Closing Thought–21Oct20

Remember all those horror stories coming out of the old USSR where the KGB was installed in all branches of the government to keep track of it’s people?

Well thank god that does not happen here in the good old US of A, right?

Or does it?

The White House planted two political officials with no public health experience at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep tabs on the agency and its scientists, according to The Associated Press.

Nina Witkofsky was appointed as senior advisor to CDC Director Robert Redfield at the agency’s Atlanta headquarters in June and within weeks had been promoted to CDC acting chief of staff.

The second political arrival, Chester “Trey” Moeller, is Witkofsky’s deputy. 

Witkofsky, the AP said, played a small role in Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Her CDC profile also says she has worked in governmental affairs for 20 years, including at the State Department.

Has the US now created a KGB like section for spying on governmental officials?

Any thoughts?

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Pre-3rd And Final 2020 Presidential Debate

Tomorrow night we shall experience the last presidential debate before the general election…..and some things will be a bit different than in the past.

President Trump won’t be able to interrupt Joe Biden this time around—at least, not for the first two minutes of each of the six debate segments Thursday night. The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has changed its rules so that each candidate will get those two minutes of uninterrupted time for an opening statement, during which the other candidate’s mic will be muted, the Hill reports. For the rest of each 15-minute segment, “which by design is intended to be dedicated to open discussion,” the commission says, both mics will be on. The commission notes both campaigns had previously agreed to, and have recently reaffirmed, a commitment to giving each candidate two minutes of uninterrupted time to speak, and this rule change only serves to enforce that already-existing rule.

Even so, the Trump campaign has made clear it’s not happy with the change. “Regardless of last minute rule changes from the biased commission in their latest attempt to provide advantage to their favored candidate,” Trump will still participate in the debate, the campaign said in a statement after the rule change was announced Monday. Axios notes Trump had previously suggested he may not participate were mics to be cut off. Earlier Monday, the campaign had also complained about the range of topics announced for the debate, claiming that the commission had previously promised foreign policy would be the central focus (a claim the Biden campaign says is false). “The Commission’s pro-Biden antics have turned the entire debate season into a fiasco and it is little wonder why the public has lost faith in its objectivity,” campaign manager Bill Stepien said about that.

Will the final debate be the same fiasco the first was…..or will it take place at all?  Will it be theatrics or a real presentation of issues?

My analysis will be the day after the debate…..I suffer so you do not have to…..

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Don’t Count Trump Out Yet!

I know that most people do not want to think about the outside chance of Trump winning this election….but there are a few signs that could put him in the winner’s circle.

But the stats I see tell me the election is a virtual tie nationwide…..don’t celebrate just yet.

There seems to be a rise in GOP voter registration…..that could be a boon to the Trump campaign…..

The polls continue to show Joe Biden with a steady lead nationally and in most battleground states, and the AP notes that President Trump himself has been publicly speculating about losing in November. Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, is busy warning Democrats about over-confidence. The race is a “lot closer” than people think, campaign chief Jen O’Malley Dillon wrote last week. A look at why that might be:

  • Registering voters: The No. 1 source of concern for Democrats is that Republican registration is up in crucial states, reports Politico. Yes, Democrats appear to have a clear edge in record-setting early voting, but will that be enough to overcome an expected large turnout of Trump voters on Election Day?
  • 3 key states: GOP registration gains in Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina, paired with hopes of the heavy turnout mentioned above, are boosting Republican spirits, reports the New York Times. “The tremendous voter registration gain by the Republicans is the secret weapon that will make the difference for the Republicans in 2020,” Dee Stewart, a GOP political consultant in North Carolina, tells the newspaper.
  • Pollsters’ blind spot? An analysis by JPMorgan Chase finds that the GOP has picked up 200,000 voters in Pennsylvania since 2016, when Trump won there by less than 50,000 votes, per Fox News. The analysis finds similar progress in Florida, North Carolina, and New Mexico. All of which has Guy Benson wondering at Town Hall, “Are Pollsters Missing a Key Factor That Could Benefit Trump?”
  • Other factors: Uncertainty of polling in swing states, the disqualification of mail-in ballots, and young voters failing to return their mail-in ballots also make Politico’s list of “hidden” reasons why Democrats are nervous. “I predict in the coming weeks the Democratic narrative will change from euphoria over the apparent large leads in early voting to concern that a disproportionately large number of younger voters have yet to return their mail ballots,” writes Michael McDonald in an analysis at the US Elections Project.
  • Not done? If Trump does indeed lose, that’s the end of his presidential aspirations, right? Maybe not. Steve Bannon tells the Australian that he thinks Trump would run again. “I’ll make this prediction right now: If for any reason the election is stolen from, or in some sort of way Joe Biden is declared the winner, Trump will announce he’s going to run for re-election in 2024,” he said. “You’re not going to see the end of Donald Trump.”

There is only one way to defeat Trump and his minions……


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Another “Titty Baby” Episode

AS the election creeps closer the mental stability of Donald the Orange seem to be slipping….he rants and he pouts and he lies and gravels…..and none more prevalent than the most recent interview with NBC…..

President Trump was interviewed for 60 Minutes Tuesday, for a segment airing this coming Sunday, and after multiple outlets reported the POTUS had abruptly cut the sit-down short, Trump offered his take on things. “I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about,” he tweeted. “Everyone should compare this terrible Electoral Intrusion with the recent interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden!” He also referenced the incident at a rally Tuesday night, promising the crowd they would “get a kick” out of “what we do” to the show. Per CNN, after halting the interview 45 minutes in, Trump also refused to participate in a joint “walk and talk” that had been planned with Mike Pence. Pence instead taped his interview solo.

Trump also tweeted video of a maskless Stahl. “Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me. Much more to come,” he wrote. A CBS News official tells the Hill that the White House agreed to tape the interview “for archival purposes only”; it’s not clear exactly what that means. The official also says Stahl wore a mask up until the time of the sit-down, and that the image tweeted by Trump was from immediately after the interview, before she had returned to her personal belongings to retrieve her mask. Another says all of the CBS staff had been tested for COVID. It’s not clear what exactly transpired to cause the drama, nor how Trump might manage to leak the interview early. Sources tell Fox News Stahl was “extremely hostile,” and a source who was in the room tells Politico Trump was “pissed.” Per the site, Trump “was frustrated with the line of questioning and how the interview was being conducted.”

This does not help with what few undecided voters that are left and looking….

This also illustrates why you should make damn sure that you elect a president that has the mental capability over a 6 year old.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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Those Asymmetric Wars

The battlefield no longer looks like it did in the 18th century or even the mid-20th century….the wars today are fought in irregular units….or as it is now called “asymmetric” warfare.

My day it was called guerilla warfare….but times change and terms get moved around to suit those with letters after their name.

To start let us define “asymmetric warfare”……

Asymmetrical warfare, unconventional strategies and tactics adopted by a force when the military capabilities of belligerent powers are not simply unequal but are so significantly different that they cannot make the same sorts of attacks on each other.

Guerrilla warfare, occurring between lightly armed partisans and a conventional army, is an example of asymmetrical warfare. Terrorist tactics, such as hijackings and suicide bombings, are also considered to be asymmetrical, both because they tend to involve a smaller, weaker group attacking a stronger one and also because attacks on civilians are by definition one-way warfare. War between a country that is both able and willing to use nuclear weapons and a country that is not would be another example of asymmetrical warfare.


If this is the true future of warfare then high is the Army shutting down its Asymmetrical Warfare Group?

For nearly 15 years a little known but highly influential Army group has been in the middle of how the Army learns immediate lessons from combat, adapts to the evolving battlefield and saves soldiers’ lives.

It’s called Asymmetric Warfare Group, and the Army is shutting it down next year.

The Army made its official announcement today that by mid-2021, AWG will be discontinued.

An Army statement to Army Times:

“The functions of AWG, including the solutions to current and emerging threats, will transition to other Army organizations. Also, to ensure the utility of the organization’s work over the past 14 years is not lost, all lessons learned will be maintained by the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center (CAC), via the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL), Centers of Excellence (COEs), and other TRADOC enterprise stakeholders.”

The Defense News has reported that the military is moving past special forces in dealing with irregular conflicts…..

The Pentagon has begun to shift the focus on irregular warfare away from the specific counterterrorism missions of the last two decades and toward a broader effort that includes information warfare and gray zone operations, a top special operations official said Friday.

Joe Francescon, deputy assistant secretary of defense for special operations and combating terrorism, told reporters that the shift is needed to counter China, Russia and Iran.

Francescon was speaking as part of a rollout of an unclassified version of the Irregular Warfare annex of the National Defense Strategy. The strategy was rolled out Jan. 19, 2018, under then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, but the annex was not completed until early 2019 and took “a long time” to declassify to the point where even the 12-page summary could be shared with the public, Francescon said.

If the US will be fighting small groups in the future…why close down the “Group” that will perfect the tactics?

Or is the fear of China in the future driving all this re-organizations?

Just Asking.

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