Iowa–So It Begins–2020

The voting will begin for the Dem nominee in Iowa…..the first primary/caucus of the election cycle for 2020.

Since it is not a go to the polls and cast your vote…then what the Hell is a caucus?

The political world is waiting with bated breath to see who will win next week’s Iowa Democratic caucuses. But there’s another surprisingly murky question: How will we even decide who wins?

The problem is that there will be three results coming in after Iowa voters gather on the evening of Monday, February 3.

One will be for something called “state delegate equivalents” — this is the number previously used to determine the winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses, something I’ll explain more in a bit. But the Iowa Democratic Party will also be tallying and reporting two other sets of numbers: how many actual people voted for each candidate in a given caucus — first an initial tally, then a final tally taken after lower-performing candidates are eliminated.

At the very least, this could be confusing. What if, for example, Sen. Bernie Sanders wins more votes but former Vice President Joe Biden wins more state delegate equivalents? It could make determining who “won” quite difficult.

The only thing besides being the first in the nation is that the Iowa vote seldom picks the ultimate winner… why is it so damn important?

Iowa voters aren’t going to pick the country’s next president. But they will eliminate several possibilities.

The rap on the state, which begins the balloting with its Feb. 3 caucuses, is that it is too small and rural to speak for the rest of America.

However, the state’s impact is undeniable.

In the last seven contested races for the Democratic nomination, five candidates went on to become the Democratic nominee after winning Iowa. Three winners of the New Hampshire primary, which traditionally follows soon after, went on to claim the nomination.

That is because the main function of the early states is to cull the field of hopefuls, separating the also-rans from candidates with a real shot at success.

No two campaigns are alike. But the past could provide some clues to what happens next.

There is your answer….it is to cull the candidates before the rest of the country gets to hear their ideas and policies….another rigging of the system.

It is also a well of cash for the media and that is the most important thing….not who is the best candidate.

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17 thoughts on “Iowa–So It Begins–2020

  1. Lets hope all those Dems in the running begin to get thinned out to a workable number. I can’t recall a time when there were so many hopefuls.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Why even bother with the vote this time around? If another President gets elected, it will be no time at all before some dweeb from one side of the political aisle or the other will start impeachment proceedings against him or her. This is the new American Presidential Reality now — don’t agree with a president? Impeach the M****** F***** as one prominent moralist from among the Democrats has stated previously.

      1. No future president will be safe. The era of voter effectiveness has ended because the government will not use the mechanism of impeachment to remove from office anybody that they do not want as their president. It will no longer be in the hands of “The People.”

  3. Campaign funds dry up quickly after Iowa, New Hampshire and Sough Carolina for those that do well. The field should narrow down pretty soon.
    We are being deluged and overwhelmed in Atlanta by Bloomberg commercials. I suppose he thinks he can win the Georgia primary which is a week or two after super Tuesday. So he plans to still be in the race at that point. His ads are good, he could win the primary here.

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