Chuq’s Daily Musical Interlude

Holiday approaches….news is getting redundant and boring…….now is the time for some soothing music…..

This is the opening of Rocky Horror Picture Show….one of the greatest musicals EVER!

Or do what we always do…..worship at the alter of consumerism and throw money we do not have away……your choice.


ISIS Coalition SITREP #58

Good day and I would like to report that this week will be a short with the celebrating of the holidays

Item 1–The slow build-up of US troops in the fight with ISIS continues…..

There are about 1,600-1,700 US ground troops in Iraq right now, but by the end of January it is expected to be nearly twice as many, according to the most recent Pentagon announcement.

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby today announced that 1,000 paratroopers will be sent to Iraq in late January, and that another 300 troops from other services will be sent in January as well.

Slow but steady build up of US troops……this keeps it off the MSM radar…

Item 2–What is the cost of the war so far?

Constantly trying to downplay the massive cost of the new ISIS war in both Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon today issued a statement claiming the “total cost of operations” has been $1.02 billion since the war began, an absurdly low number considering what’s involved.

At present, the US has some 1,700 ground troops in Iraq and has carried out 1,371 airstrikes across both Iraq and Syria, including scores of attacks with Tomahawk cruise missiles, which by themselves cost $1.5 million each.

Item 3–US officials are claiming that ISIS is back on its heels……..

US officials claim Islamic State extremists have lost their momentum in fighting in Iraq and Syria and have been demoralised by heavy casualties inflicted by American air strikes

A senior US official said Isis had suffered particularly high casualties as a result of its determination to capture Kobani, sending many fighters to the border town, where they could easily be targeted by US planes. As a result, the official claimed, Isis fighters in the Isis Syrian stronghold of Raqqa were increasingly reluctant to go to Kobani and were growing disillusioned with the leadership.

“It was presenting itself as an unstoppable movement,” he said. “That kind of unstoppable momentum has been blunted, to say the least. We have killed over 1,000 of their fighters, particularly in Kobani, and that gets to Raqqa because they wanted to take Kobani and had been making the biggest flag they had ever made and they were going to put it up there because to them this is a war of flags.

News out of the region is NOT recognizing this optimism…….

Item 4–Has US Troops entered into the fray in Iraq?

US ground troops were confirmed to have been joined Iraqi forces in attempting to repel an ISIS attack on the strategic Anbar Province town of Baghdadi, northwest of Ramadi.

The Iraqi police confirmed US troops from the al-Assad airbase joined the battle. Some 350 US troops are stationed at the base, deep in ISIS territory, and officials have often presented attacks on ISIS near the area as “self-defense.”

Self -defense?

Tomorrow’s briefing will be the last until next week…that is unless large happens and needs covering…..

Thanx for your time and attention…..

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Cuba: What To Do, What To Do?

The surprise of 2014 was the announcement that the US would resume relations with the island nation of Cuba.  Of course, this news sent the GOP into a batcrap crazy rage…..they babbled….they whined….and they warned…….and as usual they threatened..

There is a minor battle going on between Rubio and Paul……it is silly theatrics…….but I am sure that there are those that will be very vocal on all this……

So I ask Congress….whatcha going to do?

They will do whatever it takes…at least that is their promise……a hollow promise at best…….why?

Not likely, according to experts, who say that President Obama has considerable leeway to curb the embargo against Cuba unilaterally, and Congress has limited options as far as stopping him.
All they can do is make lots of noise, which they excel at, and in the end…..cry in their beer.

One More SONY Post

Yep Sony has managed to stay in the news beyond a breaking story……I have a couple of thoughts on this spurious BS……

1–Sony is a Japanese company

2–The decision to pull the movie was a business decision not one of safety.  Lawsuits would be all the rage if something would have happened costing Sony many many dollars.

3–When did the persevering profit of a foreign company become a national security issue?

4–North Korea is not that sloppy as to male it so easy for the FBI to say it was them that did the hacking.

5–do you know how much more cash that Sony will make when they release the movie in about six months?  They will make billions off a second rate movie.

The FBI has gotten congratulatory message for their diligence in finding the culprit….

The hackers allegedly behind the hack of Sony Pictures are congratulating the FBI on its work and offering the bureau a “Christmas gift.” “The result of investigation by FBI is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with your own eyes,” a broken-English message attributed to the “Guardians of Peace” hackers says at “We congratulate you success. FBI is the BEST in the world.” The message links to a YouTube video titled “you are an idiot,” CNN reports; the clip features upbeat electronic music and smiley faces.

I believe that the US just wanted it to be North Korea and made the investigation fit the paradigm….