Chuq’s Daily Musical Interlude

I am weary of the whining of Sony and its wealthy patrons……also that of the GOP whining over Cuba……the continuing outrage over the torture report……time to push back….close my eyes and enjoy the music…..

Once again a selection from Johnny Rivers album, Realization…….his best work EVER!


Why torture doesn’t work: A definitive guide – The Week

We are once again we are having the TORTURE talk……some think it was a huge success and others think it was cruel and unusual treatment……we can settle this very easily…..ASK SOMEONE WHO WAS TORTURED……..

On a side note….remember when the torture report was considered for release and all those hysterical dweebs that said there would be violence and death as a result?  I am still waiting!

Anyway this is a really good piece….maybe read it and learn…….


Why torture doesn’t work: A definitive guide – The Week.

Women’s News

I am an opinionated SOB and I like it……but I do not post much on issue that concern women….not that I do not care ….just I am male and I do not feel that I have the expertise to comment without sounding a little naive…….I do hope my female readers will forgive me and understand….

But from time to time there are some news that I just cannot back away from….today are a couple of those issues……

First, there is the idiot on the Right….I know that does not narrow the field very much so I will name names…Ann Coulter….this is a woman, and I use the term loosely, that just cannot shut the Hell up…….her newest babble is on the issue of rape……..

Coulter dismissed the notion of date or acquaintance rape out of hand, insisting that unless a victim gets “hit on the head with a brick,” it isn’t a legitimate rape.

“People know what a rape is,” Coulter insisted, “and to have girls trying to get attention — from Lena Dunham to this poor psychotic at UVA, Lady Gaga claiming she was raped but she didn’t admit it to herself for five years. What major crime do people say, ‘I didn’t admit it to myself?’”

In a second part of the interview, the 53-year-old pundit said that liberals are vastly overplaying instances of campus rape, which, in her experience is generally perpetrated by liberal men like the “Clintons and Kennedys,” anyway.

Oh there is so much ugliness I could spread about Coulter….but I will refrain and allow my readers to do it at their leisure……

Second….there will always be a Right wing legislator that, usually male, that has a “good” idea when it comes to rape…..and this guy is NOT one of those people….instead he is a galloping a/hole….if anything………

A bill proposed by a Republican state lawmaker in Missouri would require a woman seeking an abortion to obtain notarized consent from the baby’s father, even if he is physically abusive toward her.

The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Rick Brattin, told Mother Jones that while the bill has exceptions for rape victims and to protect the life of the mother, women in domestic violence situations are not exempt from having to ask the father’s permission. “What does that have to do with the child’s life?” Brattin said. “Just because it was an abusive relationship, does that mean the child should die?”

In explaining the bill to Mother Jones, Brattin channeled Todd Akin, the former Republican congressman from Missouri who, during a failed 2012 Senate bid, said that women who are victims of “legitimate rape” have mechanisms in their bodies that prevent them from getting pregnant. Brattin said his bill would require a woman to be able to prove that a “legitimate rape” happened in order to avoid having to ask for a man’s consent for the abortion.

“Just like any rape, you have to report it, and you have to prove it,” said Brattin. “So you couldn’t just go and say, ‘Oh yeah, I was raped,’ and get an abortion. It has to be a legitimate rape.”

Okay….a legit rape?  Old white guys are the most pathetic of Americans……they are stuck somewhere between the 18th century and 1950……

When this d/bag passes a bowling ball through his penis…then only then may he have a right to speak.  PERIOD!

What Happened To The Hysteria?

Do you remember back in the Spring and Summer when all the world was jumping through hoops because of Russia’s advance into Ukrainian territory?

The world went batcrap crazy….NATO was predicting that all other former Soviet states would be falling like dominoes……that hysteria lead to the formation of a NATO Rapid Response Force……do you recall any of this?

Probably not because it did not effect you in any way……but the plan was to create a Rapid Response Force to handle any flare ups in Eastern Europe……the US and NATO came up with an idea and a plan……but as usual that may be as far as it goes…….

Arguments over who’s going to pay for the creation of the “rapid reaction” force in Eastern Europe, something NATO agreed to create back in September, has left the alliance spinning its wheels on actually getting the force going.

It was supposed to be a 5,000 ground troop force with air and naval support positioned along the Baltic Sea as some sort of hedge against a Russian invasion, something no one serious expects anyhow.

Diplomats are now saying that the force, which was supposed to be put together quickly, will be lucky to be fully operational before 2016. Fewer than 100 of the 5,000 troops have been committed yet.

May I suggest that the term “rapid” be eliminated from the title.

Basically this was just a cover for NATO to get more cash and spend it on weapons and other implements of destruction.  In other words just a vague plan to boost the profits of your local friendly Military-Industrial Complex………and that is what our foreign policy is really all about…in case you were confused.

Yemen: From The Land Of Sheba

Yes the Queen of Sheba…..that Sheba….the queen that beguiled Solomon….if you buy into that story… see the queen was from a land called Saba which was on the sole of the Arabian peninsula and was a rich kingdom thanx to frankincense…….but that is not what this post is about.

You see Saba was located in what is called Yemen today…..and that is where we will begin the post……

Yemen!  Yemen?  I can hear the head scratches and the mad dash for the Google machine……at least from those that are mildly interested……most people will remember Yemen because in 2000 the USS Cole was attacked in Aden harbor by AQ…….and from there nothing until after the invasion of Afghanistan and the US started a drone strike program which has killed more civilians than terrorists…….

For those that are interested then there is a perfect history lesson……

BBC News – Yemen profile – Timeline

In 1962 the Yemen Arab Republic was formed and all Hell broke loss….the South Yemeni set up a separate nation called the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen was formed and a mini civil war began that lasted until 1990 when a truce was formalized and the two nations became one, Unified republic of Yemen……

I bring all this stuff to light because we have a situation forming in Yemen today…….the Houthi tribesmen have been fighting with the central government in Sa’an for a couple of years and it has become more intense in the last year of so…….now the South Yemeni are once again on the road to setting up another South Yemen nation…….

Thousands of people demonstrated in South Yemen’s main city of Aden demanding independence at a time when Shiite Houthi rebels are expanding their control over the country.

The demonstrators marched towards the governorate building, prompting police intervention and clashes that wounded at least five, Agence France-Presse reported.

The Southern Movement which called the protest is campaigning for autonomy or outright secession for the previously independent south.

Waving the flag of what used to be South Yemen, protesters who poured into Aden from neighboring southern provinces vowed not to let up until they achieve independence.

It appears as the Yemenis are once again going into battle with the North….all over again……which could present a problem for all concerned……

In light of the current crisis in Yemen and the control of Sanaa by Houthi armed groups, Egyptian experts predict that Egypt would intervene in the conflict to prevent the Houthis from gaining control of the strait of Bab al-Mandeb on the Red Sea, in defense of Egyptian and Gulf security.

Former secretary-general of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, issued a joint statement with former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. They called for an Arab initiative to work on restoring the unity of the Yemeni army and mobilizing to restore security. In addition, they would eliminate all usage of weapons in Yemeni cities to move forward with the parliamentary elections.

Moussa and Siniora warned about the division in Yemen and the danger it poses to Arab security from the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, if the Houthis, who are supported by Iran, reach Bab al-Mandeb strait.

The problem is the security of the Red Sea and the Straits of Hormuz……this area is heavily traveled by most of the …..any disruption in shipping and it could have consequences that are immeasurable…..

Yet another problem that will need a “plan” by the US and its Western allies……the US CANNOT ignore this development and once again we will intervene and in the process make more foes….we already have a terrible reputation in Yemen and our intervention will do NOTHING but make things worse……something we excel at doing!

The problems in Yemen are bringing traditional foes together…….

The Houthis, a Shiite tribe, control the north of Yemen. Their militia is trained and equipped by Hezbollah, whose strings are also pulled by the Iranians. For several weeks, the Houthis have been expanding their foothold in Yemen after defeating the regime’s army and the Sunni militias supported by al-Qaeda. Their biggest takeover was of the Yemeni port city of Hodeida and the shoreline toward the southwest coast of Saudi Arabia and the Ras Isa marine terminal.

For Saudi Arabia, a Houthi takeover of western Yemen, while al-Qaeda controls the country’s center and eastern areas, constitute a clear and present danger. Israel also cannot remain indifferent to the new Iranian stronghold on the seaway that connects it to Africa and Asia.

What does this development mean from Israel’s point of view? First, the need for security coordination with Saudi Arabia has increased. Even if covert channels exist for this kind of cooperation, the new situation is likely to warrant a more visible and pronounced relationship. But in light of the way Israeli governments have rejected the Arab Peace Initiative so harshly, and of the policies of the current government about the Palestinian issue, the chances for this are negligible. Another Israeli security interest is thus sacrificed on the altar of maintaining the status quo in the West Bank.

The situation in Yemen is causing much concern for security…..and there is a push to control the region….Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen and the battling ideologies are between Iran and Saudi Arabia……the US will pretend to be a spectator but we all know better than that……right?