That Latino Vote

Listening to all the “reporting” on this election and of course we hear about the white vote, the black vote and the Latino vote….but is this a true analysis or is it just words to fill the report when there is a lack of substance?

I heard this morning that the Latino vote would help Biden……but is there truly a Latino vote?

With only 42 days left until the election, Joe Biden has his work cut out for him with Latino voters. That’s according to his senior adviser Symone Sanders, who has had to answer for why Biden appears to be losing ground among Latinos. According to a recent Latino Decisions/National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials poll, 65 percent of Latinos plan to vote for Biden or lean toward him, but this is still 14 percentage points lower than the 79 percent of Latino voters who said they supported Clinton in the pollster’s national election-eve poll in 2016.

It’s true that Latino voters do, as a whole, tend to be more Democratic than Republican, a trend that has only accelerated in recent years. But they don’t vote as a single bloc (in 2016, at least 1 in 5 Latino voters still backed Trump): How Latinos vote in Florida, for instance, can be very different from how Latinos in the Southwest or Northeast vote. These differences especially matter due to the size of the Latino population in a number of key swing states.

There’s No Such Thing As The ‘Latino Vote’

Polls are about as worthless as teets on a boar…..they are seldom correct for respondents seldom tell the true to the questioners.

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4 thoughts on “That Latino Vote

  1. By coincidence, the BBC News had an in-depth report about this today. The reporter concluded that Biden could not get the majority of the Latino vote, due to issues around abortion, and most of them being devout Catholics.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Yes, there is a Latino vote and their is a Negro vote and there is a Causanian and Asian and Arabic Vote and there is a Homosexual vote — and, if you watch the current crop of Trump supporters very closely, you will find that there is also a “Crazy” vote.

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