Mississippi Votes

Mississippi will be voting on many issues from its racist past.

The people will be voting on the replacement of the flag from the reconstruction….and it will also be voting on the “Old Boys” network that has made it all but impossible for a person of color from winning a statewide position like governor or attorney general et al.


It was 1987 when Mississippi did away with the ban on interracial marriages.

In 1967, 17 Southern states (all the former slave states plus West Virginia plus Oklahoma) still enforced laws prohibiting marriage between whites and non-whites. Maryland repealed its law at the start of Loving v. Virginia in the Supreme Court.

After the Supreme Court ruling declaring such laws to be unconstitutional, the laws in the remaining 16 states ceased to be enforceable. Besides removing such laws from their statute books, a number of state constitutions were also amended to remove language prohibiting miscegenation: Mississippi in 1987, South Carolina in 1998 and Alabama in 2000. In the respective referendums, 52% of voters in Mississippi, 62% of voters in South Carolina and 59% of voters in Alabama voted in favour of the amendments. In Alabama nearly 526,000 people voted against the amendment, including a majority of voters in some rural counties.


Think about that….1987 is only 33 years ago that the ban went into effect.

This social issue has a long history…..

Centuries before the same-sex marriage movement, the U.S. government, its constituent states, and their colonial predecessors tackled the controversial issue of “miscegenation,” or mixture of races. It’s widely known that the Deep South banned interracial marriages until 1967, but less widely known is that many other states did the same. California, for example, prohibited these marriages until 1948. In addition, politicians made three brazen attempts to ban interracial marriages nationally by amending the U.S. Constitution.


Now we  Mississippians have a chance to do away with even more of the racist history by voting in November.

Mississippi voters have never elected a Black candidate to statewide office, despite having the largest proportional Black population of any U.S. state at nearly 40%.

Advocates hope an amendment on the November ballot may change that.

Mississippi is the only state with a multistep process for electing statewide positions like governor, attorney general and secretary of state. Its electoral college-like voting system was designed by white framers in Southern Reconstruction with the intent to disenfranchise minority voters and uphold white power in politics.

If the amendment to simplify the process passes, advocates say it would spur more minority candidates to run for office in the Magnolia state — and assure minority voters their constitutionally protected right to equal representation is secure. If it doesn’t, they say it will serve as a painful reminder of the state’s deep history of voter suppression.


Maybe now Mississippi can move into the 21st century….something that has been resisted for many years…..

Hopefully all my readers are having a good weekend….be well….be safe…….

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Do We Need Religion?

The weekend and I thought maybe a little debate would be good for the soul….

Before we start…please this is a debate…..if you cannot logically and rationally state a case then move on…..

I read a piece in a journal entitle “Public Discourse”…..and I would like to hear opinions from my readers…..please read the article before going off on some mindless rant……

A great irony of the Jewish and Christian faith traditions: One must be willing to accept suffering and sacrifice for a greater purpose that transcends one’s particular material and sensual needs and desires. Counter-intuitively, it is these transcendent qualities of faith that eschew utilitarian aims for a greater purpose that create the circumstances for greater material well-being.

“Too much religion is bad for a country,” asserts Max Boot in a recent Washington Post op-ed. Boot cites a number of indicators—average GDP per capita, unemployment rates, poverty rates, homicide rates, life expectancy, infant mortality, education, and degree of political liberties—that suggest that “less religious nations are much better off.” Indeed, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Japan, some of the least religious nations in the world, rank best in the aforementioned categories, while many of the most religious nations in the world (the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Nigeria) are among the worst. America represents a unique case in this regard, being both wealthy and developed, but more religious than her Western counterparts. Would she be better off if her religious practice were to decline to levels found elsewhere in the developed world?

Would America Be Better Off without Religion?


I do not think it must be front and center of society…..it is a personal decision and should remain just that…..personal…..but I will say I do not think organized religion has done society any favors of the centuries from the past.

But here are a few things about religion and government….

The separation of church and state has come under scrutiny again this summer after the Supreme Court sided with religious conservatives in a series of rulings. One of the rulings allows states to fund religious schools indirectly, while another protects religious schools from federal employment discrimination lawsuits.

Americans have been debating where to draw the line between religion and government since the country’s founding. And even as the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans rises, church and state remain intertwined in many ways – often with the public’s support.

Here are eight facts about the connections between religion and government in the United States, based on previously published Pew Research Center analyses.

8 facts about religion and government in the United States

I believe it is time for true Christians to take back their religion from those extremists that only use it to further their agenda.

Right-wing extremists continue to promulgate falsehoods about religion in American society. Their claim that the United States was founded as a Christian nation is easily refuted by noting that the word “Christian” does not appear in any of the founding documents. The First Amendment unequivocally prohibits the government from the establishment of any state-endorsed religion. John Adams reaffirmed this succinctly in 1796 in the Treaty of Tripoli: “The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

Nonetheless, the fearmongers of Fox News and other right-wing propaganda outlets continue to peddle hate, suspicion and exhortations to violence to stand against the infamous, but nonexistent, “War on Christianity.” Christianity is dying in America as a result of the internal corruption, hypocrisy and deceit of those who claim to be the stalwarts protecting their faith.


“Everybody wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die”

Your thoughts?

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Sunday Covid News

Cases…..7.4 million   Deaths…..210,000

And the latest person to be infected….Trump and FLOTUS…..and others in DC…..

President Trump’s former adviser Kellyanne Conway said late Friday that she has tested positive for the coronavirus, days after attending a White House event with several others who have since come down with COVID-19. Conway tweeted Friday that she has a “light cough” and is “feeling fine.” “I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians,” she added. Conway attended the Rose Garden announcement Saturday where Trump announced his nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the AP reports. Among the attendees, Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, the president of the University of Notre Dame, and Trump himself tested positive Friday.

President Trump’s doctor said Saturday that he’s fever-free, not on oxygen, and doing “very well” at a military hospital where he’s being treated for COVID-19, the AP reports. Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley added that Trump’s symptoms, like nasal congestion and a cough, “are now resolving and improving.” He also raised the possibility that Trump was diagnosed earlier than publicly known by saying the president is “72 hours into the diagnosis,” per the New York Times. The White House had announced his diagnosis on Friday at about 1am. If he was diagnosed 72 hours ago—around midday Wednesday—that would mean he attended campaign events Wednesday and Thursday with COVID-19.

72 hours prior…….?

First the silliness around the pandemic.

Seems some dead guy wins re-election…..

In the Romanian village of Deveselu, Ion Aliman was a popular mayor—so popular that he was re-elected to a third term Sunday despite having died of COVID-19 complications 10 days earlier. Aliman, who would have turned 57 on election day, received 1,057 out of around 1,600 votes cast on Sunday, the AP reports. After the results came in, dozens of villagers visited Aliman’s graves to light candles. “It is your victory,” one man said, per Reuters. “Know that you will be proud of us. Rest in peace.” Nicolae Dobre, Aliman’s deputy, told reporters that “none of the other contenders got the same trust from the voters.” Officials said that it had been too late to remove Aliman’s name from the ballot and that a new election will be held to choose a living mayor.

I think we all need to wear a mask in public for the time being and that there should be a penalty for not obeying the law……

A woman was tased and arrested at her son’s middle-school football game Wednesday after refusing to wear a face mask, CNN reports. Police say Alecia Kitts—who was sitting in the stands at Logan High School Stadium in Logan, Ohio—refused a school resource officer’s request that she wear a mask, claiming asthma. But Officer Chris Smith persisted, she kept saying no, and he tried putting her hands behind her back. “Get off of me!” she cried in a video of the incident. “You’re not arresting me for nothing. I ain’t doing nothing wrong! What the [expletive] is wrong with you, people?” Eventually Smith stunned her once in the shoulder and took her away in handcuffs. She was charged with criminal trespassing and released.

But tensions only rose after the video appeared online. WBNS-10TV reports that the school district received threats, while the Columbus Dispatch notes that Smith is on restricted duties after getting threats himself. What’s more, Kitts’ attorney said she “apparently” has a broken arm. The Logan Police Department—which calls the arrest “an unfortunate incident for everyone involved”—said she wasn’t arrested for refusing to wear a mask, but for not leaving after she violated school guidelines issued by the governor. Oddly, the Marietta Times reports that Kitts had a mask in her back pocket during the arrest. ABC 6 notes that Kitts has a police record that includes previous charges of marijuana, assault, and disorderly conduct.

Sucks being this broad.  Laws are made to be followed and there is a penalty for not obeying the law plus it does not pay to be stupid.

More on the illegalities during the pandemic….even Defense contractors get in on the cash…..

A defense contractor in Hawaii has been charged with bank fraud and money laundering for stealing more than $12.8 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money.

Martin Kao, CEO of Martin Defense Group LLC, previously known as Navatek LLC, is being arrested on two counts of bank fraud and five counts of money laundering. He is accused of at least two fraudulent PPP loan applications.

Out of the $12.8 million he received, Kao transferred more than $2 million into his own personal accounts, a criminal complaint said.


More looting by the DoD…..

After six months of state-imposed lockdown, the United States faces nationwide mask and COVID test shortages, record high unemployment rates, and over 200,000 COVID-related deaths. Since Congress passed the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in April, most Americans’ financial situations still haven’t recovered. Now, as Congress debates how many more trillion dollars it’s going to spend trying to mend the government-created financial crisis, one thing should be clear: the Pentagon should not receive another dime of bailout funds. 

The Department of Defense (DoD) used taxpayer money meant to address the pandemic to prop up the military-industrial complex, diverting CARES Act funds intended for medical supplies and awarding them to private defense contractors. Instead of manufacturing N95 masks, swabs, and other personal protection equipment (PPE), the funds went to projects unrelated to pandemic relief, such as making jet engine parts, body armor and uniforms, and drone technology. A third of the private companies that received Pentagon assistance already drew from another CARES Act bailout program, the Paycheck Protection Program. Defense contractors double-dipped while hospitals around the country scrounged for PPE. 

How the Pentagon Looted America’s PPE Funding

My wife has Tricare which is the Medicare for veterans……and the new stim plan has stuff in there for the veterans….

The bill, known as the HEROES Act, also would boost the Defense Department’s ability to recoup payments from health insurers who offer supplemental coverage for Tricare, but fail to pay their cost shares. It proposes that the Pentagon be allowed to impose civil monetary penalties on any plan or insurer who does not cover health expenses they are required under contract to pay.

The Pentagon has sought authorization to impose fines on health providers and suppliers who commit fraud and abuse against Tricare, and published an interim rule in the Federal Register in May announcing its plans for recouping some of those losses through civil penalties.


I read an interesting article entitled….”Are bras a thing of the past”?  Of course being male I was intrigued….

The Wall Street Journal published a great thought piece on the staying power of bras, and whether they have much time left in today’s society given the work from home situation:

WSJ– WORN A BRA LATELY? Both anecdotal evidence and sagging sales figures suggest that, in the era of WFH and its corollary, a repudiation of any hint of containment, many women are answering “no” to that question. 

Some women don’t feel completely dressed without a bra. But for those like Daniela Polimeni, a Brooklyn television producer, the pandemic was the tipping point in an already fraught relationship. When the lockdown began Ms. Polimeni was staying with her boyfriend and his parents at the New Jersey home her boyfriend had recently bought from his mom and dad. “I wasn’t working, but I didn’t feel like I could not wear a bra because it wasn’t just us,” Ms. Polimeni said. When her boyfriend’s parents left, she added, “I felt like, ‘I’m free.’”

This piece sent my brain back in time, conjuring a scene of a suburban home filled with shag carpets, secondhand smoke, and fear:

Are Bras About To Disappear Forever Thanks To Working From Home?

Covid news that never quite makes it to the headlines…..

Trump’s Covid messaging: JAN: It’s under control

FEB: It’s a hoax

M: Packed churches by Easter

APRIL: It’s going away

MAY: Time to open up

JUNE: Just embers

JULY: Time to open schools

AUG: Other countries are worse

SEPT: Vaccines coming soon!

OCT: *tweeting from the hospital*

Be Well….Be Safe…..

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