Space: The Final Frontier

Thank you…it is the weekend and I can step away from the Trolls and the mental midgets and five my readers something a little different……Space Stuff!

My granddaughter’s name got put on the Orien Mission and sent into space…… I gave it to her because she is such a space geek…..she was speechless…..made my day because she is NEVER speechless.

Anyway on to the space stuff….

Since our Rovers on Mars have started working them have sent back volumes of info……and the trend continues…..

(Newser) – There’s still no proof there was ever life on Mars, but evidence is starting to pile up that conditions were once ripe for life to begin, NASA scientists say. The Curiosity rover’s exploration of the Gale Crater has found signs that liquid water flowed on the planet’s surface for tens of millions of years, CNET reports, giving life (of the microbial kind at least) much longer to get going than researchers had previously believed. The rover had already determined that the planet once had the right chemical ingredients for life, reports the Guardian, and sediment deposits have now revealed that lakes and rivers were once common on its surface, with large amounts of water remaining underground even after those dried up.

Curiosity team members say the new findings suggest that early Mars was much like early Earth. “What I get excited about is imagining a Mars 3.5 to 4 billion years ago, a planet with a thick atmosphere, maybe a blue sky with puffy clouds and mountains and lakes and rivers,” John M. Grunsfeld, a NASA science administrator, tells the New York Times. Grunsfeld, who’s also a former astronaut, says the Curiosity mission has given vital clues to how and where to search for evidence of Martian life. “We don’t know if life ever started on Mars, but if it did, we now have a better chance of discovering it,” he says.

On another note…….we launched a probe known as New Horizon……it was sent to explore deep space as it nears Pluto the device has awakened to continue its mission……

Newser) – New Horizons just got what’s probably the earliest wakeup call ever. Even though it’s not supposed to fly by Pluto—the destination of its nine-year, 3-billion-mile journey—until July, the NASA craft roused itself from its “hibernation” slumber and is fully awake for the last leg of its mission, reports. Russell Watson’s “Where My Heart Will Take Me” blasted NH out of its somnambulant state with a personal message from Watson himself before crooning the appropriate lyrics, “It’s been a long road/Getting from there to here.” About 20 scientists waiting back home in Maryland at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory got the confirmation signals on Saturday evening that New Horizons was up and at ’em, just over 162 million miles from Pluto.

The piano-sized craft, which was launched in 2006, had been “asleep” since August to conserve energy and reduce wear and tear on its systems. It’s been asleep before (18 other times, to be exact) during its long trip, but this was the last sleep before it makes it to the Kuiper Belt, the icy “disc-shaped region” that harbors Pluto and other dwarf worlds, NASA notes. “This is the place that this spacecraft was built to operate, and these are the operations that this team has waited a decade to actually go and execute,” New Horizons’ principle investigator says. “So it’s game time.” (New Horizons got some great pics of Jupiter during its flyby nearly eight years ago.)

We keep piling up data and eventually we will go to space and the future will arrive.