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Friday and a smile for the weekend……sick of the mindless pundits saying everything the public wants to hear…..thru the mist of time…….thru the fog of old age……..time to let it all fade into a “Whiter Shade Of Pale”…..

From the best album Johnny Rivers ever recorded….”Realization”…..




ISIS Coalition SITREP #50

Friday’s briefing will begin….you may take notes if that will help…..

Item 1–Deja vu all over again……where have we seen this before?

In a 300-119 vote, the House has approved the newest annual military spending bill, pumping another $585 billion into the Pentagon for assorted wars, including the newest war against ISIS.

The bill also includes an extension of the authorization for the Pentagon to train and arm “moderate” Syrian rebel factions, which was supposed to expire on December 11. The bill will extend the deadline through 2016.

An authorization for war is never a good thing.

Item 2–Even Kerry and Obama are pushing the successes in Iraq….but it may not be the ‘success’ they keep claiming…..

Three months into the US air war, the situation on the ground in ISIS territory in both Iraq and Syria is largely unchanged, with only a small amount of territory lost in the conflict.

ISIS has lost a handful of towns along the Kurdish frontier in Iraq, particularly those near Iranian territory. At the same time, they’ve taken more territory inside Anbar Province, further securing their stranglehold on Iraq’s largest province.

Propaganda is a useful tool…..

Item 3–Iraq is the most optimistic country ever…….

Iraqi security forces are speeding up plans to retake territory seized by the Islamic State, and could launch a major offensive against the militants this winter, according to a senior U.S. defense official.

A centerpiece of the ground offensive against the Islamic State will be a push to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, which is expected to be a complex battle that could take months and involve bloody street fighting.

Success in Mosul will hinge largely on the ability of Iraq’s central government, composed many of Shiites, to win the cooperation of local police, many of whom are Sunnis, to secure the city. Iraq’s military also will have to work alongside Kurdish forces and local Sunni tribes in retaking the city.

Personal opinion…the Iraqi government is not capable of this bold assumption without help….and we know what that means….don’t we?

Item 4–US has found an off-site ISIS training camp and is looking at it……

African Command chief General David Rodriguez says that the US military is keeping a close watch on a fledgling ISIS training operation which has been set up in eastern Libya.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the program, and Gen. Rodriguez conceded that it was unclear what actual ties the group has with ISIS, apart from pledging loyalty to them.

Did I not see something like this in “Patriot Games”?

Because of the reaction to the grand juries decisions there will not be a lot of info on the war…….better luck next week…..

That concludes the briefing……

Thanx for your time and attention……..

Turn The Page!

Are Cameras Really The Answer?

There have been numerous incidents where the police have shot and killed unarmed suspects…..many in this country are looking for an answer to this problem….

As usual the country is looking for a quick fix….instead of facing reality….sad to say that a simplistic approach may not be the best approach……..and there you have the “simple” answer…..make the cops wear body cameras…..this will force the cops to re-think their approach to a dangerous situation…….

Personally, I do not think that this is the sole answer….just the simplest one to implement…..and it seems that others feel the way I do….

Can body cameras really curb police abuse? Experts aren’t so sure.

Body cameras on police officers? Not so fast, say some researchers

Read the articles and please let me know what you think….is it or is it not…..the ANSWER?

What Were They Thinking?

First let me state…I am in full support of women serving in all capacities in the military…even in combat….for they are capable of doing any task a man can and sometimes they even do it better…….

But then there are some cases when the military just does not get it.  I do not question women’s capabilities…..I do question the thinking of our so-called leaders…..

They, military leaders, just do not use commonsense in a rush to do the most political things… such situation is the serving on submarines and there ignorance is showing…..

A big scandal for the Navy’s submarine integration program: Some of the first women ever to serve on American subs were secretly recorded showering on the USS Wyoming, reports the Navy Times. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating a 24-year-old male officer who is accused of recording the women over the period of about a year on the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine and distributing the videos, officials say. A retired supply officer in touch with one of the victims says a report was first filed on the videos after one of them was received by an officer on another submarine.

The Wyoming was one of the first submarines to have female crew members when they started being assigned to subs in 2011. The retired officer says that on her first day on a sub acting as mentor to younger female submariners, a young sailor asked her, “Where are the females?” She says she “looked at him and said, ‘All right, let’s get one thing straight: They’re not females, they’re junior officers on this boat, they’re division officers, and you will address them as Ensign So-and-So, and you can tell everybody else on the boat.” At least 43 women have served on submarines since the ban was lifted, and the Navy plans to integrate fast-attack submarines for the first time in January, starting with the USS Virginia and USS Minnesota, reports the Washington Post.

I am sorry but…what did they expect?  Self-control?  Young men will be young men and by that I mean….HORNY!

I mean NO disrespect to our women in uniform….just that human nature will be just that…human nature.  This may not be the best time to integrate women into the submariner service…sad part is that the men see them as women first and officers last……sad to say until men can think with the big head….maybe women should be excluded from submarine duty……

Again I mean NO disrespect and will probably get some heat for stating my mind…..the term military intelligence (an oxymoron) does not apply in this situation.

There is a time and a place for everything…….Now is NOT the time and subs are not the place.