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Remember back a couple of years ago and the XL Pipeline? Remember the protests? Remember the promises that this would be a completely safe endeavor?

The NAs continue to protests and the administration continues to tell the lies of the safety of the pipeline….

With all the silliness around the impeachment process…all the yelling and lying and denials….a story was under reported in the MSM….it seems that the Keystone XL pipeline has sprung a leak……

It just keeps happening over and over and over and……

“I wish I could say I was shocked, but a major spill from the Keystone pipeline is exactly what multiple experts predicted would happen,” Greenpeace USA senior research specialist Tim Donaghy said in a statement. “In fact, this is the fourth significant spill from the Keystone pipeline in less than ten years of operation. History has shown us time and again that there is no safe way to transport fossil fuels, and pipelines are no exception.”

The latest Keystone spill was first detected Tuesday night by TC Energy, the pipeline’s owner, and the extent of the damage to the surrounding areas is not yet known to the public. According to Greenpeace, the leak “is already the eighth-largest pipeline oil spill of the last decade.”

But this sort of thing was not going to happen because of all the safety features incorporated in the design off the pipeline……and yet…..

the Keystone Pipeline spilled about 383,000 gallons of crude oil in North Dakota.

It’s nothing short of an environmental disaster — and it probably won’t be the last time that the particularly-leaky pipeline spills, experts told The New York Times. The pipeline, which the U.S. government said in 2011 would pose “no significant impact” to the area, has now flooded half an acre of wetland with toxic sludge.

Too late…..the spills happen as predicted but no one cared and the fix was in….and the spills continue….as well as the lies about the pipe line safety.

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Corruption: Presidential Perspective

There is lots of noise these days about the Trump admin and how corrupt it has become…..but what about the other presidents that are said to have been corrupted as well?

A couple of cabinets that come to mind are Harding, Grant and Jackson…but could there be others?

Throughout American history, some presidents have had better taste than others when selecting the members of their Cabinets. The president’s Cabinet includes the vice president plus the heads of the departments of the executive branch of the government. With all those Cabinet members, sometimes not everybody has the best interests of the nation at heart.

Read on to discover which presidents appointed the most corrupt Cabinets. And get the details on how President Donald Trump’s Cabinet compares on page 7.

Along the same lines as corrupt is the fact that some of the same presidents are considered some of the most notorious in our short history…..

From Richard M Nixon, who resigned following the Watergate scandal, to the impeached Andrew Johnson, historian Adam IP Smith considers five of America’s most disreputable presidents…

I always like to see the story of our presidents side by side……comparisons is always a good thing….helps presidents live up to the potential that the voters gave them…..unfortunately some have not lived up to their potential.

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Go To The Transcripts #2

As an FYI service to my readers (those that care enough about the process) who do not want their views dictated to them by whatever media outlet they pray to….I post the access to the transcripts of the major players in this hearing thingy….

Read Yovanovitch’s testimony in full here. (Initial news coverage of her testimony is here.)

Read McKinley’s testimony in full here.

And now the newest transcript to be released…..the testimony of Volker……sadly it is a lengthy testimony…..but if you have not made up your mind then the read of these transcripts can open your eyes…..

More to come as they become available.

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P.S.  Sometimes I ask myself why I bother with this stuff because most people will NOT read this stuff for they have been told what they believe and they will not look for confirmation….is it any wonder why the system is so fucked up?

Laziness will kill this republic eventually!

What Did Turkey Know?

Remember when the US killed Osama and they questions started flying around about what did Pakistan know about it?

Did Pakistan know that Osama was hiding in plain sight?

Now a few in the intel service are starting to ask similar questions about Turkey and Baghdadi…..

As U.S. intelligence analysts comb through electronic and paper documents seized last weekend from the lair of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, one question is foremost on their minds: How was the Islamic State leader able to find refuge in a Syrian province secured by the Turkish military and its proxy forces?

Three U.S. national security officials told me that they want to know more about Turkey’s knowledge of Baghdadi’s whereabouts. One important task for the team now going through the material seized in the Baghdadi raid and another raid that killed organization’s spokesman, Abul Hassan al-Muhajir, is to map out the relationship between Turkey’s intelligence service and Islamic State.

Both men were hiding close to the Turkish border in Syrian territory. Muhajir was found in Jarabulus, a town in the Aleppo province patrolled by Turkish forces. Baghdadi was found in Idlib province, where there are numerous Turkish military checkpoints.

For me do not care one way of the other….Baghdadi is dead and that is all that is important.

This looks like Bloomberg just trying to stir shit…..for it matters not what Turkey knew or did not know….Baghdadi is dead…..

His second in command is dead as well and the new leader is some dude from the the ranks that few knew of….the intel people might want to worry about this new guy more than what Turkey knew and when.

Baghdadi is DEAD….he took the cowards way out a blew himself up….Turkey had nothing to do with this event….our military people achieved their goal and took the bastard out.  PERIOD!

Turkey is trying to regain their primo spot in the elimination of ISIS after the US and the Kurds killed Baghdadi…..

Turkey announced that they have captured the older sister of the late ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The woman, identified as 65-year-old Rasmiya Awad, is being described as having suspected affiliation with an extremist group.

Turkey captured Awad in a raid in north Syria’s town of Azaz, in the Turkish-controlled part of the Aleppo Province. Officials said she is believed to be an intelligence “gold mine.”

Little is known about Baghdadi’s sister, though Turkish officials say they believe what she knows about ISIS could significantly expand understanding of the group, and facilitate more raids.

This is likely an attempt for Turkey to score a big win in anti-ISIS operations, after the US killing of Baghdadi was attributed in many reports to the Kurdish YPG sharing intelligence about him.


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2020–A Foreign Policy Awaits

There are a wealth of candidates to choose from in 2020….however the field is thinning down as the weeks roll by…..but so far I know all about their stands on medical stuff, on the climate and on the infrastructure. They all have signed on o the Green New Deal (more or less) but there is NO consensus on what the candidate will do with our tattered foreign policy.

So far the only candidate that I can point to as having a clear foreign policy stand is Tulsi Gabbard (to be upfront she is my candidate for now)…..but the rest of the field is unclear at best……

Foreign policy, the area where a president has the strongest and most unchecked hand to implement an agenda, hasn’t yet come up in this Democratic presidential campaign in a substantive way. In Miami, Detroit, and Houston, the loaded questions, often lobbed toward the end of the congested debate nights, hardly offered enough time to unpack the candidates’ policies. Tonight’s affair in Columbus, Ohio, probably won’t break the trend.

Because President Donald Trump has put so many international alliances and accords in jeopardy, it is incumbent on the Democratic field to explain to the American people the importance of restoring partnerships and rebuilding relationships with allies. Under Trump, the foundations have been rattled, including the very idea that foreign policy is conducted in consultation with country experts and diplomats on the ground. With American power so deeply undermined, there is a temptation to simply advocate for a return to what Democratic foreign policy was before 2016. But given the emergencies facing the country and the planet, there is opportunity for something bolder.

Nevertheless, some foreign-policy stalwarts want to flatten any debate before it begins. “The narrative that the Democratic Party is split over foreign policy—I don’t see strong evidence for that proposition,” Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s chief foreign-policy adviser who before that served as national-security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, told me. “There is much more convergence rather than divergence in my view among the candidates, from Senators [Elizabeth] Warren and [Bernie] Sanders to the rest of the field, on the core elements.”

I am a foreign policy wonk and would lovem to see more on the subject in the debates even a debate that focuses on foreign policy….and I am not alone….

The one area any US president has the most control over isn’t tax policy or health care or even the economy.

It’s foreign policy. From launching nuclear weapons to pulling out of important international agreements to forging new alliances and trade deals, the US president often has nearly unchecked authority.

So you’d think more attention would be given to the 2020 presidential candidates’ views on foreign affairs. But so far, foreign policy has barely registered.

We ask our service people to fight these endless wars…at least we can do as have each candidate explain their ideas on foreign policy….but instead we get platitudes to appease the slower of the listeners.

Further Reading:

Our foreign policy sector looks like a 3 stooges episode…..incoherent, disconnected and chaotic.

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