ISIS Coalition SITREP #60

Good day….I do hope that everyone had a lovely holiday…..shall we move on to what is happening in the Middle East?

Item 1–During the Xmas break a Jordanian plane was downed by ISIS and the pilot captured and put on display.  This could open another front in this war….Jordan has its supporters of ISIS.

A warplane in the US-led coalition that is bombing ISIS in Syria went down near Raqqa today, the AP reports, and Jordan is confirming ISIS claims that one of its pilots has been captured by the militants. The pro-ISIS Raqqa Media Center published photos to Facebook showing a bleeding man they claim is the Jordanian pilot, reports the BBC. The photos show a man in a white shirt being taken out of a body of water by armed men, as well as an image of a military card and a caption identifying him as Royal Jordanian Air Force Flight Lieutenant Moaz Youssef al-Kasasbeh, the BBC notes. The lieutenant’s father confirmed to a Syrian newspaper that his son’s plane went down in Syria and passed a message along to ISIS: “May Allah plant mercy in your hearts and may you release my son.”

It would be the first warplane shot down by the Islamic State since airstrikes began three months ago, and the first foreign soldier to fall into the group’s hands, notes the AP. Activists from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claim ISIS used an anti-aircraft missile. Some worry what this incident means for how well ISIS fighters are armed, how well US-led aircraft can protect themselves, and whether Arab nations will be more reluctant to join. In its air mission against Syrian ISIS sites, the US has been joined by Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, with Qatar lending logistical aid, the AP notes

Item 2–Some are searching for a negotiated settlement of the war in Syria…….

The search for a negotiated settlement to the Syrian civil war is gaining steam, as President Bashar Assad’s forces feel increasingly squeezed on the battlefield and Islamic extremist groups proliferate across the region.

Russia, Assad’s chief international ally, is trying to convene peace talks in Moscow between Syrian government representatives and the mainstream opposition on how to move toward a political transition. Its diplomats have been shuttling between various sides of the conflict to try to arrange talks without preconditions.

Elsewhere, U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura is attempting to decrease the level of carnage in Syria through a plan that calls for “freezing the conflict” in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo as a building block for a wider solution to the war.

So far, there is little to suggest that either of those plans has a real chance of success. But analysts say there is a greater chance now for a settlement as a result of recent government losses in the north and south as well as growing resentment toward Assad among his traditional supporters ? particularly after the mass killings of soldiers by militants.

The longer the war in Syria goes on the worse everything will become…..this will gain traction in 2015….as the war in Iraq gets further expanded….

Item 3–As the US continues the military build-up of troops so with the defense contractors……those overpaid people that do what the troops should be doing….

As the Pentagon continues to add ground troops to Iraq for the ISIS war, it is expected that considerable numbers of private military contractors will follow.

The Pentagon made it clear, before they even started going into Iraq this next time, that they were looking for contractors for long-term deployments. Officials say the exact size will depend on how spread out the actual ground troops are, but signs are it will be considerable.

What this means is that corporations will be raking in massive profits from the use of US Troops.

Item 4–Reports are that the Islamic State is a failed state……

Recent reports out of ISIS territory are declaring the region a “failed state,” with shortages of medicine and rising food prices. The major city of Mosul has run out of chlorine, making its drinking water dangerous.

Though being spun as a failure of leadership by ISIS, such sights are pretty common in war zones, and all of ISIS territory is undergoing regular bombardment by the US and its allies, while US sanctions aim to prevent commerce from the oil-rich Syrian territory ISIS holds.

This of course sounds more like a propaganda piece…..yes there are difficulties but I do not think the end is near…..right now.

Item 5–Is there a sign that the Us will be more involved than today in the battle with ISIS?

For years, the US was wondering what it was going to do with many thousands of war vehicles it shipped to Afghanistan when the drawdown left so many of them in surplus. At times they talked about giving them away, or shredding them.

Instead, 3,100 such vehicles have been sent to Kuwait, where the US is massing them for use in the ever-escalating war against ISIS. Officials simply found another war for them

US Transport Command says that the Army has “room” to hold all the gear in Kuwait, and is simply storing it there until they figure out what they have a need for. History suggests they’ll invent needs for it, if nothing immediately springs up.

A small piece of intel but warrants keeping an eye on…….these vehicles are close….”if needed”.

Item 6–

SONY: “A Sucker Born Every Minute”

Holding true to form the American public has once again illustrated just how easy they can be manipulated.

Yes, I am talking about a second rate comedy, “The Interview”.

After Sony’s U-turn on releasing The Interview, the controversial movie played in 331 independent cinemas across America on Christmas Day, often to sellout crowds. Many moviegoers made it clear they were there to take a political stand, with one ticket seller in California dressed as “Uncle Sam-ty Claus,” the New York Times reports. “We are taking a stand for freedom,” the manager of the Cinema Village East in Manhattan tells the AP. “We want to show the world that Americans will not be told what we can or cannot watch. Personally, I am not afraid.” Security was light at most theaters, though some had police officers standing by.

Co-directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen made a surprise appearance at a screening in Los Angeles, where they thanked moviegoers for their support, reports Reuters. A North Korean diplomat, meanwhile, called the release an “unpardonable mockery” of the “dignity of our supreme leader,” but said there would probably be no “physical reaction” from Pyongyang. In a first for a major studio, the movie had a simultaneous release online. The groundbreaking release strategy is being closely watched by the industry, although Sony says it won’t release any immediate data on the number of sales or rentals, CNN reports.

A pathetic display of blind consumerism……Americans allowed the media to frame the idea that it was somehow “patriotic” to defy North Korea and buy an overpriced ticket to watch second class actors do a very bad movie.

Their moronic action shows two things….1–the American public is gullible and  2–they are more than willing to throw their money at a corporation that does not need it.  All in the name of some misplaced loyalty.

The people did not disappoint me at all…….I said it was all an act just to boost profits for a bad movie…..

Have you noticed that since SONY got the PR they needed to guarantee a big opening for this movie….it seems to be NO story.  But never fear we have a new air crash to dangle in front of the people.

I wish to thank the American people prove my point for me……..and a Happy Year to you….Sony is laughing all the way to the bank.

Iran: What’s The Big Secret?

The whole world knows of the problems that Iran has caused worldwide since 1979…..the hostages, the nuke thing, its hatred of Israel and so on….and on….and on.  Well all that is up to interpretation…….

Let’s take a short trip in the “way back machine” to 1953 and the events up to that year…..first Persia, as it was known for eons,  becomes Iran in 1935……1941 – The Shah’s pro-Axis allegiance in World War II leads to the Anglo-Russian occupation of Iran and the deposition of the Shah in favour of his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.  1950 – Ali Razmara becomes prime minister and is assassinated less than nine months later. He is succeeded by the nationalist, Mohammad  1951 April – Parliament votes to nationalise the oil industry, which is dominated by the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Britain imposes an embargo and a blockade, halting oil exports and hitting the economy. A power struggle between the Shah and Mossadeq ensues and the Shah flees the country in August 1953.

Now you are caught up with the events from Persia becoming Iran to the year of a coup that brought the shah into power….

Let me bring the events of 1953 into focus…….1953 August – Mossadeq is overthrown in a coup engineered by the British and American intelligence services. General Fazlollah Zahedi is proclaimed as prime minister and the Shah returns.

That coup lead to the Shah regaining power that lasted into the 1970’s when he was removed from power by a popular uprising…..

A long waited report on the coup which was lead by the CIA has stayed classified……but why?

Jason Ditz brings us a bit more info on this report……

In 1953, the CIA orchestrated a coup d’etat against the democratically elected government of Iranian Premier Mohammad Mossadegh, installing Shah Reza Pahlavi.

It’s no secret that the CIA did it, and the US has admitted it time and again, but the State Department has announced it is once again delaying the release of its study on the coup, claiming the admission would undermine “ongoing negotiations with Iran.”

The coup was carried out primarily for the benefit of British oil interests, as Mossadegh was planning nationalization. Legally speaking, the State Department was only supposed to keep the history secret for 30 years.

It’s hard to imagine anything in the history of the coup is unknown, let alone that it could do any further harm to US-Iranian relations after decades of acrimony. Still, the lure of secrecy seems to be winning out among officials, as usual.

This could lead to a wealth of conspiracies, that is if anyone cared enough to even know about this report……but this is just another story that most Americans will glaze over on their way to the comics.

My thought is that is more to the coup than the socialistic leanings of the new, popularly elected PM…… guess is a major corporation or more had a major influence and it is not time for us mere mortals to be told…..

Any thoughts?