Space 2020

Not to be confused with a 70s TV series, Space 1999.

I have been watching the doings in space these days….since we have a new force for our interventionist policies, the Space Force……we need to keep an eye on the policies and situations that will effect this nation in the future both near future and the extended one.

We are entering and by we I mean humans a new area when we will be competing with other nations for the dominance of space.

The reasons for urgency are clear. Through intense study of our potential enemies, validated during multiple war-gaming exercises, we know that space is critical should our nation be plunged into conflict. Current Russian and Chinese military doctrine prioritizes new capabilities to attack our space systems in order to disrupt, blind and disconnect our joint land, sea, air and cyber forces at the outset of war. In recent years, both countries have developed and demonstrated anti-satellite capabilities, even destroying their own to send a clear signal to the world.

Our war-gaming scenarios have taught us something else: Because there are few places to hide in space, there is a significant “first mover” advantage in the event of conflict. This problem is made worse, as our current space systems were designed for a benign domain. This is why we are pursuing a resilient architecture of capabilities designed to exact military space power should war initiate in, or extend to, space.

It is expensive getting to space…..but there are some plans to cut the costs…..

The hardest thing about space is getting there. A 2016 estimate, using the SpaceX Dragon capsule on a Falcon 9 rocket, put the cost at $9,100 per pound. So the Pentagon is looking at ways to reduce the bill, including putting 3D printers into orbit to repair smaller satellites or even beef up their capabilities, the vice commander of the Space Force said in a recent interview.

That future might be built by companies like Redwire, which in June acquired Made in Space, which put a 3D printer aboard the International Space Station in 2014.

You might think that 3D printing on a space station is as easy as it is on Earth. But don’t underestimate the role that gravity plays. “There’s an entire engineering within an engineering process that has to take place,” said Austin Jordan, a communications manager at Redwire. “There are a lot of environmental factors and a lot of gravity factors that make it completely different.”

Once we get there and can begin our exploitation the Moon will be first on the list….


The discussion about mining the Moon resembles that of previous conquests: the division of territory; the grabbing of resources; language of theft and plunder.  All of this is given the gloss of manifest destiny and human experiment. Such language is also self-perpetuating: the plunderer is only as good as the amount taken; success is dependent on constant replenishment and expansion.

A presentation from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory sports the message that would sit comfortably with any empire builder in history.  “Across history, human development has relied upon the finite resources of the Earth.”  An unfortunate state of affairs, but never fear: “the moon – a seemingly barren rock – may actually be a treasure trove of rare resources vital to Earth’s future.  And now, nations are looking upwards to a potential lunar gold rush.”

Lunar Lunacy: Competition, Conflict and Mining the Moon

Before any of the invasions and occupations and exploitation can begin….we must understand the geopolitics of outer space.

Outer space is developing as the next domain of Geopolitics in this century. Space exploration, which began after the 1950s initially benefitted the scientific world. Later the increased dependence on outer space by the space-faring nations, for surveillance, reconnaissance, and telecommunication purposes in one way or another increased the nation’s pride. Soon, the outer space created an impact in the field of geopolitics. With the increasing impact of outer space in geopolitics and the many theories that have been put forward by scholars like Everett Dolman and David Deudney, outer space is today considered as the next critical domain. Many International Relations theories have been explaining this developing domain of geopolitics with varying perspectives. In this point, the fact that when one considers the geopolitics of outer space, it is very evident that events in the domain can be well explained in a neo-realist perspective, where the countries are competing for power, rather than the neo-liberal perspective, where the cooperation between the countries is given more emphasis. Since outer space is considered as an evolving and dynamic domain the relevance of the neo-realism and neoliberalism debate gathers much importance. Space is an entity that can be a source of a multitude of possible interpretations that are ambiguous or incompatible, and these differing interpretations led to the development of different political interpretations.  It has been argued by scholars that no genuine “debate” as such has been done in the domain, related to the theories of International Relations, except neo-realism and neo-liberalism debate; nevertheless, the idea of clearly distinct theories is analytically useful in allowing comparison of different perspectives and relating them to different policy implications.

The Neo-Neo Debate in Understanding the Geopolitics of Outer Space

I have been concerned with the uses of space…all those proposed uses seem to violate a treaty that the US and most other countries signed years ago….and as usual I had my thoughts put down on IST and Gulf South Free Press….

A lot of info to digest and I realize that some people have an allergic reaction if reading is required… I try to help them by including some short videos to help them grasp the concepts I have written.

Space–The Next Region For Conflict.

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A Psycho Nurse

I watched the GOP convention and I remember a nurse that spoke and defended Trump’s response to the pandemic……I thought then that she was either lying or she was some sort of dangerous spokesperson……well news has come out that she is the later….


A Williamson woman who made headlines after she traveled to New York to help treat COVID-19 patients has been charged after court records said she shot another woman.

Amy Jolene Thorn, 39, of Williamson is charged with malicious or unlawful assault, according to a criminal complaint from Mingo County Magistrate Court.

The complaint said Thorn shot another woman on Thursday, Oct. 8, near the 800 block of Vinson Street in Williamson.

Police Chief Grady Dotson said Thorn shot the woman in the abdomen and claims the shooting was self-defense.

Police confirmed that Thorn, who also goes by the name Amy Ford, is a nurse who traveled to New York to help COVID patients. Thorn also was invited to attend the Republican National Convention.

Dotson said the victim is doing well and has non-life-threatening injuries.

Thorn is out on bond.


I guess she truly a Trump supporter…..she resorts to violence when ever possible.

Will this make the national news?

If she were a Biden supporter it would be a two day news cycle.

I must admit that 2020 has been a helluva year… for the books… they say……


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Army Of Sexy Soldiers….

I begin my weekend with a sincere thank you for the storm that decided to give the Mississippi Coast a break….but the same cannot be said for Louisiana….please keep their plight in your minds and help if you can.

Does anyone remember Qaddafi’s body guards?

Gaddafi\'s female bodyguards

Since the early 1970s, an eye-popping cadre of 30 women have shadowed and at times taken bullets for the man who is today, at 68, the Arab world’s most senior dictator.

The women pledge oaths of loyalty to Gaddafi, including a vow of virginity, according to reports. The female bodyguards are not just for show. In 1998, one died and two were injured when Gaddafi was attacked.

It’s a dangerous job and yet for most of the four decades that they have stood by Gaddafi, they have seemed as much his statement on style and gender politics as his security detail.

Sorry I shall get to the point……I bring up this piece of nostalgia because Qaddafi was not the only one to use the idea of these ladies……..

Seems the new king of Thailand, Rama X, has an army of sex soldiers….

Maha Vajiralongkorn, the 68-year-old king of Thailand, better known as Rama X, sits atop both a throne and the upper-most floor of a luxury hotel in a tiny ski village in the alpine regions of Germany. He fled there back in April. It’s his quarantine pad. (The king was granted a special dispensation by local German authorities that allowed the hotel to remain open, since all others in the town are closed due to COVID.) And because he’s royalty, he’s brought a private army with him. 

But this army is no conventional fighting force. It’s a unit of 20 “sex soldiers.” They’ve been given the honorary title of “Sirivajirabhakdi,” which means “The Beautiful One Who Will Be Faithful to the King,” per Max Boddeker, a reporter at the German newspaper Bild

For the women called to serve their king, it’s both an honor and a privilege. Yet, in a society where women are subservient to men, honorable exploitation doesn’t seem all that honorable, just exploitative. As journalist and Thailand expert, Andrew MacGregor Marshall explains, “The concubines make a big gamble — with the hope of winning big. Some are happy to join and are hoping for riches and success for themselves and their families. … Others give in to the king’s pressure to join over fear of the consequences if they refuse.”

Have you now heard it all?

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