Is Trump The New Wilson?

Trump does not have some 14 point plan for the world…..he is a racist almost as bad but not as blatant as Wilson……none of that is what this is about….nope….it is about his health in the White House.

The news over the weekend was that Trump was taken to Walter Reed….

President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center outside Washington on Friday evening to be treated for COVID-19—a stay that aides said they expect to last a few days. Administration officials said that the president was in good spirits, the Washington Post reports, but that his symptoms had worsened during the day. Those symptoms include low-grade fever, a cough and nasal congestion. Trump is fatigued, his physician said, per the AP. First lady Melania Trump, who also tested positive for the coronavirus, tweeted that she’s dealing with mild symptoms but is “overall feeling good.”

So just how is this similar to the Wilson time in the White House?

President Woodrow Wilson, who had just cut short a tour of the country to promote the formation of the League of Nations, suffers a stroke on October 2, 1919.

The tour’s intense schedule–8,000 miles in 22 days–cost Wilson his health. He suffered constant headaches during the tour, finally collapsing from exhaustion in Pueblo, Colorado, in late September. He managed to return to Washington, only to suffer a near-fatal stroke on October 2.

Wilson’s wife Edith blamed Republican opponents in Congress for her husband’s stroke, as their vehement opposition to the League of Nations often took the form of character assassination. Edith, who was even suspicious of the political motives of Vice President Thomas Marshall, closely guarded access to her husband. She kept the true extent of Wilson’s incapacitation from the press and his opponents. While Wilson lay in bed, unable to speak or move, Edith purportedly insisted that she screen all of Wilson’s paperwork, in some cases signing Wilson’s name to documents without consulting the convalescing president. Edith, however, denied usurping her husband’s position during his recovery and in her memoirs insisted she acted only as a “steward.”

Similarities are there……Wilson downplayed the 1918 pandemic and got ill…..

Initially, the Wilson administration tried to play down the disease even as it spread worldwide.

Presidential historian Tevi Troy, citing the administration’s response to the pandemic, calls Wilson the worst U.S. president in terms of handling a disaster.

“The federal response to the influenza outbreak in 1918 can best be described as neglectful. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died without President Wilson saying anything or mobilizing nonmilitary components of the U.S. government to help the civilian population,” Troy writes in “Shall We Wake the President: Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office.”

If Trump is incapacitated will FLOTUS step up as Mrs. Wilson did?  (Sorry that is rhetorical)

This is a person who knows how to manipulate the public’s perception and for that reason I am a bit skeptical of any news coming from the White House for even his people are becoming expert liars.

Will Trump join the ranks of leaders like Wilson?

Just a thought.

I could turn that into some sort of comedic skit…but I will leave that for the professionals…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

11 thoughts on “Is Trump The New Wilson?

      1. Now he is on the news telling people not to fear the virus, and it’s ‘okay’. That makes me think he never had it, and the whole thing has been a sick publicity stunt.

  1. I will not believe that Trump is a new Wilson … until I find out that his wife has been running the government — and I also do not believe that Trump is anywhere near worthy of being compared to any of our presidents because his current presidency, while perhaps legal, is a sham, a pretense, a show … a fantasy of a delusional mind and hordes of delusional minds that support him — The greatest blot of our national heritage is that his name will remain indelibly imprinted on our History forever and a day.

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