Closing Thought–13Apr20

My state is getting hit hard by this Covid-19……not only are our elderly in danger but a side effect of this disease is hunger…..

A report by the The Guardian shine light on the problems this virus is creating for the state of Mississippi….

On the cracked country roads of Lexington, deep in the Mississippi delta, an empty yellow school bus drives slowly, making life-sustaining drop offs on the way.

Here, in the poorest county, in America’s poorest state, the coronavirus has yet to ravage the jurisdiction with infection. There has been one recorded Covid-19 death in the county, Clinton Cobbins, Lexington’s first African American mayor. But even now the coronavirus still poses a serious threat to life.

In Holmes county consolidatedthe school district to which Lexington belongs – every single child qualifies for free school meals, a marker of pervasive poverty. For many, said superintendent Dr James L Henderson, breakfast and lunch at school are the only nutritious meals a student will eat in a day. For a few, they are the only meals.

When the coronavirus pandemic led to statewide school closures, Henderson, who was born in the county, left for most of his adult life, but returned in 2018 to assume his position, was left with a significant dilemma: how to feed the 3,000 children under his authority.

Just another story that grows around the pandemic and the anemic response we have had so far…..

Sorry to say but I feel it will get worse for Mississippians before it get better……


Some Mississippians are not taking this thing seriously…..many with no mask and many not adhering to the 6 foot rule…just to mention a few of the stupid things they are doing….keep in mind…”You cannot fix stupid”!

Watch This Blog!

Be Calm…….Avoid Crowds…..Wash Hands Often…..Stay Prepared For The Long Haul……

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2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–13Apr20

  1. Such abject poverty still found in a country planning to send a military force into space, and build mines on The Moon.
    If it wasn’t so deadly serious, it would be laughable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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