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There has been a lot of news around the term “quid pro quo”…some see the evil in this practice while others do not see the need to worry…..I recently saw where the thief known as a “pay day loan” CEO had to say about the Trump White House….

Offering what one observer called “a crystal clear picture of how money buys influence in U.S. politics,” leaked audio obtained Tuesday by consumer watchdog group Allied Progress showed executives from some of the largest payday lenders in the U.S. boasting about how they have used campaign donations to purchase access to President Donald Trump’s White House.

One of the audio clips posted online by Allied Progress features Advance Financial founder and CEO Michael Hodges explaining how his donations to Trump’s presidential campaign have given him the power to contact the White House about desired policy changes.

“When you go and speak to the administration through the campaign, they will listen,” said Hodges. “For example, I’ve gone to [Republican National Committee Chairwoman] Ronna McDaniel and said, ‘Ronna, I need help on something,’ she’s been able to call over to the White House and say, ‘Hey, we have one of our large givers. They need an audience. They want, they need to be heard. And you need to listen to them.'”

I am NOT saying that Trump is the only White House where “quid pro quo” has played a roll….it is there in all elected presidents…..give money get the position you want… matter it is still a pathetic practice…….

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Iran Hostage Thing 40 Years On

The date came and went and NO one seem to care…..they were too busy buying bullshit by the gallon… sad.

First I need to apologize…..this draft was written and saved to be posted on the day it happened…..well I screwed up….and it is posted a day late….my bad.

Do you remember where you were on 04 November 1979?

I was getting ready for work and heard the first reports on the morning news…..

On November 4, 1979, a group calling itself the Students Following the Line of the Imam stormed the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, seized control of the compound, and took several dozen American diplomats, Marine guards, and others hostage. Thus began a 444-day ordeal that shocked the world, fundamentally altered the political scene in Iran, and cemented negative perceptions in the West of the country’s Islamic leadership.

Forty years later, the Iran hostage crisis is still critical to understanding the bitter nature of relations between Iran and the United States. It instantly formed a core part of the American narrative ab

out the Islamic Republic as a regime willing to flout international law and universal moral principles, a view that has colored much of U.S. policymaking ever since.

Today, the National Security Archive is posting a small sampling of declassified records that recall that pivotal episode. They include a memo from National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to President Carter suggesting several hardline actions including replacing Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as Iran’s leader and even overt intervention (see Document 07). Carter was not prepared to take up any of these options but they indicate the level of alarm created by events in Tehran.

This situation was the beginning of all the stuff that we read about Iran in the news…..the media needs the event and the Iranians to help the Pentagon feed a narrative…..a narrative that has allowed for a 40 year war of words……

Our other national humiliations, from the Alamo to Saigon, have faded from memory or been transformed into noble lost causes. Anger over the hostage crisis has not subsided. For four decades it has grotesquely distorted our approach to the Middle East. Although it ended peacefully with the release of American diplomats, it has had an effect on our national consciousness — and our foreign policy — comparable to the effect of the 9/11 attacks, in which nearly 3,000 people were killed.

The hostage crisis is a lamentable example of how ignorance leads nations to misunderstand each other. It led many Americans to believe that Iranians act out of pure nihilism, cheerfully violating every law of God and man without any reason other than a desire to show how much they hate us. Only years later did it become clear that the opposite was true. The hostage-takers acted to achieve a specific political goal — to stave off what they suspected was an imminent effort by the Americans to reinstall a despised Iranian leader. We might have recognized their motive if we knew our own history.

Our misunderstanding of the hostage crisis still poisons US-Iran relations

After the fall of the USSR we needed a foe to keep the dollars flowing into the Pentagon and Iran fits the bill very well….continue the anger and the money will flow.

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Let’s Go To The Transcripts

For a couple of weeks the GOP has been harping on the “secret” testimony taken in the SCIF…..they went forward to the nearest camera and demanded the Dems give the testimony to the public (con job for they, the GOP, does NOT want the public to read these testimonies)…..well the Dems have released two of the evidence given by a couple of witnesses….

The first transcripts from closed-door testimony in the impeachment inquiry have been released. House investigators on Monday released the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, and of Michael McKinley, a former State Department adviser. Republicans have been demanding the move, notes the AP, saying that Democrats have been releasing skewed snippets of testimony so far.

  • Read Yovanovitch’s testimony in full here. (Initial news coverage of her testimony is here.)
  • Read McKinley’s testimony in full here.
  • More to come: The testimony of two big names will be released Tuesday, reports the Washington Post: Gordon Sondland, US ambassador to the European Union, and Kurt Volker, former special envoy to Ukraine.
  • New details: Outlets were still assessing the transcripts, but one item being reported is that Yovanovitch spoke about how Ukrainian officials warned her that Rudy Giuliani and other allies of President Trump were “looking to hurt” her. She also said Sondland advised her to tweet praise of Trump in order to save her job, reports NBC News. Yovanovitch was eventually removed from her post.

There are links to the two released transcripts above….hopefully all will read before they try to comment.

Please do not let the media tell you what the process is about… the questions and answers for yourself… will be interesting to see how many Trumpers actually read the transcripts or will they just follow the leader into that dead end street?

BTW, these are transcripts not memos like the phone call release by the White House.

I wish Americans would keep in mind that these people that the president attacks and insults have been loyal employees of the American people for decades….so it is a disingenuous slug that would try and paint these people as “enemies”….whether that person is in the White House or Congress or in the media.  It is a shame that these people cannot sue the bastards for slander or libel or something….lies are lies and saying the contrary does make them anything but lies.

As the transcripts are released then I shall post for those interested enough to see what is being said.

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Remember…..Remember…..The 5th Of November

With the silliness and the circus atmosphere that is now in Washington DC….made me think of a post I did back in 2011……I have already re-blogged this post so WP will not let it be so again…I had to turn it into a separate post.

DISCLAIMER:  I am in NO way advocating any violence or violent act….all am doing is just…. saying……also this post was written before the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords……

The year is 1605, a gang of conspirators are planning the ultimate political statement…..the “Big Bang” theory….if you will……

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I see of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes,
‘Twas his intent.
To blow up the King and the Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below.
Poor old England to overthrow.

And now the history lesson that you all so deserve……..the most notable of the conspirators mentioned is one Guy Fawkes…..

Guy Fawkes is the most famous among the conspirators who took part in 1605’s “Gunpowder Plot,” a failed attempt to blow up King James I of England and the Houses of Parliament. Fawkes and his partners were Roman Catholics who decided desperate measures were required to replace the king, a Protestant. The plot was hatched in the spring of 1604 by Robert Catesby, and eventually came down to a plan to blow up the parliament on 5 November 1605, the date of an official opening attended by members of both houses as well as the king. Fawkes and a dozen others took part in the plot, with Fawkes designated as the one in charge of the explosives. (During the 1590s he served in the Spanish army in the Netherlands, and it is thought he had experience with munitions.) Fawkes and his cohorts stashed 36 barrels — nearly two tons — of gunpowder in a rented cellar beneath the House of Lords. A search of the cellar the night of 4 November found the explosives and Fawkes, and he was arrested and tortured; within a few days the other conspirators were either killed or captured. On 31 January he was executed, after being tried and convicted of treason. Because the plot was foiled, 5 November was designated a holiday, but over time the holiday has also become a celebration of Fawkes’s revolutionary intent.Read more:

I would bet that you, the reader, is asking just what I am going on about and why….am I right?

Over the centuries it has been shown that the people are unwilling to change the way things are being done in politics and for that reason I believe the Fawkes was not too wrong in his thinking….

Since the people are truly unwilling to do anything about the corrupt and ineffectual nature of their politicians maybe some form of direct action is needed….and I would say that Fawkes’s approach would be considered as just that….a direct action.

Years ago in my more radical days….I saw that the people were content with the lousy job that politicians are capable of and I said then that maybe we should call a joint session of Congress….gas all the reps and senators and then send a letter back to their state’s and districts say….they are all dead….start over!

Since politicians are NOT afraid of the will of the people…..Maybe then we would find some people willing to work for the country….knowing what would possibly happen if they didn’t…..we could move forward and cease the endless array of political games……

Just A Thought! Just thinking out loud!

There are times when I think this country would be better off if something like this were to take place…..hopefully it NEVER comes to that solution.

History is fun.

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Syria: The Confusion and The Chaos

First US troops were ordered out of Northern Syrian and then before their vehicles had cooled down they were ordered into Eastern Syrian to protect the oil….

Now that our troops are guarding the oil ….but from whom?

The Pentagon isn’t operating based off Trump’s Twitter, however, and that’s unfortunate for commanders, as they have been scrambling around to oil fields without any actual orders or clear missions of what they’re supposed to be doing.

It’s a confusing time to be part of America’s war in Syria, as clearly the war is something about oil, and the presence of the US troops at oil reflects that. Troops aren’t even clear who they’re supposed to be protecting the oil from, or what the rules of engagement are with respect to protecting the oil.

Top officials aren’t clarifying that, either, sometimes presenting the US as keeping the oil from ISIS, or away from Iran, and other times flat out saying they are there to keep Syria’s oil from Syria. Trump is more specific about his ambitions to take the oil, than filling in the huge gaps in that plan.

Some defense officials are saying the lack of orders is because there haven’t been any decisions made yet on what the troops are going to do at the oilfields, beyond going there. They confirm that’s a big problem for commanders.


The confusion and the chaos is not a coherent foreign policy….and my candidate has offered up a bill that would stabilize the Syrian situation…..

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) introduced a resolution to the House of Representatives on October 31st titled, “Directing the President pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution to remove United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Syrian Arab Republic that have not been authorized by Congress.”

The idea of the bill is to remove any troops in Syria that do not have Congressional approval to be there, which is all of them. The resolution says, “Congress has not declared war with respect to, or provided any specific statutory authorization for, United States military participation in any activity related to securing, guarding, possessing, profiting off of, or developing oil fields in northern Syria. All of these actions are unconstitutional.”

The resolution also points out that President Trump’s new plan to stay in Syria to “secure the oil” is a flagrant violation of international law. The resolution says, “Oil, natural resources, and land in Syria belong to the Syrian people, not the United States.”

Although the House was quick to condemn Trump’s withdrawal from northeast Syria to avoid a confrontation with Turkey, his new plan to “secure the oil” has not come under much scrutiny. The language in Gabbard’s bill would make it tough for any member of Congress to argue against it.


Now we will see who wants the wars to end and who wants to make their paymasters happy and continue the killing and destruction.

My guess is that we will not hear about this bill from the MSM unless they want to smear Gabbard as they have been doing since she announced her run.

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