I was leafing through BBC site and came across a term that I am unaware of…..SEXTORTION!  My first reaction was….”what the “f”?

Of course having a curious mind I just had to follow up on my curiosity.

This is what I read at first…….

Hundreds of thousands of men around the world are falling victim every year to a pernicious form of online crime.

It has been nicknamed “sextortion” and is a form of blackmail.

Victims are normally lured in through social media sites; the blackmailers are criminal gangs operating in countries like the Philippines.

Okay I have an idea of what it is but further investigation is needed…….

Sextortion – Last year, Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf became one of the nation’s most high-profile cases of “sextortion,” an increasingly common crime in which a hacker steals a person’s photos or videos (usually by hacking a computer, phone or webcam) and then demands some form of payment not to distribute them online. There are several different ways individuals can lose their private images to a hacker: an ex-partner can send shared images to a third party; the victim can be enticed or threatened into sharing them; the hacker can hijack an online account that stores these sensitive images; or the victim’s computer or mobile device can be infected by a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that allows the attacker inside access. RATs allow the hacker to remotely enable the victim’s webcam to clandestinely capture images of them.

Let see….some hot little thing cons me into having some racy chat….then she records it and threatens to expose my dalliance unless I compensate her monetarily……that about it?

What to do…what to do?

Personally, I would get a good chuckle and tell her to knock herself out….even if I was married……why would I do that?

Simple….Kim Kardashian.  She is famous for nothing more than making a sex tape….it is worth a try.  I could use a few bucks more and I would call the National Enquirer myself….save her the charge.

You want to stop this sort of thing….then my answer….do not do it….you moron!