Does It Matter?

Well yes it does.

Closing Thought–06Oct20

Okay what the Hell am I going on about, right?

All the dumbass Repubs that went around without a mask just to keep Trump with a woody…are coming down with the virus…..they are dropping like flies…..and as bad as it could be Donald the Orange still spouts bullshit and platitudes…..

Moments after leaving Walter Reed Medical Center and returning to the White House Monday night, President Trump recorded what CNN refers to as a “campaign-style video” on Twitter. “Don’t be afraid of [coronavirus], you’re gonna beat it,” a maskless Trump says in the video. “We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines, all developed recently. And you’re gonna beat it.” Trump also echoed other sentiments he had tweeted about earlier Monday, insisting that he could have left the hospital two days earlier than he did and that he feels even better after treatment than he did 20 years ago. “And now I’m better, and maybe I’m immune, I don’t know,” he said, insisting multiple times that people not let COVID-19 “dominate” their lives. A vaccine, he added, will be available “momentarily.”

The video set off a firestorm, just as his earlier tweet had; the AP rounds up some reactions from virus survivors and those who’ve lost loved ones. “I’m so glad that he appears to be doing well, that he has doctors who can give him experimental drugs that aren’t available to the masses,” says one survivor. “For the rest of us, who are trying to protect ourselves, that behavior is an embarrassment.” An epidemiologist echoed that sentiment: “The president has access to the best medical care in the world, along with a helicopter to transport him to the hospital as needed.” And one of the medical professors who spoke to CNN says of the video itself, “It is inexplainable that the President of the United States, who is actively shedding virus in millions of particles, would walk into that building with an enormous number of staff, unmasked.” The AP also rounds up anonymous Secret Service agents and White House staffers who are increasingly upset about the White House’s lax safety policies—and increasingly concerned for their own health.


But not to worry…..all these spineless parasites get top notch medical care not like you and me that have to wait and see if we are symptomatic…..but there is a way to make it more equal and balanced……

The case for Medicare for All was once again made by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Ed Markey tweeted on Sunday, after Republican politicians were able to check themselves into hospitals shortly after announcing they had tested positive for Covid-19.

Markey noted that throughout the coronavirus pandemic, in which more than 7.4 million cases have been detected and more than 209,000 people in the U.S. have died, people have attempted to get care at hospitals after testing positive and showing worsening symptoms, only to be turned away and “told only to come back when they could not breathe.”

No one person’s health is more important than others….

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

13 thoughts on “Does It Matter?

  1. That North Korea style video of the president’s arrival to the white house, that salute to the helicopter, all with stupid dramatic Avengers music was disgusting. What that motion said afterwards made the arrival video just sad.

    Weak men need to give the impression they are powerful, last night just proves it that much more!

  2. They seem to have some dna-related death wish … and if that is their bag then I say “Let them have at it to their hearts content. Less of them, more of us.

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