least 24% European. “Descriptors like ‘black’ and ‘white’ mean a lot less from a biological standpoint than they do from a cultural one,” writes the Post‘s Christopher Ingraham. Some other interesting finds, according to Discovery:

  • 5% of African Americans have 2% Native American ancestry; the highest is 14% in Oklahoma, where Native Americans were displaced after the Trail of Tears.
  • Iberian ancestry was common in Latinos from Florida and the Southwest.
  • Scandinavian ancestry is highly concentrated in Minnesota and the Dakotas.
  • Native ancestry among Latinos is concentrated in Texas and California.

Now thinking back I believe this is most likely a valid paper and study……whites will most likely want to hid this from their neighbors….oh the horror of possibly having black genes coursing through their body…..but makes a Hell of a story……Ironic those that hate the most are themselves at least partially those they hate…..